On the other side of the camera: 15 photos of people captivated by Vienna’s beautiful Ankeruhr

October 3, 2017

On the other side
of the camera: 15
photos of people
captivated by
Vienna's beautiful

October 3, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Watching the crowd of people gathering in front of the famous Ankeruhr (Anker clock) in Vienna’s Hohermarkt at around midday everyday can be a curious sight. So we took photos of them during the moment that they eagerly and expectedly look up at the clock, awaiting for it to strike 12.

It’s amazing the phenomena that happen in cities because of a happening or a place getting a mere mention in a tourist guide.

I’m born and raised in Vienna and have never understood the deal with the famous Ankeruhr. I mean, yeah, it’s beautiful with its Art Nouveau design, and yeah, the little figures that do a little parade daily at midday are cute, but that it attracts so many eye balls bamboozles me.

At around 11:40am they (the people… most of them being tourists) come out of no where and start to gather around the clock at the square, Hoher Markt.

It’s a curious sight to see the crowd slowly inflating, taking over the nearby roads.

They all wait there, looking up, until 12pm. With facial expressions that would suggest a Messiah is going to pop out of the clock.

But the Messiah doesn’t turn up. As the clock strikes 12pm, little figures emerge from the clock to do a little parade, to then disappear again.

If you’re not looking at the clock, you’ll see the faces of the parade’s audience doing all kinds of things.

Humans look their best when they are in waiting. Deep in thought, or focus.

I wanted to capture this moment of anticipation on people’s faces with these photos.

I wanted to capture the curious moment that happens once a travel guide starts saying it’s a ‘must-see.’

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