Modami: Mode- & Flohmarkt im Mon Ami

December 7, 2017

Mode- & Flohmarkt
im Mon Ami

Fashion flea market in a sassy little 6th district bar

Modami: Mode- & Flohmarkt im Mon Ami

When: SAT, December 16, 11am–8:30pm
Where: Mon ami
Entry: free!

It’s the usual Christmas flea market shopping drill, happening on  the coolest of all cool streets; Theobaldgasse, ion the funky little bar, Mon ami. There’ll be shopping, drinking and eating to the sound of chilled music throughout the day, and the distant smell of the beer spilt on the floor from the crazy night before. It’s the dream.

Recommended if you like:  hanging out on Theobaldgasse, Mon Ami, rubbing your butt on someone else’s butt while passing them in a bar…we mean really rubbing it, the thrill of the flea market hunt

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