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Kaffeetschi: Vienna’s new cold-brew coffee sensation

August 17, 2016

Vienna’s new
cold-brew coffee

August 17, 2016

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He’s sitting comfortably in a lounge chair, with a smile so bright you could light an old barn with it. Everything about Amar Cavic communicates one deep understanding – what I’ve got to tell you today is pretty awesome.

Amar will grant the Viennese coffee culture its next update. The product he launched in 2015 goes by the name of Kaffeetschi, but the idea behind it has been highly trending in this planet’s metropolises for 3–4 years now. Buckle up, people, because the next step in caffeine evolution is called – cold coffee.

Okay, we’re cutting corners here: Amar tells us that mere cold coffee is universes away from what Kaffeetschi is: cold-brewed coffee.

Just picture a huge teabag filled with ground coffee that you let sit in water of 12–13°C for 20 hours.

That special treatment ensures that the brew is jam-packed with coffee flavours – without any of the bitterness and acidity of the usual, hot-brewed coffees. It’s very round to the palate, with hints of chocolate and a fresh aftertaste.
Thanks to these traits, Amar frames Kaffeetschi as “coffee for people who don’t like coffee”.
Our Phil couldn’t agree more.

But where did the idea come from? To answer that, we’ll have to go a bit farer afield: Amar’s dad opened up a roast house in Vienna 11 years ago, which for young Amar came with the thrilling possibilities of travelling around the world. He got to know the places and faces behind the best beans, and learnt a fair share about roasting practices, grinding, and handling fresh coffee. In 2014, one of these travels led him to New York, where the cold-brew hype had just emerged one year before.

“After my first sip of cold-brew coffee, I immediately fell in love with the texture and aromas that were so much lighter than anything I’d previously known in terms of coffee.”

So the idea of bringing this novelty to coffee-spoilt Vienna was already palpable. After one year of figuring out the perfect roasting and grinding methods – and of finding the charming name, Kaffeetschi, that stands for a small cup of coffee in Viennese dialect – the team went live with its brand in 2015.

Photo taken from Kaffeetschi’s Facebook page.

“Okay, la-dee-da, but now tell us: Does one drink Kaffeetschi like the usual coffee?”, you might be asking us right now. Well, it’s much more versatile than normal coffe. Have it as black as your humour, mix it with cow or plant milk, like coconut or oat milk, use it for cocktails, or take a sip and spit it out in disgust to make a scene in public.

Meanwhile, the novelty beverage seems to have gathered a lot of fans already: A few weeks ago, Kaffeetschi got listed in Vegan Maran, and in 30 SPAR Premium supermarkets in Vienna – additionally to a few Bobo-esque (we use this word in a very benevolent way) locations like the boutique bakery, Joseph Brot, and the Japanese tapas place, MOCHI.

Right before the interview ends and we surrender to tasting the ice-cold coffee refreshment with loads of “Aaaah” and “Mmmmh”, Amar tells us something about the faraway future:

“With Kaffeetschi, we want to become the Viennese synonym for cold-brew coffee. Like Mannerschnitten did it for the whole waffle market.”

Dreaming big while taking things slow to make them right – that’s something we can definitely get behind.

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