Workshop: Broadcasting women’s* rights | DIY-Podcasts

November 30, 2017

Workshop: Broadcasting
women’s* rights |

Workshop: learn how to create your own podcast 

Workshop: Broadcasting women’s* rights | DIY-Podcasts

When: TUE, December 5, 4pm–9pm
Where: C3 – Centrum für internationale Entwicklung
Entry: Women, lesbian, inter and trans only, register here (be quick, 12 p. max)

This Human World – the international human rights film festival happening in Vienna right now – is offering a bunch of cool workshops, and one of them is happening this Tuesday.This particular one will teach you everything about podcasts and how to make your own, plus it will also offer tips on how to grow your audience. It also aims to create awareness that a podcast can be a powerful medium that can contribute to the empowerment for women. Bring your own equipment (phone, notebook or tablet), or use the ones provided, and get some great tips on how to get started.

Recommended if you like: podcasts and the power of the internet, women-only events, learning something new, great tips from people who really know what they’re doing, comfy evenings spent with interesting strangers

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