Your Ultimate Guide to this Weekend in Vienna: 30 event tips

March 18, 2018

Your Ultimate Guide
to this Weekend in
Vienna: 30 event tips

March 18, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 30 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:



A day of events dedicated to Viennese Start Up scene 

Gründen in Wien 2018

When: FRI, March 23, 9am-9pm (check out the program, here)
Where: Various Locations  (check out the program, here)

The always inspiring local start-up scene is opening its doors on Friday to share their big ideas, insider tips and their experienced insights on how to launch their own business. They’ll also be showcasing the cool things they are doing. The whole day is put on by the city’s economic chamber to show off what’s happening, but it does offer plenty of inetersting stuff to check out. There will 45 locations around town, from co-working spaces to other office participating. Whether you’re interested in a job with a start-up, or you have your own idea that you want to grow into a business, you should check the program out for the day being dubbed at, Gründen in Wien. Check out the program, here.

Recommended if you like: getting inspired by great ideas, co-working spaces, networking, quitting your job and giving your dream a chance, investment funds, pitching & bitching, the start up scene

Change the world with your business idea

Social Impact Weekend

When: FRI–SAT, March 23–24, 9am–5pm
Where: Impact Hub
Entry: Free with registration

If you ever had an idea that might make this world a better place, but never knew quite how to turn it into a business, this event might be the right place to start. The entrepreneurial space, the Impact Hub, are hosting 2 days of interactive workshops at which you can present your idea, work on it in a group, brainstorm strategies on how to develop it and get it launch-ready by the end of it all. They’ll be offering a total of 3 business workshops for social ideas that can be attended individually, or one after the other. Each one will give you the clarity you need on how to transform that idea into something that can truly have a positive impact on the world.

Recommended if you like: judging and being judged, brainstorming, flip-charts and whiteboards, aha-moments, saving the world, markers and post-its, social impact, developing ideas, getting inspired, asking 100 questions. thinking beyond anybody has ever thought before

Check out this new craft beer bar at their opening 

AmmutsØn Opening Party

When: FRI–SAT, March 23–24, 2pm–1am
Where: AmmutsØn
Entry: Free!

Lovers of craft beer, this one is for you! The beer bar, Ammuston, will open their doors for the first time this Friday and Saturday. And the very special guests at the event will be no less than 12 rotating beers on tap, most of them being so indie that not even the masters who brew them know their names by heart. OK, maybe they do, but they sure surprised us. So if you’re feeling a bit hoppy this weekend, join the crowd at Ammutson hailing in this new place of beer.

Recommended if you like: craft beer, indie breweries, discovering new places and flavours, tastings, neighbourhood pubs, stouts, porters, ales and lagers alike, micro-brews, speaking about beer like you do wine

Coffee, cake and records

Plattenflohmarkt #6

When: FRI, March 23, 5pm–9pm
Where: Fett & Zucker
Entry: Free!

The wonderful cafe of cake, Fett & Zucker, is filling its space with records, coffee & cake again this Friday, for Plattenflohmarkt number 6. Invited are nice people (yes, nice ones only!), interested in vinyl, CDs, tapes and co. looking to shop for their own collection, or for a special gift for someone special.

Recommended if you like: music, being a snob about vinyls, shopping vintage, drinking so much coffee you get high and want to dance, feeling the soul of the music, big headphones, cake, cake and more cake, living for the music

East Coast Dopp Hop @ Fluc

Fear le Funk – The Doppelgangaz

When: FRI, March 23, 10pm–5am
Where: Fluc + Fluc Wanne
Entry: 17.25€ (available here), 19€ on the door

Pushing their fifth studio album, the New York Trip (Dopp) Hop Duo, Doppelgangaz, will finally reach Vienna this Friday. Their raw style has been refined to an art and will surely get the crowd moving. And it will be happening in the Fluc, which is the perfect venue for their sound. They’ll also have the ideal local band in support, Soucat E–Phife, alongwith the Fear Le Funk DJs.

Recommended if you like: old school RnB, moving your hips in a rather smooth manner, Rap and Hip Hop, underground club locations, Hip Hop, Trip Hop Dopp Hop

Austrian grunge on stage (it’s a thing, who knew!)

