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5 reasons you should check out this abandoned factory turned inspiring creativity factory, the Nordbahnhalle

April 9, 2018

5 reasons you should
check out this
abandoned factory
turned inspiring
creativity factory
the Nordbahnhalle

April 9, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

A once abandoned and forgotten warehouse has been reborn as a place for the people. It’s one of those rare places that exists with no motivation to make money out of you, but instead just offers a space where people can come together and create, or just enjoy the good life. It’s called the Nordbahnhalle, and you better check it out soon, as it won’t be around for long. Plus, it’s got the makings to be a hot summer location in 2018.

Once upon a time, there was an old warehouse surrounded by train tracks and a whole lot of nothing. It was pretty abandoned and forgotten. Then a bunch of creative and young people got their hands on it and gave it a new purpose in life… well, actually, a whole bunch of purposes.

The Nordbahnhalle got completely renovated and repurposed by the design-build-studio – a project that sees students from the TU Wien university get hands-on experience in realising a design, architecture and building project.

Now, things seem a bit more special when you know they’ll disappear soon. Same goes for Nordbahnhalle. By the end of 2018, the city of Vienna will demolish Nordbahnhalle. But, until then, it’s buzzing with life, creative people and possibilities. Oh, and most things you can do here, you can do for free. Check out a few of the reasons Nordbahnhalle should be on your radar:

1. You are a craftsperson with no space to craft

The Nordbahnhalle is all about making, repairing, upcycling and creating. If you are looking for lots of space and a workshop where you can keep all your crafty stuff and tools, the co-working workshop at Nordbahnhalle offers such. People getting their hands dirty, sharing experience and helping each other out is what makes the heart of this workshop beat. All kinds of artisanal craftspeople are working away here, from beekeepers to cutlers. Around thirty skilled crafts and trades meet here on a daily basis. It’s a hands-on working place so don’t expect it to be library-quiet. If you want to become a MacherIn (aka. a maker) at Nordbahnhalle, you can apply for a space, here.

2. You’re a student for life and hungry to learn

Plenty of people with plenty of skills in one space means there’s a lot of skill sharing going on. And it just so happens that all kinds of workshops and seminars are being held here too. You’ve always wanted to build your own bee hive? Or give a bird a home by creating a nesting box? There’s a good chance you can learn how to do such things at Nordbahnhalle. Keep an eye on their website for details.

3. You’ve been looking for a co-working space that’s loud, dirty… and free

Okay, we must admit… we used a catchy headline to keep you reading on this one. But it will be worth your while as the co-working space at Nordbahnhalle is entirely and completely free! Yes, you read that right. You don’t have to pay a thing, and yes, they do have WIFI. The co-working space at Nordbahnhalle is an open area where you can take your laptop, or your friends, get to work, or have a chat. You can grab a coffee from the cafeteria, or you can bring your own. It’s up to you. This place is all about people, about meeting and sharing and using a space that has no motivation of making money out of you – a damn rarity these days. Keep in mind, things can get noisy here, but nothing you can’t handle. You can find more info. about the co-working space, here. 


4. It’s a place you can do the things you weren’t allowed to do as a kid

© Photo courtesy of Nordbahnhalle and taken by the talented Georg Aufreiter

Can you still hear your mum saying, ‘No ball games in the living room! Get outside!“ or ‘No, you are not allowed to ride that bike in the house, especially after you knocked over that 500€ vase with your grandmother’s ashes in it.” Well, at Nordbahnhalle you can do all that… and take a selfie of yourself while doing it that you can send to your mum… with your tongue poking out, of course. Here, at Nordbahnhalle’s monthly bike racing event, you can ride a bike within the building (and around it) while other people cheer you on. The event is called Nordbahnhallen Radrennen (aka. bike race) and you can keep an eye on their Facebook page to see when the next one will be happening. Also, the Nordbahnhalle crew have built an inside basketball court so grab enough mates to make up a team, a retro sweat head band, some cheerleaders, and hit the courts. Oh, and they also have a ping pong table… of course. Did we mention already that all of this is for free?!

5. It’s an awesome summer spot where you can BBQ!

One of the hardest things to find in this city is a place where you can BBQ with a bunch of friends. The Donauinsel’s BBQ spots are booked out a year in advance, and schlepping all your stuff to the designated grilling areas on the island can be a pain in the ass. But luckily, the Nordbahnhalle just keeps on giving, and amongst its generous offerings will be the chance to have grill parties! Just imagine – little colourful lanterns strung overhead, a few fire barrels, and a big open barbecue space. Nordbahnhalle will be hosting events this summer at which you can get a bunch of friends together and BBQ. Be sure to get in contact with the people at Nordbahnhalle for the exact details regarding where and when the grilling will be happening, or just keep an eye on their Facebook page to stay up-to-date.

Ah, there are so many reasons to spend so many magnificent summer days and nights at Nordbahnhalle!

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