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Try this new lunch spot & you’ll never eat a sh***y supermarket sandwich again

April 20, 2018

Try this new
lunch spot & you'll
never eat a sh***y
sandwich again

April 20, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

No more disappointing supermarket sandwiches for you. The new Kartonage Kitchen cafe believes you deserve better, and lunch will never be the same again once you’ve tried this place on Burggasse.

It says a lot about a place when the kitchen is bigger than the café itself. You can safely assume in such situations that the focus is on the food. And this is the case at Kartonage Kitchen, the new lunch spot that every other district wished it had, but doesn’t (sucks to be you every other Vienna district!).

We know this is a big claim, but we simply love this place, from the sunny playful look of it, to the handsome young passionate crowd behind it and the high standards they shoot for with their slowly-cooked- and fresh fast breakfast and lunch food.

Kartonage Kitchen is designed to become a seamless experience that sneaks into your daily routine, without you even noticing – like a girlfriend/ boyfriend that you simply end up staying with for the morning coffee they make for you, and the homemade lunch they prepare and pack for you. Before you know it, you’ll be married to them and you won’t remember the first kiss, but rather the curry they make that you love.

This place is becoming deservedly popular amongst the office crowd as a spot to grab their morning coffee (they open at early for Vienna standards – 8am), frothed to perfection by a pro’ barista, and to pick-up a fresh mid-day lunch to go.

What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in a laidback and fresh ambience (everything you want in your pop-in place). And here’s the thing – it’s meant to be compact as it’s a takeaway kinda’ deal here. But if you can bag a high stool at the window, it becomes a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the bustle.

Their breakfast selection (served up from 8am–12pm) is made up of light options of just-right portions. T

he ‘Superfood-Müsli’ will make you feel super healthy when spooning it out of the cardboard bowl, while the breakfast wrap is perfect to nosh on between your morning run, and heading to the office or Uni.

Their salads are surprisingly interesting (and hearty enough to convert those crying, ‘salad’s not a meal!’ and full of flavour. While if you’re looking for something you can feed yourself on the go, their well-priced bagels and sandwiches – stuffed fresh everyday – could take on any of the shitty supermarket and bakery sandwiches in the ring…like the wrestling ring…in which sandwiches wrestle, flavour Vs. flavour… ahhh, forget it. You get what we mean. Supermarket sandwiches suck! Kartonage Kitchen’s sandwiches and bagels rule!.

A host of cakes also sit pretty in their cabinet, with their cheesecake and carrot cake already prompting people to make a trip here just for a hit. Not too mention their signature Zimties, (cinnamon scrolls) – pair one of these with one of the awesome coffees and you’re good to go.

The food that makes up their daily menu is flawless and flavoursome, no matter what weekday you visit. And they change it up regularly, moving with the seasons. Put it this way, it’s damn good home cooking made to turn on your tastebuds, and end up on a many Insta’ feeds.

And all of this good stuff from the kitchen will be served up in neat little biodegradable cardboard packaging to go… hence, the name.

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