Your Ultimate Guide to this Weekend in Vienna: the 29 best things to do

November 12, 2017

Your Ultimate Guide
to this Weekend
in Vienna: the
29 best things to do

November 12, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 29 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


A second hand pop up store for women’s clothing

Second Hand Rose – Winter

When: THU–SAT, November 16–18
Where: Blechturm25

A bunch of women are clearing out their wardrobes and are inviting you to buy their stuff! Be at the Second Hand Rose Pop-up-second-hand-store in Vienna and buy up some new outfits for winter! They’ll even be serving a glass of Prosecco (which is almost champagne, right?) to make you feel super fancy while doing your bargaining.

Recommended if you like: haggling, snooping in another person’s wardrobe, popping up at popup events, the idea of chatting with the person who once owned the second-hand pants you’re just about to take home with you

A weekend looking at the future of the urban lifestyle

Urban Vienna

When: FRI–SUN, November 17–19 | FRI: 1pm–6pm, SAT–SUN: 10:30am–6pm
Where: Novomatic Forum
Entry: 5€

Urban Vienna is a weekend-long exhibition and conference that looks at how we might live in the future in our urban habitats. Eco-friendly companies looking to the future will be put in focus, while the exhibition showcases current trends, the range of possibilities of how our societies will evolve technologically, with an emphasis on AI thrown in there, of course. If you like to think of how we’re heading towards a better and more sustainable future, we’d suggest you check out this fair!

Recommended if you like: going to fairs and just staring at stuff, thinking about the future of urban environments, the idea of green urban environments, keeping up-to-date with world changing developments, Tesla, electric cars and stuff, being an earl adopter

A kick-ass indie design festival

Fesch’markt Wien #15

When: FRI—SUN, November 17–19
Entry: 4€

It’s the indie creative designer’s scenes time to shine in the middle of this month again as the city’s big-ass designer market sets up shop in the industrial setting of the Ottakringer Brauerei. Over 200 stands will have a cute seller behind it, dealing in all kinds of crazy cool design stuff, from fashion, to jewellery to artisan food products. And the cluster of food trucks will be parked out front like always. Oh, not to mention the workshops that will be happening also as part of the market. Get you’re hard deets’ here. 

Recommended if you like: indie design, being one of a kind, hipster beards, sleeve tattoos, buying local, getting inspired

Come on down to the Comic con and nerd out!

Vienna Comic Con

When: SAT–SUN, November 18–19, 10am–5pm
Where: Messe Wien
Entry: Weekend 50€ pre–sale, 60€ on the door, SAT 31€/35€, SUN 28/31€

The event of the year is here this weekend… supposedly. And while the Messe will be more full of fancy dress than an American School on Halloween. But Comic Con is more than just fancy and outlandish outfits. There will be a floor packed with exhibitions, photo/autograph opportunities and panel events covering all aspects of gaming, manga, film, anime, comic and much more. Even if you haven’t had a whole year to prepare your outfit, it is amazing what you can do with some cardboard and a bit of imagination (spray paint helps).

Here is a snippet of last year’s event:

Recommended if you like: recycling your halloween outfit, finally being able to wear tights in public, having an affinity with caps, seeing your favourite characters come to life, being in fancy dress on the ubahn at 6am, geeking out, Comics, manga, Anime, cosplay

A flea market even for those that hate flea markets

Privater Frauen und Männer Flohmarkt 

When: FRI–SUN, November 17–19, 5pm–3pm
Where: Himmelpfortgasse 15
Entry: Free (willingness to spend is probably required)

Dear fashion fans, here’s one for you guys. This Weekend, there will be ‘clothes as far as the eye can see’, at this Little flea market that has managed to get hold of fashion items from some of the tops brands (think Gucci/Prada) and some of the not too top (H&M). Offering everything for all sexes, summer and winter… this will be a fleamarket even for those that hate flea markets.

Recommended if you like: drinking Makava, grooming your beard, rambling on, craft beer, restaurants with mismatched furniture, fashion design,  popping up at popup events, aperol prossecos, real hugos

Wankelmut hits the decks at Horst

Horst & Hannelore mit Wankelmut & David Jach

When: FRI, November 17, 11pm–6am
Where: Horst
Entry: TBA

He may not want to be remembered this way, but for a lot of us, the name Wankelmut will transport us well back to 2011/12 and that one hit remix he did. That, however, was a cracker, and we are sure he has many more such things up his sleeve that will make this a cracking night. Also, according to the Book of Face event description, he is ‘live on stag in Wien.’ Could be some party!

