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Hotel am Brillantengrund: have a holiday for breakfast

April 14, 2015

Hotel am Brillantengrund:
have a holiday
for breakfast

April 14, 2015

Vienna Würstelstand's says

This place has retro style coming out of its old, hairy ear holes. From the street, it looks insignificant, even closed. Just a old hotel sign hangs. However, inside this old Viennese hotel is one of the coolest, well-kept secrets of Vienna, serving up coffee and food from a quality kitchen.

Their breakfast is no exception. We’ve never had such a high opinion of eggs than when we gobbled up one of their many omelettes on the menu (vegan option included) under the low wood-panelled roof, tacky chandeliers, and vintage lamps of the brilliant Brillantengrund café.

It almost feels like a family affair here. The service is good-looking and friendly – Bonus! Unlike the many cafés popping up around town and filling themselves with old furniture, this place is actually vintage – and it’s the hippest grandma you’ll ever meet. The tiled courtyard, surrounded by the rooms of the canary yellow hotel, is a pleasant spot to munch away on your breakfast amongst the holidaying folk.

So much so, that you’ll feel like you’re on holiday yourself. The palm trees, the right amount of sunlight making its way in, the chairs that look like they’ve escaped from somebodies poolside in an American film, and the sweet flowers surrounding the courtyard above earn a deep sigh from under our dark sunglasses – which conceal the fact that we’ve closed our eyes and are falling off to sleep.

The breakfast menu walks its own walk, with a variety of colourfully named omelettes on the menu (Bruce Lee or a Manalita), while the regular Vienna breakfast of rolls, ham and jam is there, and its Oriental equivalent named Mohammad (Pita bread, olives, feta, humus and tsatsiki).

However, if it’s something different you’re looking for, give the Unicorn cycling breakfast a go. Not only because it has the word ‘Unicorn’ in its name, but because its one of the most healthy, kick-ass breakfasts we’ve ever digested (bread from Wachau, cheese, oats, maple syrup, vitamin shot, banana, apple, chia seeds). And yes, you may wear those tight spandex bike pants at the table on this occasion. But perhaps bring your bike along. For prop purposes, atleast. People may think you’re weird, otherwise. But here at Brilli, I don’t think it really matters.

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