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A familiar and friendly cafe for specialty coffee junkies

August 24, 2018

A familiar and friendly
cafe for specialty
coffee junkies

August 24, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

If you’re on the hunt for a killer cup of specialty coffee, a quality cake kick, or just a spot to plug in your laptop and work away for a while, Coffee Junkie is one of the most welcoming options you’ll find in Vienna.

With just a few tables and a sofa inside, Coffee Junkie is a small and homespun outfit, but it comes with as much charm as a pug dressed in a bowtie, and some very good coffee. It’s the kind of neighbourhood coffee shop that if you turn up here often enough, the barista will remember your name and your order, and be at their fancy espresso machine preparing it before you even walk in the door.

Espressos and all the third wave coffee all-stars are skilfully made with single-origin beans sourced from the Berlin coffee roasters, Kaffeekirsche. Unless you are going for a milky coffee creation (these are always made with a bean blend), you can choose what kind of bean you’d like your barista to work with when whipping up your espresso (there’s a handy chart on the wall explaining the different tastes, characteristics and origins if you need some help).

There’s an unhurried, warm vibe around the place, with plenty of smiles and words being thrown around between Olga, the owner and head barista of the Coffee Junkie team. Some get their brew to go, while others lounge around a while and make good use of the solid WIFI connection while the coffee machine squeals and a low murmur of music accompanies it all.

We appreciate how specialty coffee is served up in such a casual atmosphere, minus the nerdy, cult-like atmosphere sometimes felt in a few of the cafes in this city specialising in the art of coffee. It gives the impression that this standard of coffee is the norm, rather than something special only to be expected in the cool coffee-centric cafes.

Besides the coffee, Coffee Junkies will also make a eclair or croissant junkie out of you too – their baked goods game is on point and Olga assures us it’s all homemade (with a few Vegan options thrown in). This all adds to the appeal of this place.

With its early opening time at 7:30am through the week, along with a few colourful and healthy bowls on offer, it also makes sense as a quick breakfast option.

From the Flat White to the filtered varieties, Coffee Junkie’s coffee is brilliant, and in summer they also extend their menu to include coffee and tonic and other cold coffee options.

When navigating where to go when craving a super friendly cafe where you’ll find well-made coffee and a small bite to eat, Coffee Junkie is a tremendous choice.

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