Your Ultimate Guide to this Weekend in Vienna: 27 tips

August 13, 2017

Your Ultimate Guide
to this Weekend
in Vienna: 27 tips

August 13, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 27 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


Dancing barefoot in the sand at this beach party 

DJ Observer /COS 19/Aug /VCBC

When: SAT, August 19, 6pm–3:30am
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: free!

Colors of Sound is bringing DJ Observer to the Vienna City Beach Club for an afternoon and night of dancing barefoot in the sand. This means progressive beats, pumping bass and making out with strangers in deck chairs. Here’s what it should sound like:

Recommended if you like: outdoor dance parties, sand between your toes, people in hardly any clothing, wearing your bikini or board shorts to a party, enjoying the summer while it’s still here, afternoon parties that turn into long nights, getting wasted, DJ music

Mama Africa is calling from the Donauinsel 

Afrika Tage Wien 2017

When: August 18 – September 5
Where: Donauinsel

Africa is just around the corner – on the Donauinsel, to be exact! The Afrika Tage is a great opportunity to dream yourself away from the city, dance to open air concerts showcasing music from the continent this festival is dedicated to, pick up some jewellery, clothes, pottery and other handicrafts at market stands, hit the djembe until your hands are sore, learn how to belly dance, ride a camel … there is so much to do! And oh, you have to try the food – from Ethiopian enjera to Berber cuisine to fried fish, Mombassa style. Our mouths are starting to drool just thinking about it. Check out more Info and the program, here.

Tip: There is free entry on Mondays. The prices on the other days vary, so check out their website.

Bike ride or skate around the city on Friday night!

Friday Nightskating 2017

When: June 12 – September 29, every week on Friday
Where: Starts at Heldenplatz. The route changes every week
Entry: free!

Ever been surprised by a horde of skaters and cyclists passing you by in the middle of the night? Rest assured, this wasn’t your mind playing crazy tricks on you – but the crowd of Friday Nightskating. Rollerblade and bicycle enthusiasts meet every Friday at 9pm on Heldenplatz to follow their passion in cruising through the streets of Vienna.

Plus: All the routes are different every time, so you might discover some places you’ve never been to before. See all routes here.

It’s Anime and Manga time in Vienna

AniNite 2017

When: FRI–SUN, August 18–20 | FRI–SAT: 10am–10pm, SUN: 10am–6pm
Where: METAStadt
Entry: FRI or SAT = 23€, SUN = 21€, 3-day-ticket = 42€ (at the doors, pre-sale already ended)

Austria’s biggest Anime and Manga festival – AniNite – will be raging all weekend long. Last year more than 20,000 people visited the festival and this year will be even bigger in the new location at METAStadt. There will be a manga and comic exchange fair, a charity raffle, a bunch of talks and lectures, a creative zone (for drawing, making origami and more), as well as workshops to attend.

Plus: the annual cosplay competition will be happening so be sure to dress up! Find the full program here.

Recommended if you like: Anime and Manga, Japanese culture, nerds and geeks, making new friends and meeting like-minded people, dressing up or people who like dressing up, spending your money on fan merch

In celebration of Viennese wine

Neustifter Kirtag 2017

When: FRI–SUN, August 18–20
Where: Neustift am Walde
Entry: free!

This festival is a family-fun event during the day, which turns into a good ol’ fashioned Austrian party at night. Neustift am Walde, an area of Vienna’s 19th district, is quite famous for it’s annual ‘Kirtag’, which is a wine fair that sees lots of people dress up in Lederhosen and Dirndl and enjoy those Austrian festival vibes. This weekend, it will be back with 3 days of some heavy wine drinking and culinary feasting. As well as the traditional procession, some neat togetherness, the chance to buy wine stock for the next 500 years, and one of the best views of the city. Find more info on the program here.

Recommended if you like: wine fairs, vineyards and vintners, getting drunk in the afternoon, pretending to know what good wine is, weekend entertainment, three-day-happenings, wine festivals, Austrian-style fun

A festival dedicated to the mighty burger

The Burger Festival

When: FRI–SUN, August 18–20, 12pm–9pm
Where: Traktorfabrik

In a city already filled with burger places claiming to be the best, the next logical step was, obviously, to hold a festival where all these beautiful burger places get together!

