20 signs that Vienna's infamous 'Sommerloch' has taken over the city

20 signs that Vienna’s infamous ‘Sommerloch’ has taken over the city

July 29, 2019

20 signs that Vienna's
infamous 'Sommerloch'
has taken over the city

July 29, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Vienna’s notorious Sommerloch (translation: hole of summer) that empties out the streets of this city is in full effect. Here are a few signs that indicate it’s reached its peak:


1. Weekdays before noon feel like the weekend because of the empty streets & the holiday vibe floating about


2. You suddenly notice there are no children on the bus in the mornings


3. Nobody is sitting inside a cafe or a restaurant, but meanwhile the Schanigärten are full


4. You try to organise a party and only 3/20 people show up. The rest sends you a, ‘sorry, I’m away’ message, followed by a picture of them on a beach somewhere.


5. Only selfie-stick wielding tourists can be found wandering the streets of the historic city center


6. Every email you send is met with an automatic vacation responder that you want to respond to with a very passive aggressive meme


7. Visiting railway station supermarkets on a Sunday doesn’t make you want to climb one of the shelves and hide at the top until everybody has gone


8. Those that are left are complaining about the hot weather


9. There are people sun baking in their bikini, or topless in public parks


10. You find it hard to do any work as you keep getting messages from friends asking you to join them at the river, or on the Donaukanal


11. The only place in town you see people are in lines out the front of ice cream stores, the MQ, on the Danube, or along the Donaukanal


12. You don’t have to reserve a table a week before to go for brunch at all the hip restaurants


13. There are signs like this in the windows of stores and restaurants


14. Most clubs take a summer break, leaving all the party animals in desperate need of a party fix


15. If you listen carefully, you can hear people mutter, ‘Wahnsinn,’  or ‘Scheiß Hitze!’ under their breath when stepping outside


16. The streets in the outer districts are empty like the city’s been evacuated after a nuclear explosion


17. Even though there are less hot bodies on the U-Bahn and trams, they still manage to maintain a sticky tropical rainforest heat

18. The radio is playing over and over the same ‘summer hit’ which you can’t help but find catchy and want to sing a long to (remember that year it was Despacito)?


19. Open air events get hundreds of ‘interested’ clicks on Facebook, but only 10 people show up…cuz’ all the people that clicked interested are away on holiday and were just expressing that they would be interested if they WERE in town


20. You’ve started wearing your swimwear to work on the warm days with the idea that you’ll go for a swim during your lunch break, but you never end up coming back, because nobody’s at work to notice anyway.

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