Weihnachtsmarkt Bunkerei Augarten Wien

November 24, 2017

Bunkerei Augarten

Weekends of winter markets in a bunker turned bar

Weihnachtsmarkt Bunkerei Augarten Wien

When: FRI–SUN, December 8–10 & 15–17, 2pm–10pm
Where: Bunkerei Augarten
Entry: free!

The second and third weekend in December will be market time at Bunkerei in the lovely manicured park, Augarten. At this market set in the old bunker turned bar you’ll find a big selection of antiques, contemporary handicraft, and artistic products. Plus, Tipsy Pusch will be offering up different kinds of Punsch and Glühwein, as well as a Hot Mojito (wow, what an awesome idea – wish we had it first!). 

Recommended if you like: alternative Christmas markets, Bunkerei Augarten events, comfy gardens in winter, warming up with some neat Punsch, buying antiques to pimp your apartment, winking at random people when you catch their gaze

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