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9 Corona safety measures that everybody should be following in Vienna, but kind of don’t

Who can blame us – it’s been a long and exhausting year and all of us have plenty on our minds. The purpose of this article is to kind of say – none of us are perfect with all of this (yep, even those calling others out online), but we should try. Here’s a list of the measures we should all be taking

1. Wear your face mask – ALL. THE. TIME – in public transport so that it covers your mouth, chin AND YOUR NOSE!

We’re not sure if the people who wear their face mask below their nose think their nose is so God damn pretty that it would be a crime to hide it away from the world, or if this is the equivalent of a skater wearing their jeans under their butt. Unfortunately, it’s not rare to see some joker on the U-Bahn letting it all hang out. You literally might as well wear a cheese grater over your face.


2. Keep one meter distance in all public transport

OK, there are few of us that can claim innocence with this one. It isn’t easy to keep 1-meter distance on trams, buses and on the subway. It’s obvious why it’s recommended, however, it’s not so obvious how it’s possible to abide by it when you’re stuffed into the 13A like a jar of pickles as it winds its way through the city just after 5pm.


3. Washing your mask after every use.

Even the most responsible amongst us are probably reading this one and going, ‘Oops, oh yeah. Probably should give ye’ old polkadot mask a wash – it’s been a while.’ You should be washing your mask at least as often as you wash your underwear. Which we hope is quite often.


4. Sneezing into your elbow

Sometimes a sneeze just creeps up on ya’ and you can’t get your arm out in front to catch it in time, right? Or is that just us with our incredibly slow response time?


5. Do the baby elephant – Keep 1-meter distance from one another at all times

Why did they choose a baby elephant? How many of us have had a lot of contact with baby elephants that we can use it as a reference for how far away we should stand from somebody?

Anyway, at the beginning of the first lockdown, everybody stuck to this religiously, but nowadays – being the social creatures we are – you see people going in for a hug more often on the streets. Even the new form of handshake – the fist bump – brings you within a meter of another person. Well, that is, unless you have abnormally long arms, and if this is the case, please do send pictures.


6. Clean your hands before you put your mask on, as well as before and after you take it off

You’re just about to go into the bakery and oops! You almost forget to put on your mask. And then you go – Oh, wait one second, I’m just going to find the closest bathroom so I can give my hands a good lathering of soap and water. We think not! But apparently, according to the WHO, we should be doing exactly this.


7. Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds each time

OK, so during the first lockdown in Vienna, people were super enthusiastic about telling each other to wash their hands. It was the first time in history that this was cleanest part of all of our bodies, we suspect. However, these days, hand washing is already fading in fashion.


8. Disinfect surfaces regularly that are frequently touched, like your phone, for example

Seriously, when was the last time you disinfected your phone?


9. Wear a mask when your food delivery guy comes to the door

We hope this is still happening, as these guys and gals are meeting several random people in a day, but we have heard reports that it’s not. Nobodies suggesting you change out of your pyjamas when your delivery arrives, but before you grab your pizza and hand over a tip do slip on a face mask.

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