Mile Me Deaf / Dives / Euroteuro / Aivery

When: FRI, March 23, 7:30pm–4am
Where: Flex
Entry: 14€ (from WienXtra) 15€ (here)

Siluh Records is turning 13 years old this Friday and to celebrate, they’ve got all of their favourite bands under one roof. Headed up by ‘Mile me Deaf,’ they have the grungy Indie covered, but the acts that precede them are equally brilliant. The band, Aivery, have something a bit like the ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, while Euroteuro offers something a bit livelier and the Dives will provide a Rock Chicks performance. Something for everyone as you can hear below:

Recommended if you like: wearing your socks pulled up high, luxuriously long hair, British Indie Pop (Brindy-Pop?? Yup we just made that up its going to be a thing!),  the grungy, industrial setting of the B72, singer/songwriter music, Indie boys, checking local musicians

One of Vienna’s coolest DJ collectives throw a birthday bash

Heimliches Geburtstagsfest

When: FRI, March 23, 10pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 10€ < 12am > 12€

This Friday, the very cool DJ and party collective, Heimlich, turns two and to celebrate, they’ll be getting all the family together to bring you set after set over the cracking sound system at Grelle Forelle. This crowd is awesome at creating a good vibe at a party. You can expect some Minimalist Electro/Techno that will draw you in, and have you swaying before it changes your heart rate and has you dancing all night.

Recommended if you like: Techno, Electro house, feeling the floor shake under the base, closing your eyes while dancing and being carried away, giving eyes across the dancefloor, that moment when you put your best underwear on for a Friday or Saturday night – oh, the possibilities!

German EDM heading up a long old session @ the Sauna

Extrawelt Live – Fear Of An Extra Planet Tour I Pratersauna

When: FRI, March 23, 11pm–8am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 15€ (available here) on the door TBA

Hamburg seems to be fast becoming the home of Electro music these days. Extrawelt is another great offering from the city, and they are currently touring the whole of Europe to promote their latest album. It’s an Electronic Dance offering that is rich with industrial beats that echo of their hometown, the kind of stuff you imagine listening to in a very derelict and run down old building. Check it:

Recommended if you like:  dancing until your feet hurt, nodding your head to the music ever so cooly while leaning on the bar, gin and tonic, giving every guy and girl on the dancefloor the ‘I’m free and easy’ look on the dancefloor, electronic, House music, doing the Mess Around

A rare opportunity to catch the Master on the decks

Coming HOME # 6 /w Dorfmeister, Makossa & Megablast, Sugar B

When: FRI, March 23, 10pm–5am
Where: Rote Bar
Entry: 12€ < 11pm > 15€ (also available at WienXtra)

Don’t miss the DJ legend of a veteran, Dorfmeister, as he doesn’t come out often, but when he does it is with a full entourage of cracking DJs, great friends and party animals of all shapes and sizes. He made a name for himself in the 90s as a leader in Austria of House and Trip Hop, and you can expect as much on Friday, as well as some of his more recent love affairs, including all the African vibes. And he’ll be playing to a ragin crowd in the vaudeville setting of the Rote bar. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: all the genres mentioned above, catching legends in their field, intimate and unique locations, House music, beer and cigarettes, sex in dirty public toilets, getting tipsy enough to tell all your friends how much you love them, gin and tonics with cucumber

Red, Red Wine… stay close to me…yes, your guessed it – it’s a wine tasting

Weinverkostung mit Weingut Hillinger

When: FRI, March 23, 7pm–10pm
Where: Magdas Hotel
Entry: 19€

The Magdas hotel’s monthly wine tasting is here again this Saturday, and in this edition, participants will be guided through an evening of red wine by the big-time wine producer, Leo Hillinger (we’re sure you’ve seen the wine on the shelves of your local supermarket. There will be snacks served alongside your wine, all of which is of the highest Austrian quality…so we’re told.

Recommended if you like: drinking wine like you do beer, swallowing rather than spitting, being young and sexy, not doing what it says on the can, red red wine, trying to get songs out of your head

Austrian Indie folk at the new cultural cafe in the 2nd

Maria Burger. La Vitrina acustico

When: FRI, March 23, 8pm–10pm
Where: La Vitrina
Entry: TBA

This Friday, the Austrian Indie-Folk artist Maria will be taking to the stage in the intimate and very Latin American themed cultural cafe, La Vitrina. Known for fantastic melodies, which have earned her duets with Conchita Wurst no less, as well as numerous TV and radio spots, all on top of a demanding touring schedule and nurturing her Youtube following. Busy girl. Check her out below:

Recommended if you like: intimate gigs, checking out the local Indie talent, Latin American themed coffee houses, concept stores and coffee, homegrown talent, the 2nd district, be the first to check out the new places in the city

English theater: The legendary detective hits the stage

Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Scarlet

When: Daily, March 13–24, 7:30pm–11pm
Where: Theatre Spielraum
Entry: 20–35€ (further discounts can apply, check here)

From the moment Dr Watson takes up lodgings, there is trouble afoot and he is thrust into a criminal world full of bloody danger. A body is discovered that baffles the police, leaving only one option available – Holmes. In this small production, the intimacy of the theatre will drag the audience, willingly or not , into this deep and dark drama.

