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14 weird and wonderful reasons people love Vienna

February 12, 2018

14 weird and
wonderful reasons
people love Vienna

February 12, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we thought we’d ask our community what the deal is with their Vienna love affair.

Here are 14 of our favourite answers of why people love Vienna:

We’re proud of you Ken. We’re still learning.


We agree – Fremdschämen is one very unique, untranslatable word. You can find more of those beautiful words here.


HAHA – most common excuse in this city for a Pfiff at 11am.


Ok, You be crazy Lina… but aren’t we all?! In the best way possible.


And best enjoyed when you roast them over an open fire or drop them into a mug of hot chocolate? Oh, that’s dark. Dark, indeed.


Statistics show that the funeral museum is one of the main reasons people migrate to the city.*

*these statistics may, or may not (but more likely are), completely made up


YES! We sometimes feel like we’ve got hundreds of Omas and Opas in this city.


You’ve inspired a new event idea, Aaron – 48er sponsored dog poo dance-off.


Yes, the Viennese do certainly have a way with words. Take Schaumamal for example or ‘Aufgwärmt is nur a Gulasch guad.’ Beautiful pearls of poetic wisdom.


Imagine the bra.


The ‘Coffeehouse Shuffle’ they call it amidst their circles. It’s a bit like bar hopping, but with a shot of Kleiner Brauner at every stop.


We sometimes wonder what people are doing on a Sunday – there’s nobody on the street, it’s dead quiet in the apartment buildings. Where the hell is everybody!?


Their fashion will catch on one of these days.


We go there once a week to place flowers in front of the place to honour this great God of the Würstel. In Wurst We Trust.

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