An insider’s guide to shopping vintage in Vienna & stunning vintage fashion photography - Vienna Würstelstand

An insider’s guide to shopping vintage in Vienna & stunning vintage fashion photography

August 2, 2016

An insider’s guide
to shopping vintage
in Vienna & stunning
vintage fashion

August 2, 2016

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The hunt for that awesome retro piece, the sifting through piles and racks to find one-of-a-kind clothes, is truly a passion for those chasing the vintage look. Vintage shopping is part of a bigger lifestyle, and a statement that speaks of individuality.

Here’s your insider’s guide to shopping vintage in Vienna, with 8 of the best stores, plus some stunning fashion shots from our photographer Gioia Zloczower, who visited the vintage stores of the city and played dress-up with fashion model Alexandra Kolossov.


Burggasse 24

Where: Burggasse 24, 1070
Opening times: Mon–Sat: 11am–8pm

Budget: The pricing here is right on the mark, with every piece reasonably priced.

Described in a few words: this sweeping, two-floor space full of outlandish and striking vintage clothing is one of our favourite spots in the city to spend a Saturday. The collection is carefully curated by a bunch of creative individuals, leading to some of the most unique pre-loved fashion being housed here. And once you’ve had that exciting moment in the change room when a perfect match happens between you and a one-of-a-kind piece, you can settle into one of the sofas in Burggasse 24’s cafe out the back where good coffee and cake are made.

The store shows a keen eye for quality vintage, bringing the London and Paris looks of effortless chic to Vienna. And while it looks like the owners have raided grandma and grandpa’s wardrobes to fill their racks, the clothes and the prices are far from shabby.

Good to know… the ladies selection is much vaster than the guys section, however, the beauty is, many of the pieces here straddle the unisex borderline. You’ll feel like going crazy in the changing rooms here.


Uppers and Downers

Where: Burggasse 46, 1070
Opening times: MON–FRI: 11:30am–7pm, SAT: 11am–6pm

Budget: Considering the selection, and the high quality of second-hand clothing here, the prices are very reasonable.

Described in a few words: Imagine your typical second-hand shop, smelling like mothballs and bursting at the seams with oversized dresses and fur coats. Uppers and Downers is the complete opposite. In fact, it is the sweetest smelling, and one of the most carefully curated used and vintage clothing stores we’ve ever been in. Uppers and Downers stocks mostly women’s styles – apart from a single rack for men – and the collection is arranged in meticulous order by color and type. Uppers and Downers also boasts one of the best online stores for vintage clothing we’ve ever visited.

Good to know… they also carry a handful of new clothing brands.



Where: Hofmühlgasse 6, 1060
Opening times: MON–FRI: 12am–7:30pm, SAT: 11am–6pm

Budget: The lowest prices of clothes in the bunch.

Described in a few words: Polyklamott is all you could imagine in a well stocked vintage store. It’s full of single pieces from all kinds’a decades, and you may find yourself walking out looking like The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, or Scarlett O’Hara in one them. This gem, which opened in 1999, stocks up on many vintage clothes from local brands and while we’ve only been strutting female fashion in this editorial, Polyklamott has a larger selection of men’s clothing, than their women range.

Good to know… This shop has a clothes vending machine, offering 24-hours clothes for those emergency situations!


Flo Vintage

Where: Schleifmühlgasse 15, 1040
Opening times: MON–FRI: 10am–6:30pm, SAT: 10am–3:30pm

Budget: The budget is high for Viennese standards, but the quality and style of the fashion are oh, so worth it!

Described in a few words: Ingrid, founder and owner of Flo Vintage, has her style and personality written all over her petit store. It’s packed with hand-picked designer clothes, and you’ll be tempted to try nearly every one of them on. You’ll find gems, from old Chanel suits to Paco Rabanne pieces at Flo.

Good to know… This is definitely the place you want to visit if you’re looking to dress up for a fancy event.


Bootik 54

Where: Neubaugasse 54, 1070
Opening times: MON–FRI: 10am–7pm, SAT: 10am–6pm

Budget: sweet and low

Described in a few words: The two adjoining sister-stores, Bootik 54, houses a cluttered bazar of all kinds of retro clothes. Its the kind of place you’ll find hipster gear, including a wide selection of levi’s jeans, ponchos, tshirts, suspenders, gloves, and a pile of shoes waiting to be dug through. This is the place to go if you’re looking for festival clothes, or some funky basics that you’ve been dying to add to your closet, with the exception of some bold and colourful fashion pieces out of the 60s, 70s and 80s here.


A few other second-hand/vintage stores we recommend in Vienna

Vintage in Vienna

Where: Grailichgasse 3/11, 1030
Opening times: By appointment only, contact

Budget: The prices here are high, but the prices match the quality and uniqueness of the fashion found here.

Described in a few words: This is place is proof that behind all special shops is a charismatic owner. A couple of minutes listening to Carlotta – the Viennese owner of this hidden gem – will help you understand why.
“This place is all about giving people the creative process that vintage shopping should be for customers,” Carlotta tells me. “I often say to people that they should select a few pieces, go into the changing room and play a little, mix and match, and find your own style.”

The carefully selected, bold and beautiful vintage collection is obviously comprised with this principle in mind. Stocking only women’s clothes and accessories, one long rack lines the wall, full of rare styles in dresses, skirts, blouses, with equally unique shoes and bags tucked underneath the rack, and showcased on the other side of the narrow shop.



Where: Several locations around the city. See here for where to find the closest Humana to you.
Opening times: opening times vary. Check the Humana website for details.

Budget: Each Humana store varies with their prices, however, it is one of the cheapest places to get your vintage fashion in the city.

Described in a few words: If you’re a vintage fashion aficionado in Vienna, the name of the thrift/charity chain of stores, known as Humana, will ring very familiar. There are several Humana stores peppered around the city, and the district where you hit one up will define what kind of fashion you’ll find there. Some of them really do function under the definition of a thrift store, stocking cheap clothing for those on a budget. Meanwhile, the store in the 7th district (Lerchenfelder Straße 45–47, 1070) and in the 4th district (Wiedner Hauptstraße 23–25, 1040) have some great one-of-a-kind, vintage treasures amongst their racks. It’s all about the hunt at Humana, which is an experience every Vintage shopper loves.



Where: There are two Carla stores in Vienna. Check out the Carla website for details.
Opening times: MON–FRI: 10am–6:30pm, SAT: 10am–5:30pm

Budget: the prices will surprise you when you pick up that pre-loved piece that you immediately fall in love with.

Described in a few words: Carla is another thrift clothing store in Vienna where the search for that awesome shirt covered in a lobster pattern is half the fun. The other half is trying the shirt on and doing a little dance in the changing room, of course. Shopping vintage in Carla is only for the determined, relentless vintage lover who gets a kick from flicking through old postcards at a fleamarket, as there’s a lot of clothes smelling like your grandparents to get through before finding that holy grail of a vintage piece. But it’s damn worth it.

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