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11 Insanely Delicious Vienna Eats To Try Before Winter Ends

March 5, 2018

11 Insanely Delicious
Vienna Eats To Try
Before Winter Ends

March 5, 2018

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How many can you tick off your list before winter ends in Vienna? The race is on!


Apfelstrudel from Cafe Landtmann

Café Landtmann is a class-act coffeehouse experience, where you sip on a coffee from a golden-handled cup and can order a sea of vanilla sauce with a glorious vessel of Apfelstrudel floating in it.


Ramen from Mochi Ramen

Located in one of the last places you’d expect to find it in the 2nd’s forgotten Vorgartenmarkt, this little ramen bar is serving up fatty pork soups that taste authentically Japanese, and fusion ramen dishes that are inspiring some serious slurping. Read more, here.


Burrito from El Burro

El Burro is a place where everybody is a ‘dude’ or a ‘dudette’ and the burritos are packed with creative, tasty fillings, like Thai Porkbelly with Coconut Cabbage, or rib–eye Bulgogi (a national dish of North Korea) with Kimchi. Read more, here


Udon from Kuishimbo

Flavoursome noodle-filled broths are served up this tiny Japanese noodle bar, Kuishimbo. Read more, here.


Schweinsbraten with Knödel (Roast pork with dumplings) from Schachtelwirt

At Schachtelwirt, Austrian cuisine starlets, like Schnitzel and Schweinsbraten, are served up to go in a takeaway box. The roast pork, complete with tasty pork crackling, is da’ bomb! Read more, here.


Fleischlaberl (meatballs) at Wratschko

The signature dish at the cosy Austrian Wirtshaus is Fleischlaberl! (meatballs) that comes drenched in a tasty sauce and a side os mashed potatoes.


Churros at Lola Tapas Restaurant

Once a month, the charismatic Spanish tapas restaurant, Lola, serves up churros with a steaming hot chocolate to dip it in. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to find out when their next churros party is happening.


Fiakergulasch at Schutzhaus am Schafberg

This hearty Viennese mutation of the typical Hungarian Goulash is named after the Fiaker (horse and carriage) drivers that clippety clop around the city. The Viennese took the fiery and tasty goulash one step further by topping it with a fried Sacher Würstel, an egg and – we know, your mind’s blown!


Kaiserschmarrn at Heindl’s Schmarren & Palatschinkenkuchl

Another endearing thing about Vienna – eating desert as a main dish is more than socially acceptable, it’s encouraged. A trend endorsed and started by the mighty Emperor Franz Josef, the dish that can be best described as scrambled pancakes was a favourite of his, hence why the name of the dish translates to ‘The Emperor’s mess.’


Backhendl (deep-fried chicken) at Zum Roten Bären

The Backhendl (deep-fried chicken) at Zum Rote Bären comes in a plentiful portion, and is the perfect amount of crispy, fatty goodness for a winter comfort food treat.


A hot pot at Mama Liu & Sons

There’s nothing like sitting around a table with friends or family on a cold winter’s night, while slurping and having a ladle war with your fellow diners as you all cook your own meal in a Chinese hot pot. The hot pots are the specialty at Mama Liu and Sons boldly designed restaurant. Select your broth, and work your way through cooking the raw ingredients in it that are served up to you. Read more, here.


The Chicken Tikka Masala curry at Dabba

At this new little Indian takeaway eatery in the 3rd and 4rth district, they are serving up different soul warming curries every day. Tuesday is Chicken Tikka Masala day – our favourite day of all!

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