The Vienna Würstelstand Team

Head of Graphic Arts / Expert on sleep, coffee & vodka

Viennese from top to bottom. A true Landstraßerin. She puts pictures, letters, words and other knick-knacks into neat arrangements. Staring into a glowing box all day. When she’s done spilling her brain’s contents, you may find her with a glass of good vodka in hand. Dreaming of spring. Really good at sleeping … or showering. She can be loud, when reading. Or driven, when walking. Aspiring pirate. Pigeon lover. Papperlapapp.

Editor-in-Chief / Infamous sock thief

Some breed of freelance journalist/writer with a curiosity for travel. Held captive by that clawing, sticky, high-steeple, hot old lady, story-book thing Vienna’s got going for it. Australian. Has never bought a pair of socks in his life. Lost his virginity somewhere between Darwin, Australia and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan when traveling overland from Australia to Vienna. Founder of Vienna Würstelstand.

Head of Events and Photography / Photos and fashion that shoot for (and from) the moon

Her and her camera may look small, but don’t let looks deceive you. They‘ve both been known to let off firecrackers. Meanwhile, they’re both sweet, sometimes savoury, naturally & artificially flavoured. Are both attracted to fashion that goes ‘POP!’ and inspires turning heads. She has photographs floating around in publications like Vogue, BBC, Die Presse, and Timeout New York.

Phil Fichtinger
Head of community management & ad department / Isn‘t wearing anything under his clothes

On even days of the week: Swiss. On odd days: Irish. Copywriter by trade. Advertising guru. Amateur musician. Pro connoisseur of the beauties of life. Believes that there‘s a song for every moment in life. Co-Founder of Vienna Würstelstand, and its resident vegan.

Regular Contributors

Carla Bancu

Part-time writer of wrongs. Loves a good pun and curly hair. Mysteriously starts speaking like a gangster when nervous. A Transylvanian with rather sharp teeth. Trained in the dark arts of marketing, and also specialised in innovation and trends. Obsessive soup slurper.

William Stafford

coming soon

Daniel Valovis

Coming from the mystical lands of suburbia Colombia and maybe being dropped on the head too many times as a baby he is our beloved intern. Part time writer, full time cook but a true housewife 24/7.

Magdalena Summereder

Restless in summer and lazy in winter. Being an anthropologist, she lives and breathes for travelling to remote places. Loves listening in on peoples’ conversations and making up stories about strangers. Finds Vienna to be the perfect place for doing that. Has been spotted talking to pans. Extremely happy when presented with the perfect fried egg.

Michael Reit

The resident Käsekrainer connoisseur. A night out on the town is not complete without one. Originally from the Netherlands, he’s grown to love Vienna since moving here early 2015. Loves hot summers, snowy winters in the mountains, and a good, bad joke.

David Titcumb

A Brit’ conquering Vienna on a bike, one street at a time. Living vicariously through himself. Will go to any lengths to tell a good story. Doesn’t eat würstels, but was slapped in the face with one once. More of a Langos man at 4am, regardless of the consequences.

Tova Marr-Spatz

A snob with a heart of gold. Lived in Vienna for a total of 14 years. Spent most of her life as a diplobrat. Has access to the finer things of life. An Austrian husband. She’s Canadian. A mother to a precocious and adorable toddler son; she plays the role of overbearing Jewish mother well.

Kristina Rihter

Coming soon

Sveltomir Slavchev

The Würstelstand video editor. Big music fan. Travels to eat, doesn’t eat to travel. From the Eastern block and the land of Trifon Ivanon (google him if you don’t know him – well worth it). Once was a social worker and once lived in Iceland. Used to spend all of his school pocket money on pirate cassette tapes during the 90’s.

Mathias Zojer

Born and raised in slow-paced Carinthia, he had trouble finding his way in the big city at first. But, after spending an entire summer hunting for an apartment on his skateboard, he started to understand the beautiful and complex organism that is Vienna.

Markus Steinbichler

Grew up in the deepest depths of lower Austria. Studied spatial planning in Vienna. Lives again in the deepest depths of lower Austria with his family. Works in Vienna on Urban Renewal and City Planning. Still loves this city and being a stray dog there on weekdays.