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#instamaam: Kady in the big, big city


2. How did you end up in Vienna?
Moving to Vienna was a childhood dream of mine. Don’t get me wrong, Pasching was a great place to grow up in, very sheltered and surrounded by nature. But I’ve always wanted more. More adventure, more culture, more events. In Vienna, I found the best of both worlds for myself. The city is full of life, but by far not as crazy as London or Berlin. And it’s simply gorgeous. I’m still really happy with my decision to move here for my studies.

3. Describe your style in 9 words or less.
Bright, colourful and dreamy.
Focus on architecture and people.

4. Phone or camera?
Both! I enjoy taking the occasional snapshot with my LG G4 phone, simply because it’s easy, convenient and the quality is really good. But for serious picture-taking, I use my beloved Sony a6000 DSLM. It’s small and light enough not to be a nuisance when I have to carry it with me all day, and its size also makes it seem less intimidating to the people I take pictures of.
And then, there’s my love for analogue photography. I own a bunch of Polaroid and analogue cameras, and they’re really special to me. Analogue photography slows you down a bit and forces you to think about your subject more, which I value enormously.

5. Is there an Instagram filter you couldn’t live without?
What I can’t live without is the no-filter option. Every now and then I give filters like Ludwig or Juno a try, but I mostly end up not using them, after all.

6. Name three of your favourite locations and/or subjects to shoot.
I’d say that one of my most recent favourite subjects is the human being, whether it’s a friend or just a stranger on the street doesn’t really matter. I love catching those moments when the actual personality of my subject comes through
Another thing that I’m really into is architecture. Vienna is great for that, and I’m still discovering new buildings and locations every day. My favourite locations keep changing, but there are a few that I keep coming back to, like my university, the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (or WU for short).
I also absolutely adore my “home district”, Neubau. The 7th district has lots to offer, too, for example the Museumsquartier, and the beautiful baroque Spittelberg area. The so-called “Durchhäuser” here in the 7th district are also really cool – they’re basically passageways that allow you to walk through a building instead of around it.

7. Do you use any other apps than Instagram to take or retouch pictures on the go?
One word: VSCO. I basically use the app for all my pictures, with very few exceptions. Until about two years ago, I didn’t like the editing options that Instagram provided at all, so I used VSCO for everything. Today, Instagram has great features and would technically allow me to stick with it alone for editing, but I’ve grown so used to and fond of VSCO (especially all its filters), that everything goes into that app first, before I edit it in Instagram.

8. Who’s your favourite Instagram artist you’re currently following?
Can I pleeease name more than one? Because there’s a whole bunch of amazingly talented Instagramers whom I admire deeply. Of course there’s the usual suspects who come to mind when one thinks of Instama’ams who live in Vienna: @ladyvenom, @anasbaros and @juz_me. I discovered their accounts pretty early on, when I first started using Instagram, and I remember thinking “that’s what I want to be like”. Yeah, I was a total fangirl (and I still am, of course!).
I also absolutely adore the feeds of Instama’ams @standardofgrace, @lenachristine_w and @lisa__l aswell as Instamister @pruegl.
During my time in Scotland I got to meet a few magnificent Instagramers like @poetic_mouse, @simonjuho and @wilde_oates, whom I had admired from afar for some time and who have definitely played a role in my decision to move there for a semester because they posted such great shots of the place.

9. And on another note: What’s your favourite place in Vienna?
Since it’ll be summer soon, I’ll go for my favourite ice cream place: Veganista on Neustiftgasse. I love to sit down on the steps in front of St. Ulrich’s church, which is just around the corner from the shop, with a cone of their super delicious ice cream. And if you’re in that area already, do stop by at restaurant Ulrich, which is great for a very instagrammable breakfast.


To see more of Kady, do check out our Vienna Würstelstand Instagram account – in the upcoming 5 days, we’ll be featuring never-before-seen photos taken by Kady exclusively for us. Thanks a lot!

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