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12 places to catch the first rays of sunshine in Vienna this spring

April 1, 2018

12 places to
catch the first rays
of sunshine in
Vienna this spring

April 1, 2018

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We know you’ve been missing that feeling of sun on your vitamin D starved skin. Therefore, we know as soon as the spring sun is out, you’ll be out there too.

To help you work out where to go, here are 14 spots in Vienna where to catch the first rays of spring 2018:



Whether it’s waterside by the Wienfluss (Wien river), or on one of the benches framing the gardens, there are plenty of spots for some serious rays at Stadtpark. If you’re lucky, a talented busker might be lurking around and add to the music of the birds.



Simply do what this lady is so stylishly doing in the picture – get on your bike, pedal down to the Volksgarten find your self a sun-lit bench and open to page (fill in space) of your book.



Of course, this list of hot spots for sun soaking wouldn’t be complete without a mention of ye’ old summer strip, the Donaukanal. You can run, bike, work out or grab a beer and dangle your legs over the water (you’ll still need a blanket to keep your butt cheeks from freezing), whatever you do, you’ll find glorious virgin spring sun rays – ahhhhh! Plus, the ADRIA beach bar has woken from its winter slumber and is already serving up cold beer and other drinks.


Palmenhaus Burggarten

This is a favourite amongst those who know it for catching some sun. You can grab a coffee (or an iced coffee if you’re feeling optimistic) at the Palmenhaus coffeehouse, or simply sit on the wall lining the magnificent Otto Wagner structure, close your eyes and soak it all in.



Plenty of the cafes that make up the Karmelitermarkt have stretched themselves out onto the market square, opening their al fresco gardens as soon as the clock struck spring.



The beautiful Augarten, with its manicured tree-lined paths weaving in and out of grassy gardens and the old concrete war tower looming overhead, is indeed a favourite spot amongst many when the sun’s out. Recommended activity to partake in here – lie back in the grass, close your eyes and forget about the world for a while.



All the best components of Vienna are contained within this little square in the old city center – old world cobblestone charm, coffeehouse house culture, and the Viennese love for the good life. It all plays out here, and while it requires a bit of luck to score a table at the square’s famed cafe/bar, Kleines Cafes Schanigarten, it’s definitely worth a try.



Unless you’re a culture vulture, you’ve probably ignored the MQ for the most part of winter, so as soon as springtime takes hold, you be sure to show it some love, and it will be sure to return the favour in good vibes and sunshine.



A classic for a sunny day, the Naschmarkt offers a smörgåsbord of cafe and restaurant gardens to choose from where to make the most out of these exciting first  days of spring. Even if the sun isn’t shining on them, plenty of eateries have outside heaters installed to keep you warm when the sun moves on.



Yppenplatz, or if we may… Hip-penplatz (hehe) is one of the most buzzing and cosmopolitan squares we can think of in this lovely city, and whether it’s a coffee, drinks, or a feed you’d like with your sunshine, you’ll get it all here. For a overview of what’s on offer at ‘Yppinger,’ check out our article about it, here.



Liechtensteinpark is one of Vienna’s beautiful gardens that is thought of seldom when brainstorming where to go when the sun pokes its head up, so you might even have this gorgeous green space in the 9th to yourself. So this means you can try all of the benches in the park, as you stalk the sun’s rays as vigilantly as you did your last breakup’s Instagram feed.


In a Schanigarten

What better place to soak in the sun with a drink in hand (and a little blanket that a cafe, or restaurant kindly provides) than in a Schanigarten. You can almost be 88% sure that your favourite summer alfresco garden is open, or will be open within the next few weeks, with many restaurants setting up their outdoor gardens early this year. Check out our list of some of the best Schanigarten in the city, here. Here are a few places we know for sure have their gardens out already:

Cafe Korb

Nestled into a little square off of a city center street, Cafe Korb is always a good idea, but especially for an afternoon coffee, or something a little stronger if you feel like celebrating the sunny days ahead.

Cafe Français Stadtpark

It’s become a hit since it opened last year, and many found refuge on its comfy couches throughout the winter. Now, the sun is back and so is Cafe Français’ main asset – its garden. It may not be as green as it is in the photo above, but it’s open.

Jonas Reindl

If a caffeine kick made by some skilled baristas sounds like your kind of fun in the spring sun, the handsome coffee shop next to the Uni has their small Schanigarten already open for business. Their flat white, it flat out one of the best in the city!

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