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A Vienna-themed ‘Never have I ever…’ drinking game to play this festive season

December 25, 2017

A Vienna-themed
'Never have I ever...'
drinking game to play
this festive season

December 25, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Do you know the drinking game, ‘Never Have I ever?’ (If you don’t find instructions below!) We’ve made a Vienna-themed round of ‘Never have I ever’ for you to play this festive season!

As there are some things that everybody living in Vienna is guilty of having done at some point, and we thought it’s time that the truth came out. Have you done these things? Than drink!

Instructions: The game starts with somebody saying a simple statement starting with “Never have I ever“. Anyone who at some point in their lives has done the action that the first player says, must drink. Easy, right? So…

Never have I ever…


1. Dove into the U-Bahn after that all-threatening announcement – “Zurückbleiben, bitte!”


2. Refreshed the free 15 minutes parking period on my phone to avoid paying


3. Pretended to be a tourist when approached by a clipboard person on Mahü trying to sign me up to a charity


4. Eaten Würstel, or a questionable looking Kebab after a night out


5. Eaten a Leberkässemmel for breakfast


6. Crossed the street on a red light and given a cheeky grin to the old lady telling me off

7. Gotten some kind of fine while riding my bike

8. Jumped over a fence to get out of a park in summer because I hadn’t realised it closed at 9pm


9. Been told off for talking too loud when riding public transport


10. Given tourists the wrong direction for kicks


11. Made a brunch reservation 3 weeks ahead


12. Complained about the weather more than 3 times in a day


13. Complained about having to meet someone in another Bezirk (district)


14. Walked the long way round to avoid Kärntnerstraße

15. Been mistaken by the Mozart ticket sellers as a tourist

16. Trash talked the ‘Bobostan’ of the 7th district

17. Not understood a word the U-Bahn driver is saying when announcing something over the speakers


18. Argued about where to get the best Schnitzel in Vienna (or the best ice-cream)

19. Forgot about the stores closing on a Sunday, or public holiday and cursing Vienna’s backward trading hours


20. Ended up at the Bermuda Dreieck during a night out drinking 2€ shots


21. Lost my friends at the Donauinselfest and made new ones



22. Smoked weed at a concert in Flex, or WUK


23. ‘Beschimpft’ a waiter under your breath after experiencing their infamous attitude and bad service

24. Promised myself to actually start going to the Opera and more of Vienna’s abundant cultural stuff

25. Vomited a night’s worth of Jägermeister out on the street


26. Had a one-night stand that began in one of the following clubs (a messy make out session on one their dance floors counts in this instance): U4, Passage, Fledermaus, Pratersauna, Grelle Forelle, Volksgarten


27. Slept in the park after an all-nighter at Pratersauna in summer


28. Gone Full Monty and got naked in the FKK area of the Donauinsel


29. Gone skinny dipping in the Danube at night in summer


30. Spent a dirty couple of hours in the hour hotel, Hotel Orient


31. Had sex in public in any of these, or these locations


32. Ranted about how I can’t pay with card in any restaurants, cafes or bars


34. Paid below 200€ for an Altbau apartment that is on an old contract


35. Pretended I wasn’t home, and stayed perfectly still and quiet, when my doorbell unexpectedly rang, just in case it was the GIS.


36. Played a Vienna-themed round of ‘Never, have I ever’ with a bunch of friends and wondered what you’re doing with your life

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