14 wonderful things that happened in Vienna in 2019 that we're thankful for

14 wonderful things that happened in Vienna in 2019 that we’re thankful for

December 31, 2019

14 wonderful things
that happened
in Vienna in 2019
that we're thankful for

December 31, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

It’s that time of the year again when everyone’s looking back on the year, and so are we. After all, while Vienna’s biting winds are whipping your cheeks into a rosy red, it’s easy to forget the good things that Vienna’s delivered this year.

Here’s are our 14 wonderful things that happened in Vienna last year that we’re thankful for.


1. #Ibizagate was more entertaining than the last season of Game of Thrones.

2. Vienna didn’t get a police force of horses.

Horses won against the FPÖ. Kickl didn’t get his Ponyhof. Both the people of Vienna and horses are much better off that way. If you missed this saga, the FPÖ party was trying to introduce horses into the police force. It failed. Thank god.

3. A fake scorpion got ‘us’ all worried for a minute.

The team behind the late-night show ‘Gute Nacht Österreich’, created a fake video of a scorpion in a Viennese park and posted it on a fake Youtube account. Many of the big media houses in Austria fell for it and got us all worried for a minute there that a deadly animal was roaming the Viennese streets.

4. Austria qualified for the EURO 2020. Somehow.


5. The foodie scene in Vienna got much better.

With the likes of the Pumpui, Seven North, Spaceburgers, Krazy Kitchen (this list could go on forever), opening up in Vienna, this city’s drinking and dining scene upped its game, big time.


6. Öfferl opened their own bakery in Vienna

Öffer is known for making bread. Not just any type of bread, but the fancy kind. The one that you’d like to eat when you want to treat yourself on a shitty day. Or on any other day, to be honest. And they finally opened up their very own boutique bakery in the first district. Yay us!


7. The smoking ban FINALLY came into effect.

8. Europride in Vienna was one awesome big party

In cooperation with Mike Mahringer


9. The #fridaysforfuture movement started and became one loud and proud advocate for the planet in Vienna

In cooperation with Mike Mahringer


10. All metro lines in Vienna are now Kebab-free

No smelly foods allowed any more in the U-Bahn as of mid-January 2019. We’re kind of excited about this until we’re super hungry and about to get onto the U-Bahn. But, anyway. YAY.


11. Häupl retired for sunny Spritzer days

Technically, we’re not thankful that he retired, but he’s been such a good lad that we’re just thankful he can now enjoy his pension with long Spritzer days.

12. The S-Bahn started running the whole night on weekends

As of December 15, the S-Bahn on the two main routes in Vienna is now operating the entire night on weekends.

13. Vienna Würstelstand started producing regular video content on their new Youtube channel, vienna senf!

We’ve all been waiting for this.

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14. Vienna got voted the most livable city. Again.

Vienna won again in Mercer’s annual ‘City with the best quality of life,’ ranking. No biggie.

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