Our 13 favourite new places in Vienna

December 8, 2016

Guide to
Our 13
favourite new
places in Vienna

December 8, 2016

Vienna Würstelstand's says

What’s new? Where’s worth checking out? These places! A range of new places have been opening their doors in Vienna since the summer of 2016. Here’s our 14 favourites.

Omu – new places

Where: Kolingasse 7, 1090

Opening times
WED–SAT: 5pm–2am
SUN–TUE: closed

Category: bar, drinks, after dark, cocktails, good food, DJ music, comfy couches, €€

A new bar in town – omu – just moved into the cellar one block down from its sister restaurant, Kolin. Featuring elaborate long drinks and cocktails made with fresh ingredients, and the head barkeeper, Felipe’s creative and expert taste, this place also offers a selection of tasty, creative small dishes (like mini burgers) that will give their fill to those of you who always get hungry after the first two rounds of drinks, yet crave quality cuisine instead of nuts and chips.
The atmosphere is dark, yet comfy, with a edgy interior design (literally, everything is shaped with straight lines and sharp corners). The music is loud enough to dance to, yet the atmosphere mimics a chilled lounge setting perfect for sitting. The DJ sounds will get you in the mood for more, and the staff is highly attentive and will read your (most intimate) wishes!

Recommended if you like: fresh new cocktail creations, small-portioned food to go with your drinks, DJ music, parrots

Website: www.omu.bar

Bao Bar – new places

Where: Zollergasse 2, 1070 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 12pm–8pm
SUN & public holidays: closed

Category: eatery, take-away, Asian, Taiwanese, diner, bar, €

Bao Bar on Zollergasse is a small Taiwanese take-away deli that is serving a handful of Bao variations – an Asian yeast dumpling sandwich. You can choose between a pork belly, chicken or tofu filling (garnished with spices, sauces and vegetables), and add some side dishes like sweet potato fries or soba salad (a noodle salad).
There’s about 5–8 seats inside, otherwise just get it to go – it’s a great alternative to the dirty Döner.

Price guide
2 Baos = 6.90€, 3 Baos = 8.90€, Box (2 Baos, fries and ice tea) = 10.90€
Beer = 3.30–5.90€, Soft Drinks = 2.90–3.90€
Coffee = 1.90–3.50€, Bao Ice Cream = 3.50€

Recommended if you like: Asian food, take-away, freshly prepared food, short menus, standing while eating

Website: www.baobar.at

Via Toledo Eno Pizzeria – new places

Where: Laudongasse 13, 1080 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 11:30am–2:30pm & 5:30pm–11pm
SAT: 5:30pm–11pm
SUN: 11:30am–11pm

Category: restaurant, Italian, pizza, €€

Via Toledo is the new pizzeria in town, and it’s making quite some noise (like a good Napoletana Italian should). The place is the lovechild of two of Pizzeria Riva’s former chefs who decided to go their own way on the quest to serve Vienna the best possible version of Vera Pizza Napoletana. They’ve released some of their secrets about how they’re doing this, eg. baking it at a temperature of 485°C in a wood-fired oven for 60–90 seconds. Francesco Calò and Donato Santoro spent the last half a year tweaking their recipe to perfection before opening the doors to their restaurant named after the famous street for pizza in Naples, Via Toledo. There’s only pizza on the menu, alongwith a few antipasto options, desserts and drinks – including the best of Italian wines.

Price guide
La Verace (tomato, fior di latte, basil) = 8.90€
Gennarino (tomato, fior di latte, provola, salami, olives, basil) = 12.80€

Recommended if you like: Italian food, eating out, good wine, Pizza-only places, judging a pizza place by the quality of its Magherita

Website: www.viatoledo.at

Süssmund Kaffeebar – new places

Where: Wipplingerstraße 11, 1010 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 8am–6:30pm
SAT: 9am–6:30pm
SUN: closed
The shop is changing location in April 2017, check here for news.

Category: café, specialty coffee, third wave coffee, €

Süssmund is the local micro-roasting house that has had its finger in the pie of the city’s artisan coffee scene since way back, offering one of the best direct-trade beans, and now their showing off their talent for the art of coffee in their new home in the 1st district. It will move out of there by the end of the year, but they’ll resettle soon enough. This is the most exciting addition to the city for coffee fan boys and girls in 2016.
Check back for updated address details, and read our full review of Süssmund, here.

