Uncharted: Vienna’s 10 new taste temples

May 9, 2017

Guide to
Vienna’s 10 new
taste temples

May 9, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's , and say

Taste pioneers, buckle up: These places are new in town, and will have your tastebuds dancing.

From chocolatey goodness to Thai supermarkets, novelty cocktails, great coffee, and the biggest steaks outside of Texas, Vienna boasts a new range of locations to make your tummy oh-so-happy. Check them out in real life, and let us know in the comments how you liked them.

Fabienne – New in Vienna

Where: Riemergasse 1, 1010

Opening times
MON–FRI: 9am–6:45pm
SAT: 10am–5pm

Filling your heart with chocolate from Belgium in all shapes and form, Fabienne is recommended for any sweet tooth in town, and anyone looking to gift someone special or themselves with a bite of heaven; also known as pralines filled with chocolate, creams, caramels and alcohols. The modern-looking chocolate shop just changed location and design: after being housed down the road for over 20 years in a rustic Viennese looking home, Fabienne has a fresh touch now, decorated by New York style brick, minimally decorated walls and chalk boards.

We love… the wonderful smell of chocolate that hits your nostrils upon entering.

Website: fabienne-chocolaterie.at

Warenhandlung – New in Vienna

Where: Marxergasse 13, 1030

Opening times
MON–FRI: 7:15am–6pm
SAT: 8am–1pm

Warenhandlung Wenighofer & Wanits is the newest addition to the new wave of Greißler (traditional Viennese food shop, similar to a neighbourhood deli) that have been returning to Vienna. Offering organic, seasonal and regional products directly acquired from the farmers, ranging from vegetables and fruit, cereals, oils and spices, to dairy products and baked goods, each item can be bought in the desired amount and free of packaging. You can bring your own jars and bottles, buy or borrow them here, and save yourself and the environment some unwanted trash.
Also offering a small selection of breakfast, coffee and tea, as well as wine, this comfy place also invites you to sit down at the table and enjoy a few moments of peace.

Website: www.warenhandlung.at

Block House – New in Vienna

Where: Linke Wienzeile 4, 1060

Opening times
MON—SAT: 11:30am—12am
SUN: 11:30—11:30pm

Category: American-style steak house

Finally making its appearance in Vienna, the American-style steakhouse will terrify vegans while being the ultimate meat-eater’s delight. They must know something about quality meat, with over 50 years of existence and more than 50 franchises across Germany, Switzerland, Spain and now Austria. We have no doubt Block House will have plenty of peep’s into meat putting on their steak bib, and getting all naughty with their meat.

Recommended if you like: destroying juicy meat in seconds, the taste of grilled fresh meat, American steak house atmosphere, being very much against sharing food

iQ Bar – New in Vienna

Where: Schwertgasse 3, 1010 Wien

Opening times
MON—THU & SUN: 5pm—11pm
FRI—SAT: 5pm—1am

Category: Cocktail lounge

This new lounge in the heart of the inner city brings the class and sophistication involved in drinking high quality cocktails with the modern alternative vibes of going out! iQ bar offers a wide variety of whisky, gin tonics and other cocktails as well as classic and modern starters to complement the drinking (sort of like tapas but not exactly).

Price range: 9—14€ for cocktails and 4.50—11€ for the tapas

Recommended if you like: a sophisticated night with the gang, feeling like a gentleman or dame, dressing sharp for a drink, martinis shaken but not stirred

Photo courtesy: iQ bar

Website: www.iqbar.at

Lakhana Thai wok & store – New in Vienna

Where: Lerchenfelder Straße 49, 1070

Opening Times
MON—SAT: 8:30am—7:30pm

Category: Thai cuisine, exotic supermarket

Very close to Mariahilfer Straße this new place is already becoming a favourite among the residents of the area! It’s not surprising since it offers both the possibility to buy exotic foods from far off as well as a Thai dinner style service in the same location! Formed almost entirely by people from Thailand the place gives us an authentic experience which almost transports us to the far lands of Bangkok. Sawadee!