Good to know… it will be in English

Recommended if you like: intimate theatre evenings, smoking a pipe, playing the violin, wearing a deerstalker, love and revenge coming together on stage, calling any friend you have ‘Watson’ whenever they say something smart, the word elementary, Holmes, English theater

Fleamarket by moonlight

Mondscheinbazar Wien #19

When: SAT, March 24, 5pm–11pm
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: 3€

The MoodscheinBazaar always offers something a little bit more romantic than your normal flea market experience, and this Saturday, people will be filling the old beer brewery of the 16th with the hum of a good ol’ fleamarket hunt. As always, there will also be a bunch of food trucks to go with the hunting, and a few spots to get a drink. The industrial, multi-storey setting always makes for a funky spot to spend your evening browsing, eating and drinking.

Recommended if you like: shopping in the moon light,  hanging around the brewery, unique locations, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt

Get your favourites on vinyl at this massive market

Vinyl & CD-market in the Längenfeldgasse

When: SAT–SUN, March 24–25
Where: VHS Meidling
Entry: €5/day

Remember how in a time before Spotify, good music came on things that spun? This weekend, you can dust off your old disc-man and choose some funky CD-s to play while everyone will look at you as if you’ve travelled back from the 90s. Alternatively, you can cater to your inner hipster with some rare vinyls to play on your fancy record player that gives your living room that vintage flair. Whatever you choose, you’ll find all kinds of classics and rare music at this vinyl  and CD market this weekend, at which over 60 national and international collectors will be selling their finest wares. 

Recommended if you like: music, spinning things, old school rockers, tattoos, guys with long hair and piercings, vinyls, rare finds of music, bargaining, The Beatles The Bee Gees and everything in between. living for the music

Famous Easter market at the palace

Ostermarkt at Schönbrunn

When: March 17 – April 7
Where: Schloss Schönbrunn
Entry: free!

The famous Schönbrunn palace and its vast and beautiful garden area are hosting more than 60 market stands offering their handmade and crafted goods and other neat Easter stuff. But if you’re like us, you’ll be more interested in the wine and food on offer that you can consume in an idyllic setting with the palace as your backdrop and the sun on your face (hopefully).

Recommended if you like: outdoor markets, spending the day with the family, buying last minute easter presents, eating and drinking in the daytime, regal settings, sticking up your pinky finger when sipping at your wine, exclaiming now and again spontaneously, ‘Tallyho!’

Austrian Electronica at its best

Mynth live im Porgy & Bess // Parallels Tour // Support: Mickey

When: SAT, March 24, 7pm–10pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: 15€ (available here)

Born in Salzburg and coming to Vienna is Mynth, a synth-heavy Electro-Pop duo. Having just released their second album ‘Parallels,’ they are here on the push. With awards already flowing in, it is no surprise that Noisey decided to get them in and have them headline on this night. And in support they’ll have Mickey to get you in the mood.

Recommended if you like: Electro music, reality TV shows which you can vote on, flat-brimmed baseball caps, practising your flirting eyes in your bathroom mirror before going out, Austro-Electro sounds, raging hipsters, shopping in humanananana

A full night of Austro Indie/Pop @ the house of music

Cari Cari with Farewell Dear Ghost and Catastrophe&Cure at Haus der Musik (March 24, 2018)

When: SAT, March 24, 7pm–12am
Where: Haus der Musik
Entry: TBA

This Saturday will see the Haus der Musik living up to its name. The programme of the evening is chock a block with some Austrian delights, headed up by Cari Cari, who while they are Austrian, are more world citizens. Their roaming has taken them far and wide and given them all the experience to transform their music into something unique (check it out below!) Meanwhil, the popular act, Farewell Dear Ghost, will accompany them.

