Your up-to-date guide to all you need to know about Coronavirus quarantine restrictions in Vienna – in English

Your up-to-date guide to all you need to know about Coronavirus quarantine restrictions in Vienna – in English

April 2, 2020

Your up-to-date
guide to
all you need to know
about coronavirus
quarantine restrictions
in Vienna – in English

April 2, 2020

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We have no doubt you’re aware – sh** has got very serious with the spread of Coronavirus in Vienna, and wider Austria which has led the authorities to impose a range of restrictions on our lives. It’s not yet clear on how long these restrictions will be in place, however, we promise to keep you up-to-date with reliable and accurate info. on what’s happening.

Here’s all you need to know about the Coronavirus quarantine restrictions in Vienna, as of March 24, 2020, 7pm:


All stores except supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, tobacconists and petrol stations are closed

And they’ll stay open throughout the quarantine period, according to government sources. That’s right – all clothes, books, and that little button store you love – all closed for now.

However, many local restaurants still offer or switched over to contactless food deliveries!


Restaurants, cafes and bars are closed – but you can still order food!

So you can’t go to your favourite bar, restaurant or cafe for a while, however, there is still the opportunity to order from them. Well, that is if they’re on one of the food delivery apps. The food delivery apps, Foodora, Mjam, Lieferando, and the likes, are all still operating and delivering food, as normal. Also, Mjam and Lieferando have announced they’re offering extra services that accommodate for the current shutdown, such as contactless food deliveries, online payment and safety distances between food provider, and the deliverer.


Events and meetings are strictly prohibited – no more than 5 people should meet at anytime in any one place

If this rule is violated, the person violating them can be fined up to 2,180€ (See Epidemiegesetz §39 & §40)


Curfew restrictions are in place all over Austria

You are allowed to leave the house for the following reasons:

1. Going to work (if home office is not a possibility)
2. Heading to the supermarket to stock up on food, or to a pharmacy to source medicine
3. When you’re helping others in need, eg. going grocery shopping for your elderly neighbours


Going for a walk, a run, or bike ride is OKAY!

In addition to the curfew restriction exemptions, Chancellor Kurz has said it is okay to leave the house for a walk, a run, or a bike ride.

However, you are only allowed to do this by yourself, or with the people that you live with.

It should be noted that social contact should be reduced to a minimum, which also means that if you meet someone on the street – please keep a distance of at least one meter.


Children’s playgrounds and sports grounds are closed

Penalties apply if you violate this one of up to 3,600 €. (See Epidemiegesetz §39 & §40)


Police will be enforcing all of the restrictions from Monday, 16 March, until further notice (we’ll keep you updated)

From Monday onwards, the authorities will be on the streets, enforcing the restrictions. They’ll be given out heavy fines to people violating any of the restrictions.


All schools are closed as of Monday, March 16.

Initially, they wanted to close schools, step by step, but the government has now decided to close them immediately. However, if you urgently need assistance with looking after your child, all schools and Kindergarten are offering emergency care in which a teacher will supervise children during school/ kindergarten hours.


Basic military personnel are currently being recruited to help deal with the crisis

Austria’s military will be helping out to assist with the crisis. Also, those who have undertaken the mandatory military service will be recruited, as well.  In addition, those that alternatively volunteered as civil servants are being called upon to volunteer for extraordinary (paid) civil service.


A fund of 4 billion € has been pledged to assist businesses affected by the crisis & shutdown and the health sector

The government has stated that the fund  will go towards helping businesses in the most affected industries. The fund will also go towards the purchasing of equipment and supplies required in the health sector.


Short-term parking zone regulation is lifted

Cars can now be parked without a parking ticket as of Tuesday, March 17, 2020.  Neighboring and disabled parking spaces as well as loading zones, stopping and parking bans still apply.


Wearing face masks in supermarkets and drugstores is mandatory now

As of April 6th, wearing face mask is a must. These masks will be handed out at the entrance of the stores, FOR FREE! Read this very helpful guide by the ORF about how to wear a face mask and what is allowed and what not.


The measures regarding schools, restaurants, shops, and restrictions in public spaces will be extended until Easter Monday, April 13th. 



Watch the statement of chancellor Kurz from Sunday, March 15.
Read the APA (Austrian Press Agency) latest news on this.

Additional informative sources in different languages:

For information about the Covid-19 situation in Vienna in different languages than German or English, check out this website:

You can also call them on their info hotline if you have any questions about the situation



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