There are so many simple reasons why this corner cafe is booked out most weekends

Propeller: there are so many simple reasons why this corner cafe is booked out most weekends

April 5, 2019
Cafe Propeller in 1050
Cafe Propeller in 1050

Propeller: There are
so many simple reasons why
this corner cafe is booked out
most weekends

April 5, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

The now beloved corner cafe of the 4th, Propeller, made a name for itself within weeks of it opening and we’re not sure if its the big windows, the bright & charming atmosphere, super friendly service, or the quality cafe fare that sparked the instant attraction with the people of Vienna.

It still proves hard to get a table on weekends without a reservation. So, of course, we had to go there and see for ourselves what the big fuss was about this new addition to the already very popular Margaretenstraße.

This space was always destined to be a cafe, with it’s high-ceilinged chic and shabby interior and the big windows that wrap around the place. Now, it’s one of the best looking cafes in town.

Stefan and Clemens, the owners of the café, were actually looking at another property in the same street when they stumbled over what is now Propeller. It used to be many things before – from antique shop to a slowly decaying bar. But their intention was to open a casual neighbourhood Beisl that serves good food.

And boy, do they serve good food!

They’ve kept Propeller rather minimalistic. Wood-heavy and rustic, with some big plant pots here and there and massive windows that have the potential of letting in a lot of light. The café emits a cosy, somewhat hipstery vibe (but not that in-your-face hipster kinda’ atmosphere, if you know what we mean?!).

The big window seats are very inviting and are situated in a way that you’d get the feeling of having a bit more privacy as some of them are separated from the main seating area.

It’s popular for a reason. The reason being the simple, yet delicious food they’re serving up

At some points during our talk with Stefan, we may have asked ourselves, ‘How the heck did they may manage to open such a successful café at that age?’ (they’re both in their 20ies). It’s simple: their food is delicious.

The design and content of the Austrian-centric menu is – like the interior – minimalistic, with no fancy stuff.

Some weeks, you’ll find Eiernockerl (egg dumplings) and Krautfleckerl (a kind of cabbage pasta bake) and the next, Coq au Vin and Porchetta will appear on their lunch menu. They also serve up a range of sandwiches, and you’re probably thinking – so what? How much can you do with a simple sandwich?  Well, let’s just say their chef, Lorenz, who was previously at Skopik & Lohn, knows how to work magic with simple ingredients.

Propeller’s menu is cosmopolitan with an Austrian touch, we’d say. They try to source their ingredients as locally as possible.

They get their meat from Fleischerei Hofmann, their bread from Öfferl, organic and free-range eggs and other organic ingredients are also sourced nearby.

They’ve got a seperate, weekly changing menu for lunch hours and dinner. With such a variety, you could actually return on a daily basis and always try something new.

We came here for the sandwiches

We’ve heard their breakfast skills are strong, but we came for the sandwiches.

Our Austernpilz im Sauerteigbrot (oyster mushroom in sourdough bread) was a vegan’s delight. Stuffed with red cabbage, artichokes and fried oyster mushrooms, it was simple but terrifically tasty (and this is coming from somebody who never orders anything with mushrooms on it).

Even their rosemary potatoes turned out to be a delicious afternoon snack-sized treat.

Propellor is a café by day, and a bar in the evening

Jazzy, Soul music dominates the playlist during the day, while this is replaced by bouncier beats like 90s Hip Hop in the evening. On their drinks menu, you’ll spot a few cocktails for 7.50€, and they manage to serve a mean Gin & Tonic for just 6€.

They’ve also got a downstairs bar area which has space for up to 450 people. They haven’t done anything major with it yet, but stay tuned for some irregular parties and DJ sessions that are planned.


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