Recommended if you like: wearing Asics Tigers, making farting sounds with your armpit, the rough and ready type, tattoos, indie rock, Arctic Monkeys and more of this indie delight, checking out the local talent, riding the U3 line from beginning to end

Dutch Electro/Techno night for your eardrums

LUFT & LIEBE mit Reinier Zonneveld LIVE (stil vor talent / nl)

When: SAT, March 24, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 11€ (early bird still available here) on the door TBA

Get sweaty this Saturday at the Sauna as the main man from the techno scene, Zonneveld, takes to the ones and twos. Currently taking the Techno world by storm, he has already had a couple of no.1 ranking hits, all of which have filled up his schedule, and all of which speak of his signature high energy sets.

Recommended if you like: Techno, Electro House, feeling the floor shaking under the bass, closing your eyes while dancing and being carried away, giving eyes across the dancefloor, that moment when you put your best underwear on for a Friday or Saturday night – oh, the possibilities!

The Austrian Duo with a unique sound and an accordion


When: FRI, March 23, 6pm–10pm
Where: Schutzhaus Zukunft
Entry: 24€

Catch a lively duo this Friday at the Schutzhaus where the seasoned musicians, Attwenger, take to the stage. Together since the 90s, this Austrian outfit has worked tirelessly to ensure they remain up to speed with the trends with their unique brand of Austro-Pop/Wiener Lieder. But whatever the trends, their performances are a lot of fun.

Recommended if you like: accordions, Wiener Lieder, really offensively beautiful gold suits, umpa pa music, Austro–Pop, wild musicians, checking out the local musical talent

A black and white cinema classic with a soundtrack performed live

Gruber & Turnheim: Zorro

When: SAT, March 24, 6:30pm–8:30pm
Where: Breitenseer Lichtspiele
Entry: 25/17€ (available here)

Relive the glory days of the silent movie this Saturday when you can travel back in time to a age when live orchestras would accompany films on the silver screen. Zorro revolutionised the world of film. In this 1920s original version of the film, Douglas Fairbanks, immortalised the caped crusader. This Saturday will see a screening happening in the old theater, Breitenseer Lichtspiele, with a live improvised piano performance by Herr Gruber. There will also be the vocalist, Turnheim, voicing the parts in his own unique interpretation. This is one unique experience.

Recommended if you like: being a film fanatic, cult classics, calling yourself The Dude, films that’s make you smirk from beginning until end, a man full of class, the silver screen, the golden age of cinema, black and white classics, live, pocket squares and fancy dresses

A celebration of Austria’s architectural great, Mr Wagner

Otto Wagner

When: March 15 – October 7, 10am–6pm
Where: Wien Museum
Entry: 10/7€

It’s been 100 years since the renowned architect, Otto Wagner died, and the Wien Museum is celebrating the man who left so many marks on Vienna. Built from the vision of his own planned, ‘City Museum,’ the museum has thrown together a comprehensive exhibition. In his day, Wagner divided opinion and was controversial as he did bold things which disregarded tradition and embraced new designs of the future. Today, his work that can be seen all over the city is very much loved. This exhibition will give you a fascinating insight into the work of this prolific architect and designer.

Recommended if you like: design and architecture, studying how a structure is built, drawing your straight lines free hand, buildings of Vienna, the U6 line, talking about architecture for hours at house parties, the idea of seeing the behind the scenes of your city

Getting your dose of contemporary culture with Thomas Bayrle’s exhibit

Thomas Bayrle. Wenn etwas zu lang ist – mach es länger / If it’s too long, make it longer

When: WED, October 25, 2017 – MON, April 2, 2018
Where: MAK
Entry: 9.90€, students 7.50€, free entry every Tuesday 6pm–10pm

Berlin-born artist, Thomas Bayrle, will be featured at MAK until April with his solo exhibition, ‘If it’s too long, make it longer,’ that showcases a combination of his multi-medial works, along with his computer-generated art. Art, handicraft and industrial production are explored through dyeing, weaving and programming processes, creating a kaleidoscopic of forms and ornaments.

Recommended if you like: strolling through museums on a cold autumn day, mingling among artsy people, showing others that you are interested in art

Aesthetics of Change – 150 years of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Ästhetik der Veränderung. 150 Jahre Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien

When: December 12 – April 14
Where: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 15€ (students 9€)

The University of Applied Arts Vienna’s roots date back to 1867, when the School of Arts and Crafts was established at the Imperial Royal Austrian Museum of Art & Industry, which is known as ‘the MAK’ today. The first is thus celebrating its 150-year-anniversary and the latter is hosting an exhibition in its honour. This exhibition, Aesthetics of Change, takes a look at the past 150 years of the talent that has gone through the University of Applied Arts Vienna, while it also dares to look into the future at the same time.