Recommended if you like: one of the best coffees available in Vienna, comfy chairs to relax in, magazines to read, croissants and muesli to munch on, sharing expert coffee knowledge, finding your next favourite coffee shop, getting excited about coffee, flat whites

Website: www.suessmund.at

Léontine – new places

Where: Reisnerstraße 39, 1030 

Opening times
TUE–WED: 11:30am–2:30pm
THU–SAT: 11:30am–2pm & 6:30pm–11pm
SUN–MON: closed

Category: Restaurant, French, Bistro Cuisine, €€€

Léontine is a new French restaurant in the 3rd district that is paying tribute to the proud culinary traditions of the country, with a focus on classic bistro cuisine. Meanwhile, they’ve managed to add a little touch of Viennese Beisl-cosiness to the vibe. Offering a changing 5-course-meal, and a small selection of à la carte dishes, this place plays by the rule: less choice, more quality.

Price guide
Lunch menu (starter, main, dessert) = 19€
Frog legs with potato espuma and truffle = 15.50€
Lamb with cauliflower and pear = 25€
Dessert = 8–9€

Recommended if you like: Haute cuisine, French Bistro food and atmosphere, crispy frog legs, speaking like a Frenchy in English, baguettes and croissants

Photos © Léontine / Christoph Baldinger

Website: www.leontine.at

Paco – new places

Where: Nussdorfer Straße 7, 1090 

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 11:30am–1am (lunch from 12pm, dinner 6pm–11pm)
SUN–MON: closed

Category: restaurant, Spanish, South American, tapas bar, bar

We’ve always said this city needs more tapas bars (we haven’t really, we’ve never said it in our lives) and it seems that Paco has heard our calls. The typical mixing of small dish tapas is happening here, while all the magic happening in the open kitchen can be witnessed by guests. The calamari will blow your mind, while we’re convinced the chorizo could tempt vegetarians to come back to the dark side.

Price guide
Croquetas de Jamón = 7.50€
Gambas al Ajillo (Garlic prawns) = 8€

Recommended if you like: sharing and caring social dinners, chorizo, the sound of the Spanish language

Website: www.pacorestaurant.at

PAPERBIRD. papeterie – new places

Where: Löwengasse 17, 1030 

Opening times
TUE–FRI: 10am–7pm
SAT: 10am–6pm
SUN–MON: closed

Category: shop, store, papeterie, stationery, gifts

PAPERBIRD. is a neat new stationery oasis by Teresa Scheicher, who fulfilled her dream after studying design in Berlin, and opened her own shop a few months ago, adding a fresh new vibe to the 3rd district’s modest Löwengasse. Everything is pretty here, from paper, to greeting cards, note books, wrapping paper, calendars, origami paper, furniture, interior decor and print art! Be warned: you’ll stay here for hours, and spend all of the money you have. Aaaall the pretty paper!

Recommended if you like: all things paper, stationery shops, shops to spend hours in, typography, all things graphic design, Japanese culture

Website: www.paperbird-papeterie.at

Schachtelwirt – new places

Where: Judengasse 5, 1010 

Opening times
TUE–SAT: 11:30am–10pm
SUN–MON & public holidays: closed

Category: restaurant, take-away, Austrian, soup

We’re always happy to see Vienna opening up new takeaway places, and so we were super excited to hear that this particular one stayed true to the Austrian/Bohemian cuisine and are making all the Austrian favourites, to go! Schachtelwirt is the heart of an Austrian tavern reinvented. While most Gasthaus will invite you to sit for hours and eat lunch, this place encourages the opposite. Sounds like a McDonald’s for Oma? Well, it’s not even close. This allows city workers the chance to pick up a hearty Austrian dish, like a quick soup, Knödel (Austrian dumpling), pork roast, or other seasonally-inspired dishes, when in a hurry.

Price guide
Onion Soup with croutons = 4.50€
Pork roat with cabbage and dumplings = 7.50€
Appel Strudel with granola and vanilla sauce = 6.50€

Recommended if you like: food, eating lunch in front of your desk, the Austrian cuisine, working in the first district, reinventing Austrian traditions

Website: www.schachtelwirt.at

IKI – new places

Where: Am Belvedere 1, 1100 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 11am–10:30pm (kitchen closes at 9:30pm)
SAT–SUN & public holidays: closed

Category: restaurant, Asian, Japanese, €€

IKI is a fresh new approach to Japanese cuisine and sushi in Vienna. It’s inspired by the common Japanese canteen, that mixes high quality food, quick and attentive service and, of course, a neat modern Japanese-style interior design.

