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7 things to do when Vienna closes down for the Christmas holidays

December 20, 2017

7 things to do
when Vienna
closes down for
the Christmas

December 20, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

It can be a challenge in Vienna to get your kicks over the Christmas New Year’s Eve days when the city pretty much shutdown for several days. Especially if you aren’t booked solid with three-day family festivities. Most restaurants, shops and even the usual open-on-a-Sunday bakeries leave their doors closed from December 24 to December 26.

However, never fear, as Vienna Würstelstand is here (we sometimes like to pretend we’re superheroes, hence why we wear capes to work). Here’s a list of things that you can do in Vienna when the city shutdown over Christmas.


1. Go catch a classic, or a new release, movie in a cinema

Besides showing the current blockbusters, a bunch of cinemas around town have special Christmas screenings on December 24th, including the screening of some of ye’ ol’ feel-good Christmas classics, and a few other random inclusions. We’ve put together a selection, here:

Mein Nachbar Totoro – Weihnachts Filmwunder im Filmcasino (in German)
When: SUN, December 24, 2:45pm
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 8€ for grownups, 6€ for kids, reserve via kassa@filmcasino.at

Ernest & Célestine – Weihnachts Filmwunder im Filmcasino (in German)
When: SUN, December 24, 1pm
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 8€ for grownups, 6€ for kids, reserve via kassa@filmcasino.at

Weihnachtskino: DAS DSCHUNGELBUCH (in German)
When: SUN, December 24, 2:30pm
Where: Votivkino
Entry: 7.60–9.60€

Love Actually (English with German subtitles)
When: SUN, December 24, 12:15pm
Where: Votivkino
Entry: 7.60–9.60€

Weihnachtsfilme im Gartenbaukino: Tschitti Bäng & Schneewittchen
When: SAT, December 23, 10am–3pm
Where: Gartenbaukino
Entry: 8€, get tickets here


2. Dine out

You can walk for miles in Vienna on the 24th and not find a restaurant open where to fill your belly. However, the lovely people over at the tourism board have made a list of the restaurants that will be open throughout the Christmas period (check their website, here). Plus, a bunch of restaurants in the city are offering special Christmas lunches and dinners. Check them out below:

XMAS im 1500 FOODMAKERS / happiness is only real when shared
When: SUN–TUE, December 24–26, 6pm–11pm
Where: 1500 Foodmakers in the 25 Hours Hotel
Price: 39€/person (3-course-meal plus Punsch), reserve a table here

Christmas Dinner @ Renaissance Hotel
When: SUN, December 24, 6pm–10pm
Where: Renaissance Wien Hotel
Price: 39.50€/person, reserve a table here

Thai Kirchen Daily From 6 Pm To 6 Am
When: SUN, December 24, 6pm–6am
Where: TukTuk Bar-Lounge
Price: tba


3. Go clubbing

Vienna’s clubs won’t leave you hanging. They’ll make sure you get enough beats, booze and body bouncing on the dance floor over the Christmas days. Here are a few places that will be throwing Christmas parties below:

Christmas Party
When: SUN–MON, December 24–25, 10pm–4am
Where: Why Not
Entry: tba

TURBO xxx-mas Party
When: SUN, December 24, 10pm–4am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: tba

Christmas im U4
When: SUN, December 24, 10pm–4am
Where: U4
Entry: 5€ (free with member card)

25/12: Vollkontakt Sound
When: MON, December 25, 10pm–4am
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: tba

sama recordings pres. mutable traits II with ErrorDrive (IT) 
When: MON, December 25, 10pm–4am
Where: Elektro Gönner
Entry: Free!

Obscene Tapes 01 Release
When: TUE, December 26, 10pm–4am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: tba

Find more events happening around the city in our weekend event guide, right here.


4. Go Eisstockschießen (curling) at the Badeschiff

The restaurant and bar on a ship, the Badeschiff on the Donaukanal, have a Eisstockschießen (Bavarian curling) rink across from them and they’re not closing for one single day during the holidays up until January 1. This can make for a great fun afternoon with friends. Plus, don’t worry if you haven’t tried it before – it’s damn easy to learn!

When: SUN–TUE, December 24–26, 10am–10pm (and daily until Jan 1, 2018)
Where: Badeschiff
Entry: 25–35€/half hour, reserve here


5. Get inspired in a museum

Most of Vienna’s museums are open during the Christmas holidays, offering a nice and calm haven for people searching for some culture and peace while everybody else is stuffing their face on Christmas. Here’s a selection of museums that will be open:

Weihnachten im Circus&Clownmuseum
When: SUN, December 24, 10am–1pm
Where: Zirkus- & Clownmusem
Entry: Free!

Kunsthistorisches Museum is open
SUN, December 24: 10am–3pm
MON–TUE, December 25–26: 10am–6pm

Leopold Museum is open
MON–TUE, December 25–26: 10am–6pm

Kunst Haus Wien is open
SUN, December 24: 10am–3pm
MON–TUE, December 25–26: 10am–6pm

6. Escape into nature

One of the simplest and most satisfying pleasures when Vienna closes down is to go for a walk. Vienna has a wealth of nature walks in the forests and vineyards surrounding the city. Wander into the woods, find a tree stump to sit on, and breath in the fresh winter air and the silence.

Check out our article: 4 of our favourite nature walks in Vienna.


7. Spend a day reading in a Viennese coffeehouse

Viennese coffeehouses pay no attention to time, or the world outside. And their bohemian, romantic charm only grows as they get older – the wooden floorboards, the feeling like you’re sitting next to a poet or an artist, newspapers on wooden holders, hat racks, marble table tops and Thonet chairs. Incredibly, all these years on, coffeehouses are still a refuge for all kinds of people in the city, everybody having their neighbourhood favourite. And you can spend a whole day in them, without a waiter ever bothering you. Grab a good book and disappear into one of the booths of one of these coffeehouses for an afternoon.

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