All burger fans will be awaited at the Traktorfabrik (A tractor factory turned new event location – one of the shabby-chic looking renovated factory type) on the weekend of August the 18th, to choose between medium, rare, well done, pulled pork, vegan and other worldly creations that fit between two brioche (or otherwise) buns. Entry is free, but the burgers will obviously cost you. We’re looking forward to checking this exciting new location out!

60s & 70s music at Polkadot bar

60ies-70ies Music Night

When: FRI, August 18, 8pm–3am
Where: Polkadot
Entry: free!

Exclusively 60s and 70s music will be played all night long at the Polkadot bar in Vienna’s 8th district this Friday. Dressing up is not required, but we recommend doing so to add some spice to your Friday night. Hang out in a chilled bar/pub atmosphere, dance to some great music that your parents danced to, and have a few beers (or whatever your poison is) while you’re at it.

Recommended if you like: music from the past, 60s and 70s, dressing up for an evening of partying, bar and pub nights, dancing with strangers, celebrating the end of the week

Drum and bass party at the Sauna

TIEFGANG@Pratersauna 18.08.17

When: FRI, August 18, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 15€ pre-sale, 18€ at the doors

Mainframe Recordings and Tiefgang will be bringing FRICTION feat. LINGUISTICS to Pratersauna this Friday, for a night of Drum and Bass music on two floors by 11 national and international DJs. It’s going to be a HOOT! Check it out:

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass music, DJ sets, long nights spent at dark clubs, the Pratersauna crowd, changing floors, having a lot of drinks to keep going all night long, dancing so much your feet hurt for the next 3 days

Electro at Flex

Switch! Deluxe presents Upgrade & Eazy Birthdaybash

When: FRI, August 18, 11pm–6am
Where: flex
Entry: 12€ < 12am > 14€

What would summer nights be without an kickass DJ line up at Flex, and pre drinks in their beer garden by the water? This Friday, make sure to fill your stomach with some pasta and bread to prep for the alcohol you’ll be soaking up during your Flex stay to electronic beats by Skore, Pandora, Shifty and Bombaman MC.

Get a taster of the music, here:

Recommended if you like: electronic music, Flex, grungy locations, wild dance moves, being drunk on fun…and whatever other substance you prefer

A poetry and rap slam in a grungy club

REAL EYES – Rap, Poetry & Burgers

When: FRI, August 18, 8pm
Where: fluc+fluc wanne
Entry: 6€ < 11pm > 8€

The poetry and rap slam at fluc+fluc wanne this Friday is all about peace, love and unity. The uniquing coming together of poets and rappers will see them slamming their words and competing against each other on stage. They’ll use their words, their beats to discuss topics like hatred, sexism, racism and bling bling! The audience decides on the best slammer, while eating burgers and farting quietly in their seat.

Recommended if you like: rap, poetry, burgers, word duels, cheering for your favourite participant, bitching about global issues, farting quietly so nobody notices until it’s too late

Chilled drinks with a view

Friday’s DJ-Line

When: FRI, August 18, 8pm
Where: Dachboden im 25 hours hotel
Entry: TBA

The rooftop at the 25 hours hotel is like our own little slice of big city life here in Vienna: serving a beautiful view, drinks on the roof top, and well dressed bar men and women; its the place to go when you want to feel like you’re in a city with a skyline. This Friday, there’ll be drinks, a DJ and good vibes waiting for you up there.

Recommended if you like: hip hotels, drinks on rooftops, chilled music, flirting with and drinking something sexy, paying a bit more for your drink for the view

New York in the 80’s on the big screen

A most violent year

When: FRI, August 18, 8:30pm
Where: Karmelitermarkt
Entry: TBA

This Friday, your can sit back in one of our favourite market squares, Karmelitermarkt and be transported to New York in the 80’s with the movie ‘A most violent year’ that will be up on a big popup screen in the square. The movie follow the life of a business guy caught up in the violence, corruption and decay of the times that threatens his family and business. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: outdoor cinema, films with stellar acting in it, being a film fanatic, summertime experiences

The short film festival looks at the world’s crisis’

8x8x8 Ich sehe keine Krise | Open Air Filmscreening & Filmtalk

When: FRI, August 18, 8:30pm–11pm
Where: dotdotdot
Entry: pay as you can; get tickets at the door; no reservations available

On Friday, the short film festival, dotdotdot, will be screening a bunch of documentaries looking at the big changes happening in Austrian society, the increase in poverty,  the changes caused by globalisation, global warming etc. It’s about the crises that many say surround us. The film talks after the screenings are usually just as good as the films themselves most of the time. Check out the film program, here. 

