39 ways the Coronavirus is affecting life in Vienna according to you

39 ways the Coronavirus is affecting life in Vienna according to you

March 13, 2020

39 ways the Coronavirus
is affecting life in Vienna
according to you

March 13, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's says

We asked our community on Instagram how the Coronavirus is affecting their lives in Vienna. Here’s what they said:


1. All colds are now feared as the virus


2. Those germ-y city slickers


3. Tourism has taken a dive


4. There are always seats on the U-Bahn, even at peak hour


5. Holidays cancelled as the world shuts down


6. It’s getting real serious, real quick for those with high risk


7. Skaters are preparing to take over the city


8. Those who can are doing home office


9. Sanitising gel is the rarest thing in the country


10. Unis have closed down




12. People are buying up big in supermarkets across the city


13.Sharp decrease in Tinder dates and one-night stands


14. Less people finding inner peace


15. Restaurants and bars are emptying out


16. People are holding in their coughs and sneezes for abnormally long amounts of time


17. We’re learning things that may change our lives


18. Parents are fearing weeks of alone time with their children


19. People are trapped in different parts of the world


20. People are losing their jobs, especially in the tourist industry


21. Finally, people have official permission to tell people to get lost


22. Life has become super hard for those in the entertainment sector


23. The grumpy have become grumpier


24. The public transport is deserted


25. The concept of distance learning is catching on


26. ‘scusi, I’m Italian’ has taken on a whole other meaning


27. The party scene has died over night


28. People have learnt how to wash their hands properly, again


29. Some people feel like nothing’s changed


30. People are losing their jobs


31. People have more time for themselves, but don’t know what to do with themselves


32. Random things are in short supply in supermarkets


33. Students have had their world’s turned upside down


34. Cafe staff are doing things like this…


35. Vienna Würstelstand’s event guide went from 50+ events per week to 0


36. Schools are being closed


37. People are being put in quarantine!


38. The hours of Netflix being streamed in the city is surging


39. Supermarkets look like a train station BILLA on every day of the week

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