#ibizagate explained in 10 cheeky little memes

#ibizagate explained in 10 cheeky little memes

May 20, 2019

#ibizagate explained
in 10 cheeky little memes

May 20, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

The publishing of a 7 hour video, starring Austria’s Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache, set on the sunny isle of Ibiza sparked an explosion in the Austrian government over the weekend, which has left it looking like your microwave the last time you tried to cook spaghetti bolognese in it at 4am after a night out.

The juicy and scandalous plot twist would even have the writers of Game of thrones standing back saying, ‘you can’t write this kinda’ shit.’

In case you missed it, or are a little confused by it, we thought we’d explain it with 10 memes published while the drama played out over the weekend:



The Vengaboys most likely will receive some kind of award in Austria after this polticial storm dies down. Their song, ‘We’re going to Ibiza!’ has been trending ever since the  exposé was released by the German publications, Der Spiegel and the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, with huge crowds singing it at the demonstration held at Vienna’s Ballhausplatz on Saturday.


Meme by @N͓̽ico

There were ‘Ibiza parties,’ with Vodka and Red Bull drink specials, happening all over Vienna this weekend. Red Bull & vodka were the drinks of choice for Strache and his FPÖ buddy, Johann Gudenus in the video released.

The video shows the 2 politicians, sitting on a sofa in an Ibiza villa, smoking, drinking and talking to a ‘Schoarf’ woman (Strache’s words, not ours) who claims to be a wealthy Russian related to some rich powerful Oligarch. In the video (that’s a lot of Red Bull and vodka!) they have an animated chat with the woman about pretty much taking the Austrian state for a ride with some Russians, so the FPÖ can gain more power.

In Strache’s resignation speech, he stated that he’d said all of the things because he was trying to impress the woman. The question we’re left wondering is: is Red Bull and vodka really a sex drink to be downing when trying to impress a woman? Forget the classy James bond Martini look, or the  Mad Men whiskey look! Go the Strache Red Bull Vodka look next time your trying to impress the ladies!


The #strachevideo is about as long as the latest Game of Thrones season, and it has just as many plot twists. Another 2 things both dramas have in common – they’re both incredibly unbelievable (what intelligent person gets themselves filmed saying such things to some Russian woman they don’t even know?!) and both feature a couple of white guys plotting to f*** over some other white guys.



Meme of @PaulRaschky

In the VICE CHANCELLOR’s – we repeat, the VICE CHANCELLOR OF AUSTRIA’S – Strache’s kind of sorry-not-sorry resignation speech this weekend, he referred to his caught-on-candid-camera bright ideas to turn an independent newspaper into a political tool, commit to corrupt contracts with Russians and pretty much f*** the Austrian state over for his own benefit, as ‘a b’soffene G’schicht’ (translation: a story of drunkenness). Kiiiiind of an understatement, don’t ya think HC?


Courtesy of @rankl_florian

If you’re like us, you hide under your sofa and hold your breath every time your door bell rings unexpectedly in case it’s the GIS (the public broadcasting tax) coming to collect the fees. In the video, Strache talks about privatising Austria’s state broadcaster, ÖRF, and bending it into a political tool. After #ibizagate, there may be an increase in people paying their fees as this funny sign suggests to avoid the public broadcaster ever being privatised.

Plus, independent journalism has been hailed as the hero in this story, which has reminded people about the importance of its existence, we guess. Atleast for this week.


To translate this directly: ‘Reduces welfare benefits. Becomes unemployed.’

In the words of Alanis Morisette – ‘isn’t it ironic?’


Meme courtesy of @matthiasihrybauer

We appreciated this meme mainly because we got to see Putin with the long, luscious blonde hair of the woman starring in the #strachevideo.


Meme courtesy of @iras_life

The timing before the EU elections has been quoted as being one reason for the videos being released now (the videos were actually filmed before the last Austrian election a couple of year’s back – it is still unclear who set up the meeting and who filmed it and why the videos were only handed over to the media outlets now), however, here’s our theory – the makers of the video are big Game of Thrones fans, and like most of the GOT fans, they’ve been disappointed by the last season so they decided they’d release somewhat of their own version to upstage the finale airing today in Austria.

For those that have seen the 2nd to last episode of Game of Thrones will get this meme. For those that haven’t, we won’t commit any spoilers, but we will tell you that it has something to do with the #strachevideo leading to the death of the Austrian coalition government.

Please note: We’re not suggesting Strache and Kurz are twin siblings that have slept together and had many children together. Although, we are in Austria and it wouldn’t be the first time rulers of this country ….sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves 😉



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