Price Range: 6—12€ for a main dish, 3€ for a liter of coconut water

Recommended if you like: buying exotic products to cook at home, Thai cuisine, cute exotic shops with dinners, lovely staff that communicate without words

Photo courtesy: www.facebook.com/LakkanaThaiStore

Website: www.facebook.com/LakkanaThaiStore

Le Mar – New in Vienna

Where: Eschenbachgasse 4, 1010

Opening times
MON—SAT: 11am—2pm, 5pm—1am

Category: Cocktail Bar, Restaurant

This awesome new place located in the heart of the Ring brings a combination of delicious and strong cocktails with tasty food for all the palates. Its exterior and interior answer the question most of us have been asking “What would happen if a tattoo and piercing shop merged into a trendy bar?” The answer: a simply cool and badass place! Le Mar will for sure make this spring and summer even better with their atmosphere, tasty and filling sandwiches and elaborate drinks.

Price range
Cocktails range in between 8.50—13.50€ and sandwiches 5.40—10€

Recommended if you like: a Guns-n-Roses-kinda-vibe, tattoos, meeting sexy badass people, sandwiches with a twist

Photo courtesy: lemar.squarespace.com

Website: lemar.squarespace.com

AGGYS coffeeshop – New in Vienna

Where: Ungargasse 36, 1030

Opening times
TUE–THU: 7:30am–3pm
FRI: 7:30am–4pm
SAT: 9am–12pm
SUN–MON: closed

Category: Café, Specialty Coffee

AGGYS coffeeshop is the newest addition to Vienna’s specialty coffee scene and finally brings quality coffee to the district that has seemingly waited for it the longest: the 3rd. A tiny shop on Ungargasse (at the far end of Rochusgasse), is now home to Alexander Afrough’s endeavour to share his passion and spread the quality beans with the world. The opening times are limited (but might change with increasing demand), as is the space, but that makes it even more comfy and will ensure you’ll also get your daily dose of coffee talk with random people.

Photos courtesy of AGGYS

Website: www.facebook.com/aggyscoffeeshop

Crème de la crème – New in Vienna

Where: Lange Gasse 76, 1080

Opening times
TUE–FRI: 9am–7pm
SAT–SUN: 10am–6pm
MON: closed

Category: Café, Patisserie, Sweets, Brunch

Crème de la crème is only a few weeks old but it seems like it is the place that Vienna’s been waiting for – no matter the time, this place is drawing people in like a lamp does with moths, and you’ll regularly find a message on their Facebook page that they’re sold out for the day. The beautiful interior makes this place a welcome hangout if you want to escape the greyness of a day, the tartes are the finest pieces of handicraft you’ve seen in a while and will have you drool on the counter during the predicament that the choosing process poses.
If you’re not that much of a sweet tooth, you can also indulge in the splendid breakfast and brunch selection or slurp on some nice coffee or tea.

Photos courtesy of Crème de la Créme

Website: www.facebook.com/cremedelacremevienna

Home Café – New in Vienna

Where: Spitalgasse 3, 1090

Opening times
MON–WED: 9am–10pm
THU–FRI: 9am–12am
SAT: 11am–12am
SUN: closed

Category: Café, Icelandic, eat & drink, bar

Vienna’s first Icelandic café opened just a few weeks ago, and at Home Café the name definitely says it all. The atmosphere is comfy, inviting and cocooning, the staff is lovely and you will be served some great home cooking style Icelandic food (with fresh fish delivered weekly from Iceland), homemade bread, good coffee and heartwarming friendliness. Don’t forget, though, that you’ll eventually have to leave for your own home again.

Photos courtesy of Home Café

Website: www.home-cafe.at

Café Telegraph – New in Vienna

Where: Garnisongasse 7, 1090

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–7pm
SAT–SUN: 9am–3pm

Category: Café, patisserie, specialty coffee, brunch

Good coffee and delicious pâtisserie now also have a home in Vienna’s 9th district. Telegraph is a chic new café that boasts a shiny vintage interior that might have you forget about eating the first time you visit. But despite a positively distracting design, good coffee and mouth-watering baked goods, Café Telegraph will also serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner, with quite an impressing selection of different dishes from all over the world.

Plus: It’s open all week!

Photos courtesy of Cafe Telegraph

Website: www.facebook.com/CafeTelegraph.at

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