Top Kino – summer bar tour 2014

March 15, 2017


March 15, 2017

Where: Rahlgasse 1, 1060

Opening times
MON–WED: 11am–2am
THU–SAT: 11am–4am
SUN: 10:30am–12am
indoor/outdoor, free entry

Have a drink after catching a movie. It’s an indie cinema, a bar, a restaurant and a café, all in one. And it has one of Vienna’s loveliest outdoor patios by an idyllic cobblestone street. Half outside, half inside – with ceiling to floor open windows and a comfy setup that invites you to spend the whole afternoon just reading a book and sipping your espresso. But we recommend visiting here for more sinister, intoxicating motives as well. Solid drinks, unobtrusive music mingling with street noise, and – most importantly – the warm summer breeze just passing through will convince you to stay.

Summer drink of choice
Alcoholic: sip on a spritzer
Non-Alcoholic: Home-made ice tea with mint

Atmosphere:  (relaxing and a something different)
Value for money:  (cheap prices, not the best quality/selection)
Spark: (patio!)

We like … the simple unpretentiousness of this place
We recommend … you to try that afternoon coffee/book session as well