Plus: in case of nice weather, the screening will be held outdoors. In case of yucky stuff coming from the sky, it will be held indoors.

Recommended if you like: movies, watching films outdoors, discussing global issues, being a world citizen, complaining about politicians

Sports, food and charity

Persianality – Summer Open Air Party – Charity (Bbanga Project)

When: SAT, August 19, 1pm–4am
Where: Der Garten
Entry: 5€ / 25€ if you want to join with a water-soccer-team (register here)

Persianality clubbings (Persian-Oriental-flaired parties) and Bbanga Project (Educational Aid for Africa) are joining forces to throw a big summer party / charity event in the midst of Prater this Saturday. You’ll have the chance to play some outdoor sports like tennis, baseball, softball, or join in on a dance workshop (Zumba, Salsa, BachaTango), cheer on the water-soccer tournament (or join it) or just relax in a nice garden atmosphere and enjoy some DJ music.
Find also: a grill station, a restaurant and a bar that will offer food and drinks to keep the fun and games happening.

Recommended if you like: outdoor events and parties, special occasion celebrations, Prater on a Saturday, sports and recreational activities, having a few drinks in the afternoon, DJ music and dancing, having fun for a good cause

Flea market in the 7th 

Zollergassen Flohmarkt

When: SAT, August 19, 12pm–10pm
Where: Café Liebling
Entry: free!

Café Liebling, Ganz Wien and BROS Pizza will be occupying Zollergasse this Saturday with a flea market. Not much info. has been shared so far, but we’re sure that this event will be featuring not only a bunch of beautiful and hip people living in the vicinity, but also great old and unwanted stuff to buy, as well as good food and drinks from the cafés and restaurants, plus some music and that great 7th district atmosphere. 

Recommended if you like: the thrill of the flea market hunt, Zollergasse, hanging out in the streets, buying something new-old, wearing a scarf, bearded men

Psy’ and rave party at the Forelle

Psyperience – Sommer Special mit Technical Hitch & Will O Wisp

When: SAT, August 19, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 18€ at the doors (pre-sale 16€, get them here)

4 international acts will be featured at the psy’ and rave experience at the Grelle Forelle happening this Saturday. Technical Hitch from Israel, Will O Wisp from Argentina, as well as Spashi and Virtual Intelligence from Austria will be live on the decks, dishing you up some wild and heavy beats to dance to all night long. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: psy trance and rave music, dark dungeon clubs, getting lost in the music, forgetting where and who you are, long dancing nights that end long after the night bus’ have returned home

A swing-a-ding-ding summer party

Swell Time Sommerfrische

When: SAT, August 19, 10pm–5am
Where: Volksgarten Pavillion
Entry: 9€, get tickets here or at the evening counter

The Swing-loving Swell Time crowd are throwing one of their beloved parties in the gardens of the Volksgarten this Saturday night. There will be a whole lot of dancing happening to big band swing and electro swing music by a whole bunch of people dressed as if they’re living in the 20ies or the 50ies. And as always, if you dress up to in your retro dress or fedora, you’ll get in for cheaper!

Recommended if you like: old school music, swing, rock’n’roll, r’n’b, soul, volksgarten, outdoor parties, lindy hopping,   being slid underneath somebody’s legs, wearing a fedora

Tronic techno party with a talented lady on the decks


When: SAT, August 19, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 14€, get tickets here

While Luft und Liebe (air and love) sounds more like an organic yoga retreat than a smashing tronic party at Pratersauna, it is indeed the latter. On Saturday night, the beautiful techno DJane Anna Ullrich will be playing throughout the late hours and into the early ones.

Recommended if you like: techno, bottle service, Prater Sauna, getting lost in a luna park post clubbing, having sex in club bathrooms

A party for experimenting with yourself…and other stuff

Rush hour reloaded pres SEFA (Peacock records)

When: SAT, August 19, 11pm–6am
Where: fluc+fluc wanne
Entry: tba

With lights, beats, beverages and drugs to let lose with, the party series, Rush hour reloaded, offers up great chance  to re-invent yourself at night. This Saturday, peacock records will take you to a different universe with their experimental beats. Listen to the sounds here:

Recommended if you like: letting lose, music that grandparents hate, experimental sounds, drinks and drugs

A modern operette

O-MIA Operette Made In Austria

When: SAT, August 19, 7pm–9pm
Where: Gasometer Bank Austria Halle
Entry: 29–69€, tickets available here

For those who think an operette (a charming and traditional musical and dance performance) is too old-fashioned for entertainment, O-Mia is attempting to surprise you this Saturday with a modern take on the classic show. Performed by singers from the Viennese state Opera, this will reportedly be an energetic performance for those into this sort of thing!

