PeaceSpirit – wednesday Art-Club Lounge

November 30, 2017

PeaceSpirit –
Art-Club Lounge

Art lounge & party feeling at S.U.B this week

PeaceSpirit – wednesday Art-Club Lounge

When: WED, December 6, 7:30pm–2am
Where: Super Unusual Beings
Entry: free!

At Super Unusual Beings club’s weekly event, PeaceSpirit, there is always room for interesting performances of all kinds. Poetry, readings and funky Latin Disco break beats, Electro, or Deep House grooves – like we said, anything could await you at this funky new club, S.U.B, this Wednesday.

Recommended if you like: all kinds of live performances, realising how untalented you are, mid-week drinking, having a place to go during the week, expecting the unexpected at a club

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