Kollektiv Zyklus /// Abschlussausstellung

December 7, 2017

Kollektiv Zyklus ///

Closing exhibition of Kollektiv Zyklus

Kollektiv Zyklus /// Abschlussausstellung

When: WED–THU, December 13–21, 7pm
Where: Spektakel
Entry: free!

It’s been 365 days, 12 words (one for every month) and countless ideas, but the time has come for this special exhibition to end, and the Kollektiv Zyklus is inviting one and all to their closing. The Spektakel will host the exhibition from Wednesay to Thursday, and you’ll get to see the works of many artists who contributed over the last year.

Recommended if you like: illustrations, mingling among artsy people, taking a stroll through a gallery on a cold lousy winter day, buying art, wearing turtlenecks, bright red lipstick

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