Recommended if you like: modern takes on classical things, culture, going to performances in flip flops, wishing you could dance and sing, the opera

Run, yoga, meditate

Wanderlust 108 // Wien 2017

When: SUN, August 20, 7:30am–3:30pm
Where: Augarten
Entry: 34€, get your tickets here

The world’s first ‘mindful’ triathlon is coming to Vienna this Sunday. Go grab your ticket to join an exceptional event that will have you run 5 kilometres through Augarten, do a 75-minute yoga session with a live DJ, and meditate together. Enjoy a great day with a great crowd and only one rule: community instead of competition!

Plus: chill out at the True North Café afterwards, or simply enjoy the park. Find more info on the event, here.

Recommended if you like: sport events, being outdoors, Sunday entertainment, doing yoga with a big-ass group of other people, sweating and chilling, pushing yourself

Sundays are for eating…BBQ

Wunderbrunch Sunday Barbecue

When: SUN, August 20, 12pm–3pm
Where: Renaissance Wien Hotel
Brunch: 35.90€/person, reserve a table here or at +43 1 89 102 270

The summer Sunday BBQ at Renaissance Wien Hotel will be dishing up you some delights from the grill for your tastebuds, along with cool background beats and cold drinks. You’ll be served a welcome cocktail, while the BBQ buffet will include shrimp cocktail, grilled halloumi, lime-linguini, different kinds of grilled meat, strudel, cake and much much more.

Recommended if you like: family events, special brunch occasions, eating all Sunday long, exit bed – enter food, eating as much as you can (or as you think you can), buffets and tables filled with food, beer by the BBQ

An exhibition from a legend behind the lens

Bruce Davidson

When: ongoing, 2pm–7pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 2–7€

Bruce Davidson is one of, if not the, leading figure in sub-culture photography. In this first retrospective exhibition in Austria of his life and works, you will be taken on a journey into the margins of society from the 50s right up until his latest works in the noughties.

recommended if you like: photograph, humanist photography, sub-cultures, the margins of society, magnum photos, legends in their fields, Brooklyn, gang life

Exhibition in the MUMOK

Fischerspooner. Sir

When: June 30 – October 29
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 11€

The electroclash US performance duo, Fisherspooner, is featured in MUMOK’s current indie films exhibition, with their spacial installation and reproduction of Spooner’s New York apartment that is challenging the discourse about private and public spaces.

Recommended if you like: emblematic art, retrospectives, provocative art, indie and experimental film

Water in photos

Edward Burtynsky – Wasser

When: March 23 – August 27
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 9€

Check out Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s work at Kunst Haus Wien and dive into the world of large format pictures of landscapes that show critical areas of the our ecosystem’s current status.

Recommended if you like: photography and art exhibitions, Kunst Haus Wien, Hundertwasser’s creativity, inspirational places, wonky floors, looking after the environment

An exhibit dedicated to the lady trail-blazers 

Woman @ MUMOK

When: until September 2017
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 11/8.50/7.50€

This explores the momentous moment in the 70s when female artists began to collectively search out their own voice in a world dominated by men. The exhibition is showing 300 works from different pioneering artists of the 70s across various mediums.

Recommended if you like: art, breaking moulds, kicking stereotypes, trail blazers, blazing saddles, expression, variety in mediums, strong women, equality, being a feminist

I, robot, you, human – Vienna Biennale

Hello Robot. Design zwischen Mensch und Maschine / Artificial Tears. Singularität & Menschsein – Eine Spekulation

When: THU, July 6, 4pm–5:30pm
Where: MAK
Entry: MAK admission plus 5€

Now, we must confess, while we imagined a lot of things about robots and A.I., their tears is something we’ve never thought of. In this exhibition, and in a special guided tour, expect to come across many other re–imaginings of robots, from the perspective of not just tech-heads but also artists. We wouldn’t recommended watching Ex Machine before going to this exhibition, which is part of this year’s Vienna Biennale.

Recommended if you like: private tours, robots, A.I., sully, big boys don’t cry, artist interpretations, futuristic exhibits, the border between real and fake, fake news, robots in pop culture, Vienna Biennale