Café Tachles – Karmelitermarkt

November 21, 2017

Café Tachles

November 21, 2017

Where: Karmeliterplatz 1, 1020 

Opening times
MON–THU: 4pm–1am
FRI–SAT: 4pm–2am
SUN: 12pm–12am

The owners revived it from a local alcoholic’s dive to a popular hangout for all sorts of people. The Tachles ethos is, ‘this is where life happens’. Sitting there munching on the house speciality of delicious homemade Polish Pierogi, we see couples touching hands across the table, groups of friends loud and laughing, two girls engaged in an animated political conversation – this is actually one of those places you enter and you realise it has a living, beating heart. Tachles attracts life. People meet over their wooden tables, under the dim light for love of each other, or conversation, or for the love of the vast range of Polish beer and the delicious menu (If you don’t choose the Pierogi, try the spaghetti, or the Palatschinken (crêpes)). Silent films of Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy are forever projected on the wall, while music fitting for the warm atmosphere can be heard. Find our full review of Tachles, here.

Story behind the name: Tachles is a Yiddish word that means, ‘Klartext’ in German, and in English it means to speak clearly and literally. ‘I like this a lot in a world in which we often hide’, the charismatic manager Daniel tells me.