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Jamie Oliver’s new Vienna restaurant baby is everything you’d expect

November 10, 2017

Jamie Oliver's
new Vienna restaurant
baby is everything
you'd expect

November 10, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

The cheeky and charming Brit’ chef, Jamie ‘lovely jubbly’ Oliver has opened up a restaurant in Vienna, and it’s everything you’d expect.

Franchise restaurant’s success comes largely from the fact that people know what they’re going to get when they walk through the doors. Walking into Jamie’s Italian Vienna was like watching a film after some serious spoilers. We knew the beginning, middle and the end before even looking at the menu. Except the eye-popping tiled floor and the imposing lights hanging from the ceiling… these were a pleasant surprise.

Not to imply that this is a bad thing. We trust and know Jamie enough to call him Jamie as if we’ve shared a pint and a riotous night a week ago which involved one of us losing our pants and waking up in a fountain. We’ve watched his youtube and cooked his recipes. Us and Jamie are like this (imagine us crossing our fingers symbolising that we are practically BFF’s).

So when we started hoeing into the tagliatelle with the Bolognese sauce, we expected the texture of fresh pasta to greet us, and the intense flavours of the slowly cooked meaty sauce to inspire disturbing slurping sounds. It lived up to expectations, but of course, being this a place of Jamie Oliver’s, we had higher hopes, that expectations would be toppled by this restaurant baby spawned by the celebrity chef God that is Jamie. But we were well aware that our critic knives were sharpened more than usual, because once again, it’s Jamie bloody Oliver we’re talking about here. But it’s important to distinguish the celebrity chef from the brand.

Photo © Jamie’s Italian

But this new Vienna addition to the Jamie Oliver empire does somewhat resemble characteristics of papa Jamie and the food he’s known for – a high standard of quality is found in all aspects, and the concept is clean and simple, pulled off with a charisma that is found in its straightforwardness and boyish industrial-chic good looks.

Jamie’s fresh, simple and quality food mantra is served on every plate that the waiting staff – who run around like they’re trying to please a parent – serve.

The menu is laid out in the order of the Italian dinner courses, from antipasto through to Dolce, with a variety of pastas, pizzas, or secondi dishes – like lamb chops grilled under a brick, veal Milanese and Jamie’s fantastic fish stew – filling the pastel coloured A3 menu. There are also a few salads thrown in to the mix.

All the dishes we experienced here were obviously made with the secrets of the Italian kitchen in mind – be honest, keep it simple and don’t compromise on quality. They are doing all things right in this department.

Burgenland is located next to Tuscany in the wine menu, while the cocktails go from classic to contemporary to a few orginals (like Jamie’s No. 1 cup made up of Campari, Martini, strawberries, lemonade, orange, fresh cucumber, and mint). The interesting drinks list, plus the atmosphere, with its high bar stools and American diner booth setup, earns it a recommendation as a cosy night spot for drinks.

The smartly dressed staff in their knitted ties (we wanted to steal one of them… the ties, we mean) are the sweetest. So much so, that we witnessed some locals getting a little nervous when experiencing this weird sensation known in other parts of the world as ‘customer service.’ Picture this to know what we mean – a waiter is grating parmesan over a guys pasta dish and the waiter says,˜just let me know when it’s enough”, and the Austrian diner looks straight ahead with an alarmed expression, shaking his head nervously, answering, “enough!” like the waiter has just stuck his finger in the guy’s ear after sucking on it.

Jamie’s loveable and trustworthy brand fills his new Vienna restaurant baby with a wholesome vibe. Even though we feel a little dirty for giving a franchise restaurant such a glowing review, it damn well deserves it.

Photo © Jamie’s Italian

Ultimately, this is a cheery, people-pleasing place infused with the charisma of our mate, good old Jamie. And we’re pretty sure that’s the point.

Photo © Jamie’s Italian

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