Eröffnung | Meisterwerke der Architekturzeichnung

December 7, 2017

Eröffnung | Meisterwerke
der Architekturzeichnung

Opening of new exhibition: architectural drawing masterpieces 

Eröffnung | Meisterwerke der Architekturzeichnung

When: THU, December 14, 6:30pm–9pm
Where: Albertina
Entry: free!

Since year one, it has been architectural drawings that artists have used both to document the urban and rural past, and to envision the future. The Albertina is paying tribute to exactly this with their new exhibition, Masterpieces of architectural drawings, in which they will showcase a selection of around 120 works from the Late Gothic period, all the way to the architecture of the present day. This Thursday will mark the opening of the exhibition.Oh, and the opening will be free!

Recommended if you like: exhibition openings, mingling among artsy people, listening to talks about the art, taking a stroll through a gallery on a cold lousy winter day, everything architecture related, promiscuous affairs with artists, masturbating in the shower with Celine Dion on the stereo