9 things overheard on Vienna's streets

9 things overheard on Vienna’s streets

February 19, 2019

9 things overheard
on Vienna's streets

February 19, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

You know those moments when you’re on the U-Bahn, or waiting in a line at a bakery and you overhear something that makes you smirk and laugh on the inside? Well, we experience this moment quite often in Vienna, a city where people tell it how it is. Here’s the words on the street, we’ve overheard in Vienna recently.


English Translation: Death to all cyclists!

Yelled by a sweet little old lady at a couple of cyclists riding on the pedestrian path.


English translation: Herrengasse (gentleman’s street)… actually why isn’t there a Frauengasse (lady’s street)?

This was a remark overhead on the U3 line U-Bahn at the stop, Herrengasse. It was said by an old guy to a young woman sitting next to him. They didn’t know each other. The woman just smiled and went back to looking at her phone.


English translation: Whenever I’m sad, I watch Youtube videos of babies biting on lemons, or of drunk Russians.

Overheard at a house party in the 4th district.


English translation: Ahhh, that time when you buy a ticket for the U-Bahn and no ticket inspector gets on.

Said sarcastically, and regretfully, by a guy wearing a T-shirt that reads ‘Innocent.’


English translation: Mum, I don’t want to catch the U6 alone this afternoon. There’s always strange people on there.

A little girl was overheard saying this to her mother.


English translation: Your sausage knowledge is astounding!

We overheard this from a discussion being had at a neighbouring table in a Gasthaus.


The infamous phantom subway line in Vienna – the mystery continues!


Ummm, ok. We’re not judging. This one was overheard from a conversation being had at a bar by a girl and a guy that appeared to be flirting.


English translation: A threesome is always a good idea

This golden line was thrown in by a guy who overheard a conversation being had by two girls at a festival about whether or not they should, well, you know…

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