Maple & Mahogany at the Werkstatt Theater

December 7, 2017

Maple & Mahogany
at the Werkstatt Theater

A very American evening of Indie Folk and Craft Beer

Maple & Mahogany at the Werkstatt Theater

When: SAT, December 16, 7pm–10:30pm
Where: Mikes’ Werkstatt Theater
Entry: 12/10€ (email here to reserve:

Having recently released an EP, the duo behind Maple and Mahogany are trying to maintain momentum with more concerts and more beer. With this Saturday’s concert, they will be performing in a very intimate venue, which is not only cosy, but also interesting looking as it is jam packed with oddities. The Indie Folk and Americana duo are not only offering a night of music, but as one half is also a member of the Beaver Brewing Co. team, he has brewed up a special beer just for his band and their album release, which will also available at the theatre.

Recommended if you like: drinking Makava, grooming your beard, discovering local indie talent, rambling on, craft beer, restaurants with mismatched furniture, fashion and handmade design, intimacy, acoustic stuff

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