Disney Fantasia Live in Concert 2017

November 24, 2017

Disney Fantasia Live
in Concert 2017

Disney music performed by a big ass orchestra live

Disney Fantasia Live in Concert 2017

When: SUN, December 3, 2pm–4:30pm
Where: Wiener Konzerthaus
Entry: 34.90–84.90€ (available here)

While this is definitely something the kids may love, screw them and take us instead, please. This Sunday, one of our favourite Disney Cartoon musicals ever will be bought to life by a live orchestra. We are not sure how you felt watching it as a wee nipper, but it sent tingles down our spine, so we can only imagine what it would do to the adult version of us! (we’ll probably crying into our scarves)

Recommended if you like: abandoning the kids to do kids things by yourself, reminiscing over childhood favourites, films live in concert, all Things Disney, Mickey the magician, nights out in the concert house

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