Price guide
Bento Box Lunch Special (curry, salad, sushi & sashimi, soup and rice) = 10.50/11.60€ (veg./meat)
Edamame = 4.50€, Miso soup = 2.90€, Donburi = 9.80–12.00€, Ramen = 9.50–10.50€, Sushi Rolls = 10.00–13.00€
Beer = 2.90–4.80€, Cocktails = 8.50€

Recommended if you like: Asian food, freshly prepared food, stylish interior, neat food arrangements, jumping aboard the sushi train, eating with chopsticks

Website: www.iki-restaurant.at

Lingenhel – new places

Where: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 74, 1030 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 8am–10pm (Shop until 8pm)
SUN: closed

Category: delicatessen shop, restaurant, eating out, bakery, €€€

Cheese in a thousand varieties – golden, blue, yellow – all beaming up at you from a glass showcase, neatly stacked in a way that reminds us of a Swiss mountain landscape. Next to the mountains are piles of premium prosciutto, salami and other meaty treasures. Stepping into Lingenhel – a cheesy new place uniquely producing their own cheese out back – is like taking the first steps on a gourmet food journey. Find our article about this place here.

Price guide
Espresso = 2.10€, soup/salad = 8€, Beef Tartare = 16€, main course (meat or fish) = 16–24€, goat cheese (produced in-house) = 10€
Lunch: soup/salad = 3.90€, main course (fish or meat) = 12€, veggie dish = 9€

Recommended if you like: splurging on food, buying the best quality, spending a lot of money on good food, finding happiness in cheese, giving cheesy grins

Website: www.lingenhel.com

Viu Eyewear x We Bandits – new places

Where: Neubaugasse 36, 1070 

Opening times
MON–FRI: 10am–7pm
SAT: 10am–6pm

Category: shop, clothing store, glasses and shades, €€€

Since 2012, the beautifully currated fashion store We bandits by Sophie Pollak has been making Vienna more stylish and funky with their cutting-edge clothes, shoes and jewellery. This year, the successful shop has opened up a second store in the 7th district in partnership with Viu eyewear, who are clearly taking over Vienna’s fashion scene with handpicked Scandinavian and Korean eyeglasses designs.

Recommended if you like: standing out, being at the fashion forefront, decorating yourself with funky accessories, stylish affordable fashion, discovering Vienna’s fashion scene

Wirr am Brunnenmarkt – new places

Where: Yppenmarkt, 1160 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 9am–11pm
SUN: closed

Category: bar, bistro, rooftop

We just love when legendary bars decide to give birth to another. The legendary bar WIRR in the 7th district has a younger, hipper clone that opened up this summer. This stand out new addition to the 16th district’s popular Yppenplatz market square drew crowds every night during the summer months. The rooftop terrace offering a view into neighbouring building’s windows is its major attractive feature, while the insides, well dressed with furniture and big windows, is a nice spot to meet over drinks. The menu is full of international dishes, and is made of organic ingredients.

Price guide
Wirrer burger = 10.40€

Recommended if you like: sitting outside when wining and dining, well-priced bars and bistros that are a perfect mix for a drink and a bite to eat

Website: www.facebook.com/Wirr-am-Brunnenmarkt

Kuro – new places

Where: Burggasse 18, 1070 

Opening times
MON–SAT: 5:30pm–11pm
SUN: closed

Category: Asian cuisine, Japanese, noodle soups

The Japanese noodle soup, Udon, is one of those Asian dishes that has somehow jumped on the wave of trending Asian bites happening across the hipster world. And we’re all the richer for it. Kuro is a handsome new restaurant dedicated to this dish, which they don’t only do a tasty version of, but boy, are they pretty. They also serve up several different types of sushi combinations. The atmosphere is a mix between laid-back, but up-beat, while the staff is young, beautiful and friendly.

Recommended if you like: Japanese cuisine, noodles soups, slurping your meal, sushi, the saying ‘Arigato, Mr Robato,’ bowing when you meet somebody

Photos © Kuro

Website: www.kurojapan.com

Cafe Bitter Mendez – new places

Where: Karlsplatz 2, 1010 

Opening times
MON–THU: 10am–10:30pm
FRI: 10am–12am
SAT: 12pm–1:30pm
SUN: closed

Category: Mexican tapas, cocktails, bar, after dark, coffee, breakfast

This new bar and cafe, with it’s Mexican-Santa-Muerte-inspired decor, is sitting quietly just waiting to be discovered. And when it is, we know it’ll be a hit. The Hungarian owners opened this place at the end of summer after successfully running a famous bar back in Budapest. And we can understand why they earned themselves fame back home – their attention to detail and original touch to the design of the place is responsible for this new unique night spot and cafe’s inevitable fame in Vienna. Quality coffee and cocktails are served up, alongwith bite-sized tapas. And the service is so personable, you’ll feel at home as soon as you walk in the door.

Plus: at the start of next year, a back room to the place with be revealed where a new club will be add another original party spot to the city.

Recommend if you like: Mexican design and tapas, good time vibes, high quality service in a casual setting, attention to detail in the places you drink, places where you’re made to feel at home

Photos © Bitter Mendez

Website: www.facebook.com/bittermendez

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