You have to try the dreamy creamy profiteroles at this Italian cafe

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Ferrari Caffè: you have to try the dreamy creamy profiteroles at this Italian cafe

The creators of the legendary Ferrari Gelateria located in Vienna’s 1st district (if you don’t know it, we suggest you get your sweet butt over their for some sweet heaven immediately) are behind the Ferrari Caffe, and they’ve brought their quality artisan ways to their cafe, where a cabinet at the bar is filled with mountains of sweet handmade Italian pastries.

It’s inspired by Italy’s legendary cafes and the culture that lives within them

Vienna coffeehouses and Italian cafes have a lot in common – they’re legendary, have always attracted intellectuals and artists and have a thing for cake.

In Ferrari Caffe, there’s an area in which there are small and large tables (perfect for large groups or to work at) draped in white table cloths (this is the fine dining area), and a small cafe area made for a quick Espresso and Bigne, or coffee and cake dates, Italian-style.



It is a home abroad for the flavours of cafe culture of Turin and Trieste

The setup is inspired by the cafes in Turin and Trieste, where the owners, Samuela and Pietro, hail from. They’ve brought the flavours and ingredients from home with them, but are doing their own special thing with them eg. there’s a strudel, but done in Trieste/South Tyrol twist to it. 

As we said, this is not their first rodeo. Around the corner they have a Gelateria – Pietro’s baby. The cafe is Samuela’s. 

The coffee is not some some standard Italian fare, but Costadoro, which is THE coffee of Turin, according to Samuela. The hot chocolate also follows the Turin style, but in a way that is more familiar to us than the liquid chocolate they serve up.



The bread rolls (Sciopette) and the strudel are Trieste-inspired, but the small sweet bites – that you’ll no doubt order a collection of – are all out of Turin. And Turin is a city where flavours come in an abundant variety. Variety is the spice of life, after all. So while there are large creamy cakes, to get a true sense of the place, and of Turin, the Bigne (Italian profiteroles) are the way to go


With sweet treats starting from 80c, you can graze your way through the selection

For the first district, things are very reasonably priced in Ferrari Caffe. For 0.80 cents-2€, you won’t only get to see how many Bigne you can fit in your mouth at the same time, but you can also work your way through a variety of biscuits and a number of different ‘Kügel’ (Mozart and other).


It’s an experience…with cake.

And you can enjoy all of this sweetness in the cafe inspired by Italy’s historic cafes, or in the quiet garden out the front. 

Windows peer into the kitchen so you can watch the magic happening. Samuela takes us back stage to watch Sciopette bread rolls and other pastries being created and thrown in the oven to rise to greatness ( the smell has a nostrils going wild ).



The panettone takes 3 days to prepare

Time is taken to bake the panettone – it’s left a full day to take on its perfect form (upside down) after already two days of preparation. 


It’s a quiet refuge amidst the chaos of the first district.

If you like yourself a good sugar kick, then Ferrari Caffe needs to be on your radar. 

As it’s located down a side street, it acts as the perfect refuge from the chaos that goes on in the tourist district.

The Italian kitchen has given the world so much beyond pizza and pasta – Ferrari Caffe offers the sweet side of the country, alongwith the charm of the legendary Italian cafe.



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