You'll never think of sandwiches the same way again after grabbing lunch at this lively cafe

Gorilla Market: this lively cafe will 100% send you on your way in a good mood

February 15, 2019

Gorilla Market: this
lively cafe will 100%
send you on your way
in a good mood

February 15, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Serving up a short list of sensational sandwiches, quality coffee and buttery pastries, Gorilla Market is a solid option for a morning coffee and croissant stop, or a quick lunch.



Gorilla Market’s got the same raw, rebellious attitude – think a teen that only wears black & listens to the Doors and old school Hip Hop on massive headphones – as the original burrito eatery from its creators, Gorilla Kitchen. Chris and Lisa, the owners of the Gorilla outfit, are talented at putting good food in places with a fun atmosphere.

Gorilla Market is fun. It’s the lively cafe that wakes you up in the morning while you’re grabbing your coffee and sends you on your way in a good mood.



Meanwhile, it serves up buttery pastries, coffees with love hearts in the froth and gourmet sandwiches – ok, so think a teen skater that wears only black, listens to music on massive headphones and likes themselves a Latte and banana bread for breakfast.


A narrow, short hall of high stools and tables leads to the counter harbouring the sweet treats – apple and vanilla scrolls, banana bread, croissants and such – and a lineup of their gourmet sandwiches.



To just call them sandwiches without elaborating on their innards would be skipping the main moral of this sandwich story, which is – creative cooks can make even a boiled potato into a Michelin star contender.




What our hyperbole is saying is that the sandwiches are original, and f***** awesome. Sauces with secret recipes only the Gorillas know, and outside-the-box combinations stuffed into the crusty baguettes make these sandwiches stand apart.

Example? We’ve got two words for you – Aubergine bacon. A-whhhaaat?! Yep, it’s a tasty twist in the veggie sandwich.

‘It’s so complicated…each ingredient is so complicated…it’s crazy!’ – Chris is talking about what’s put into Gorilla Market’s sandwiches. This is no simple ham and cheese deal. The ingredients are all prepared by hand, from the sweet potato hummus to the marinated meats, and the flavour combos are well thought out.



The sandwich creations change and there’s only a few on offer, but you can guarantee you’ll finish each of them in the matter of minutes.


‘Ya know…

They’re so good.



From the hour it opens (be that at the early time for this city of 7am) to when it winds down in traffic in the late afternoon, the vibe is vibrant here, with a playlist that will you’ll find hard not to sing along to.

And maybe even nod you’re head to ever so cooly while waiting for your sandwich.

You won’t be waiting long though.

Things move quick at Gorilla Market.





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