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16 wonderful things that happened in Vienna in 2017 that we’re thankful for

December 27, 2017

16 wonderful things
that happened in Vienna
in 2017 that we're
thankful for

December 27, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

One thing to be doing this time of year is give thanks to the things your grateful for. After all, while Vienna’s biting winds are whipping your cheeks into a rosy red, it’s easy to forget the good things that Vienna’s delivered this year.

Below is a list of the things we’re grateful for the following things that happened in Vienna ni 2017 – tell us what Vienna-related thing you’re grateful for this year on our Facebook page!


1. Google maps integrated Vienna’s public transport system


2. The Getreidemarkt bike lane opened up

Are we the only ones excited about this life-changing bike lane. So many detours will be avoided!


3. The Cafe, Bar and restaurant scene just got soooo much better

With the likes of the Cafe Telegraph, Krypt, Mochi Ramen, Birdyard, Parémi, Rien (this list could go on forever), opening up in Vienna, this city’s drinking and dining scene upped its game, big time.


4. Paying with card is starting to become a thing (we said starting). Slowly… oh, so very slowly.


5. Vienna got voted best city to live in… again!

Vienna won again in Mercer’s annual ‘City with the best quality of life,’ ranking. No biggie. It’s just what we do. I mean, how many years have we won it now Berlin?


6. Vienna got voted 2nd most unfriendly city (next time we’ll get you, Paris!)

Paris may have won, but if we all try a little harder, we’re sure we can steal that 1st place next year! You can read more about the award, here.


7. Dagmar Koller started an Instagram account

8. The U1 was extended 

Ever since this happened, we’ve been getting our relaxation on at the Therme Oberlaa twice a month. Ok, not really, but we could not that it’s so well connected.


9. You could get Christopher Waltz stamps at the post office


10. Ronald McDonald visited a Würstelstand

11. A shark got arrested

A whole bunch of weird and ridiculous fines got handed out since the ‘no face mask’ law come into effect, including one that saw a guy dressed up as a shark. This certainly isn’t a good thing, but it’s got to be a first! You can read the whole story on ORF.at


12. The dog riding the U-Bahn alone found his way home

This news story was a popular read in the Heute newspaper about a ‘cuddly dog’ who ventured out on his own and rode the U-Bahn a couple of stations. Apparently, thankfully, he found his way home.

13. 80s & 90s parties were a thing

14. Jennifer Lawrence was in Vienna, and rumours have it – she stripped on a night out on the town!

15. We could ice skate on the Danube in January

16. Schanigärten were open longer thanks to some much-needed deregulation!

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