Recommended if you like: taking a museum stroll, the old and new, reading history books that smell like your grandma, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums

Photo via MAK/Georg Mayer

Viennese Expressionism combined with the stars of Jugendstil

Wien um 1900: Klimt – Moser – Gerstl – Kokoschka

When: January 18 – April 10, 10am–6pm
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 13€/9€/8€

To celebrate the anniversary year of Viennese Modernism, the Leopold Museum has gathered together works of all the main protagonists in the movement, including Klimt and Moser. And they’ve put them up on the wall alongside the world-renowned Expressionists,  Gerstl and Kokoschka. To make the exhibition a well-rounded experience, they have also collected outstanding examples of design, from furniture to posters out of the era of the Wiener Werkstätte.

Recommended if you like: Expressionists, Jugendstil, Wiener Werkstätte, art history books, practicing your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, Sucessionists, any of the above listed artists

The Tower of Babel, made out of a toy railway


When: FRI, February 9–March 30, on appointment
Where: Sammlung Friedrichshof
Entry: TBA

The ‘Tower of Babel’, which is Fürtler’s latest piece. Clemens Fürtler creates image generating, kinetic objects, built out of model railway and freeway parts – the so-called, Bildmaschinen. Using toys, railway paraphernalia, and models of suburban houses to construct his tower, he hopes to highlight the contrast in the imagined perfect world scenario, while creating his own version of the Tower of Babel. You’ve got to make an appointment to see this piece. Check the details, here.

Recommended if you like: babbling on, eating culture for breakfast, seeing unique ways to use toys as art, graphic design, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, being happy, licking your nose with your tongue, contemporary art

Exhibition with augmented reality: Unrest After The Storm, by Günter Brus

Günter Brus – Unruhe nach dem Sturm

When: February 2 – August 12
Where: 21er Haus
Entry: 8€ (6€ students)

He’s one of the pioneers of performance art, and his name is Günter Brus. Because it’s his 80th birthday, the Belvedere 21 is currently hosting an exhibition to pay homage to him. In this rather comprehensive retrospective showcase, the museum will shine a light on the Austrian artist’s oeuvre (we’re so sophisticated, aren’t we?!) and the way he uses the body as a canvas, and a screen to critique society. You’ll have time until August to see this exhibition. Plus this exhibition is a super special one because the Belvedere has teamed up with the pioneering augmented reality app, Artivive and an extra dimension to the experience in which you can watch the art come to life.

Recommended if you like: fucking the society (well, not literally, but you know what we mean), being totally against the system except on Tuesdays when you visit your Oma, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, being a fiend for culture

Photo © / Belvedere Wien 2018

How to occupy a shipwreck

Oliver Ressler

When: January 25 – April 2
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 9€

An exhibition by the Austrian artist, activist and filmmaker Oliver Ressler, is currently on at the Kunst Haus Wien. He is known for his extensive research and elaborate implementation of work that makes a statement. In his current work, ‘How to occupy a shipwreck,’ you’ll get to watch four films from a series that documents pivotal moments in the climate change movement. This will be a seriously thought-provoking experience, we assume.

Recommended if you like: taking care of the environment, your planet, questioning how things are, thinking for yourself, being an activist, expressing your opinion, getting inspired by art

Photo via Oliver Ressler/Kunsthaus Wien

Exhibition Opening: The Art of the Viennese Watercolor

Das Wiener Aquarell

When: THU, February 16 (ongoing until May 13)
Where: Albertina
Entry: tba

this exhibition at the Albertina, will put Viennese Watercolor in the spotlight. The Golden Age of this kind of art was during the Biedermeier era (that’s 1815 til 1848, in case you didn’t know, and yes, we had to google it as well). This Thursday will mark the opening day of the exhibition, but you’ll have time til May 13, if you’re interested in this kinda’ art.

Recommended if you like: learning about the place where you live, reading history books that smell like your grandma, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums, practising your pensive face in the mirror

Photo via Albertina

American painter and photographer

Man Ray

When: ongoing until June 24, 10am–7pm
Where: Kunstforum Wien
Entry: 11/8.50/6€ (available here)

He may not be a household name, but the American photographer and painter, Man Ray, spent much of his artistic career in Paris where he was informally able to influence and take part in the more well-known movements like the Dada and Surrealists. On display will be a variety of his painting and his photography, showing just how impressively varied the man was.

Recommended if you like: exploring photography, traveling, politics and art mingling, watching historical documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bath robe, peripheral artists, early trail blazers, American artists, Surrealism, Dada Movement