Der Kleine Eistraum am Wiener Weihnachtstraum

November 16, 2017

Der Kleine Eistraum
am Wiener

Ice skating wonderland with a picturesque background, anyone?

Der Kleine Eistraum am Wiener Weihnachtstraum

When: November 17 – January 7, 10am–10pm
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: tba, for more information click here

Finally, you won’t have to wait for January to do one of the most romantic things in a Viennese winter (or to get all of those bruises that you tell people you got in a bar fight). The winter wonderland that pops up in front of the Rathaus every year once the Christmas markets have closed, is opening a little earlier this year. The Wiener Eistraum ice skating rink will already open this week, at least part of it. Check out the website for details, such as how much you’ll be forking out for entry and skate rental.

Recommended if you like: embarrassing yourself on a first date because you have two left feet on skates, doing pirouettes on the ice, sharpening your skates with a steely look in your eye, planning something romantic with your loved ones, trying out the moves from Starlight Express on ice

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