9 songs inspired by Vienna – vienna würstelstand

9 songs inspired by Vienna

March 29, 2017

9 songs inspired
by Vienna

March 29, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

This city has inspired people so much, they’ve written songs and sung about it. Here’s 10 songs inspired by our fine city, Vienna.


Billy Joel, Vienna

We heard first-hand from a very reliable source (cough… Billy Joel’s mother… cough) that Billy boy has a special place in his heart for Vienna. And this would explain why in this little moving diddy, Billy sings about Vienna as some kind of distant dream place that a young, ambitious and foolish person can reach… but in good time. Thank you Billy for this song. It has become our anthem.

Our favourite lyric
“You can get what you want, or you can just get old”


Falco, Vienna Calling

Fading in with a classic music crescendo, interrupted by the sound of a phone dialling, and the distinct voice of Falco (that sounds in this tune like he’s trying to dislodge a gummi bear from his throat while singing) – this is a true Falco favourite for many, and a tune that many can relate to. This city does have the charm of a place that keeps calling you back, no matter how far away you travel.

Our favourite lyric
“Wien, nur Wien du kennst mich up, kennst mich down
Du kennst mich.”

rough translation
“Vienna, only Vienna you know me up, you know me down
You know me.”


Thom Sonny Green, Vienna

A moody electronic tune inspired by Vienna, it seems. Performed by the English drummer and electronic music producer, Thom Sonny Green.

Our favourite lyric
“Ummm, yeah. There are none.”


Leonard Cohen, Take this Waltz

In his own unique style, the beloved singing poet invites one and all to take this Waltz… with death. We’re not sure if he was speaking metaphorically, or he had visited the Oper Ball and witnessed the ancient average age group on the dance floor (yep, we’re going straight to hell for that one).

Our favourite lyric
“Now in Vienna there are ten pretty women
There’s a shoulder where Death comes to cry”


Matt Costa, Vienna

We’d never heard of this Californian before scouting around for Vienna-inspired tunes. And besides Matt’s one-time-only attempt at slipping some German in there (we’ll let you spot it), he seems to get it… you know, what leaves people dreaming about this city after they leave. Cathedral bells and all. By the way, have you noticed how everybody refers to Vienna as a her? If she’s a boy, then imagine the complexes this is inflicting on her… we mean him.

Our favourite lyric
“Vienna can you hear me,
lazing on the afternoon.
Cathedral bells are ringing, ringing, ringing…”


Ultravox, Vienna

Ok, everybody at the same time – Ohhhhhhhhh, Viennnnnnaaa!
We have no idea what this new wave/alt rock song is about by the Brit’ band Ultravox. But we’re guessing they’re singing about their one night stand with Vienna. However, we cannot ignore the random horse appearing at the beginning of the video clip. Maybe, it’s about a horse named Vienna?

Our favourite lyric


Rammstein, Wiener Blut

This lovely boy band outfit one day wrote a sweet song about Vienna. These 6 man leather-clad German Neue Deutsche Härte band make us pee our pants a little each time we hear or see them. We mean, they just seem so angry. We once saw them live and their final song ended with the lead singer straddling a massive penis cannon that shot out white foam. We just thought we’d throw in that fun experience. Everybody has a fun Rammstein experience. Ahhhh, those kinky Germans. Anyway, we have no fucking idea what this song is about except they seem very angry…about Wiener Blut (Vienna blood)

Our favourite lyric
“Komm mit mir, komm auf mein Schloss
Da wartet Spass im Tiefgeschoss”

rough translation
“Come with me, come to my castle
that’s where fun is waiting in the basement”


Rainhard Fendrich, Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht geseh’n

This guy (one of ye’ old favourites of this country) makes the list for his hair style alone. He sings about how seeing Vienna at night is like a whole difference experience. Like sex with the lights off, we guess.
Even if you don’t understand the song, just watch his hair bounce.

Our favourite lyrics
“Fragen Sie nicht nach dem Stephansdom,
wann und warum er gebaut!
Suchen Sie nicht nach dem Donaustrom,
den hat man sicher verstaut!”

rough translation
“Don’t ask for the St. Stephen’s Cathedral,
when and why it was built!
Don’t search for the Danube stream,
it was probably stowed!”


Der Nino aus Wien, Praterlied

Nobody captures the Vienna we know better than Nino aus Wien. Anybody that can fit ‘Leberkäse’ into a song has earned out respect. Learn all about the Prater’s brand of Schmäh in thick melodic Viennese dialect.

Our favourite lyrics
“jo rauch ma hoid nu a boa Tschick da Wein
is ned zum saufen ausser gspritzt
am Ende gwinnt hoid eh des Tageslicht
aber nur kann Stress
morgen samma fesch gnua zum aussergehn
und vü miass ma jo ned mochen

rough translation
“let’s smoke some more zigarettes
the wine is not drinkable unless you add soda
in the end the daylight wins anyway
but don’t stress
tomorrow we’ll be handsome enough for going out
and we won’t have much to do anyway

Make the Most out of Vienna