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brut: A theater with a dancefloor

April 3, 2015

brut: A theater
with a dancefloor

April 3, 2015

Vienna Würstelstand's says

brut, a theatre with a focus on experimental and contemporary performing arts, also turns into one of Vienna’s funkiest party and concert venues as the night sets in.

Housing regular party events, as well as live music (with a focus on freaky and experimental) – partly in the bar, partly in a big-ass hall – it has become an big character in the city’s nightlife. It’s in the centre (1st district, next to Staatsoper), attracts a late-twenties-to-mid-thirties crowd and has moderate drink prices.

What kind of night will you have?
The parties at brut never fail to leave an impression. You might run into familiar faces, but coming here on a regular basis never gets boring. The DJs vary, but mostly keep you warm with electronic music in all its colourful shades; warm enough that you’ll soon step onto brut’s balcony. The big parties spill into the big theatre hall.

Music: all kinds of electronic music, from house, electro-disco to techno.

Regular parties we like
The electro pop dance party, Malefiz (held monthly).
The disco, dance, bling blockbuster, Sweet Heat (check here to find info for their next event).
brut also regularly hosts the monthly launch parties from Vienna’s premier music and pop culture magazine, The Gap, who tend to have a habit of inviting talented local musicians.

Listen and see for yourself:

What the drinks menu looks like:
Beer 0.5l = 3.90 € (Schremser, Schremser Doppelmalz)
Beer 0.3l = 3.00 €–3.30 € (Becks alcohol-free, Astra)
Radler 0.5l = 3.90 € (Gösser)
Weißer Spritzer = 2.80 € Gin
Tonic/Vodka Lemon/Sour = 6.20 €
Deposit for cups = 1 €

Smoking: only outside, and on the balcony.

How much money should you bring?
3 vodka shots = 8 € (including tip)
3 beers and 2 weißer Spritzer = 23 € (17,30 € without tip and cup deposit)
2 Gin Tonics and 1 Vodka Sour = 22 € (18,60 € without tip and cup deposit)

Bank or credit card: No

Nearest bank: 2 minutes
Deniz Bank, Kärntner Ring 14
VakifBank International AG, Kärntner Ring 18
Bank Gutmann AG, Schwarzenbergplatz 16
Western Union International Bank GmbH, Maderstraße 1

Where to go next?
Clubs: Club U, Sass Music Club, Roxy, and anywhere the U4, U2 and U1 metro lines will take you.
Other bars: Heuer am Karlsplatz, Naschmarkt, Xpedit Kiosk, Schikaneder, Transformer bar.
Food: McDonald’s Schwarzenbergplatz, Naschmarkt (in the early morning) Opern Schnitzel, Würstelstand Operngasse, Zweitbester (kitchen closes at 10pm), Würstelstand and Döner Kebab stands in front of Hotel Bristol

How to get home: U4, U2, U1 Karlsplatz (every 15 min. on weekend nights), all nightbus lines at Staatsoper (5 min. walk), plenty of taxis waiting in front of brut

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