Advent concert in the Otto-Wagner-Kirche in Steinhof

November 30, 2017

Advent concert in
the Otto-Wagner-Kirche
in Steinhof

Why live in Vienna if you’re not going to an occasional choir concert in a famous church?

Advent concert in the Otto-Wagner-Kirche in Steinhof

When: SAT, December 9, 6pm
Where: Otto Wagner Church in Steinhof

If you want to get extremely Christmas-sy on a particular Saturday night in December, we suggest you try something different and head  to Steinhof (by car, or by taking the 48A bus) for an evening of music, peace and heavenly tunes. Even if you’re not the religious type and gave up on going to heaven a while back like us, this is a special experience. In the Steinhof park lies the famous architectural monument that is the Otto Wagner Church, set in front of a large park that in inviting for long evening walks. And what better way to end a walk, than to rest the body and the soul inside a church, while listening to the Persephone Choir sing famous Christmas carols dating back to the 16th century.

Recommended if you like: peaceful evenings, church music, Silent Night, special architecture, Christmas, Jingle Bells, choirs, leaving your district, winter evenings. visiting all kinds of religious places for the solace, singing Christmas carols

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