Recommended if you like: stag parties, embarrassing someone thoroughly, one day baby, newish clubs, techno, house, feeling the floor shake under the bass, closing your eyes while dancing and being carried away, giving eyes across the dancefloor, that moment when you put your best underwear on for a Friday or Saturday night – oh, the possibilities!

Electro Grunge Space Rockers on stage

FM4 Indiekiste mit Archive | Arena Wien

When: FRI, November 17, 7pm–8pm
Where: Arena Wien
Entry: 29.99€ (available here)

With decades of experience and a tenth album, it is unsurprising to hear the lead singer announce that he feels they are hitting a great creative groove. This Friday, these ‘Space Rockers’ will take to the stage in the dark and grungy venue of Arena. the venue suits both their darker undertones and their ability to connect with the crowd.

Recommended if you like: electro pop rock, musicians that know their shit, grungy locations, bearded men, wearing t-shirts that you could use a sail if you had to,  partying in intimate locations that are so intimate you’re wearing other people’s sweat, electro grunge, leather jackets

An Instagram murder story

Instamord reading

When: FRI, November 17, 7pm
Where: Farimi

Photographer and writer, Lukas Pellmann, is holding another one of his entertaining book readings this Friday, reading from the book ‘Instamord;’ a book he wrote about a serial killer who murders Instagrammers in Vienna. The creative author has been focusing on Instagram as a medium and continuously impresses us with his words and images on his Instagram handles @lukas_pellmann and @leopold_stadt.

Recommended if you like: thrillers, spooky monkeys, murder, committing crimes in your free time, Kommissar Rex, Columbo, stalking people on Instagram

Big dog Author presents his latest offering

Ein Abend mit Ken Follett

When: FRI, November 17, 7pm–10pm
Where: Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien – Billroth Haus
Entry: 15€ (available here)

With the  release of his latest book, book three of the Kingsbridge series, Ken Follett is undoubtedly on his way to claiming another classic. Following on from the success of his other books, he will be presenting September’s release, A Column of Fire, this Saturday in both German and English, which is set in 1558, during Queen Lizzy’s 1st reign.

Recommended if you like: reading history books that smell like your grandma, history fiction, stories from Tudor times, cathedrals, spy stories, Ken friggin’ Follett, big dog authors, books so big they need a whole shelf to themselves

The photography and media magazine presents its 100th edition

Präsentation EIKON #100 und Preisverleihung EIKON Award (45+)

When: FRI, November 17, 6pm–8pm
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: Free (but register here)

This Friday will see an event with twice the amount of action. Combining two parties into one, Mixed Media Magazine is presenting not only its 100th Edition, exploring the female pioneers of the industry, but also the winners of its Europe wide over 45s photograph competition, all tied in nicely to the Vienna Art Week. you couldn’t really ask for more in a cultured evening could you!

Recommended if you like: exploring photography, the idea of making out with a magazine journalist, the weird and the wonderful world of pop culture, having sex with your socks on, sex in public toilets, photographers, female pioneers

A night of slamming poetry into people’s ear holes

74. Slam B – Poetry Slam

When: FRI, November 17, 8pm–11pm
Where: Literaturhaus
Entry: Free!

Despite the misleading picture above, undressing at this event is apparently not allowed. But what is allowed is participation, whether it be as a part of the jury, i.e. the spectating public using its applause to vote, or as a spoken word poet, presenting your 5 min word masterpiece.

Recommended if you like: getting involved, audience participation, wordsmiths, people being bold, poetry, people waxing lyrical

Theater adaptation of a classic Jewish Austrian author’s book

Hotel Europa oder der Antichrist

When: FRI, November 17, 8pm–10pm
Where: Burgtheater
Entry: 3.50–61€ (available here)

This theatre adaptation of the Josef Roth novel Hotel Savoy, follows a returning war veteran, struggling to make it from east to west, and reaching the gates of Europe. Like many of Roth’s novels, it investigates the journey from the known past to the uncertain future, while similarly following the fall of the empire – both subjects he felt and experienced deeply.

Recommended if you like: getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, history and thought portrayed on stage, shiny purple bell boy suits, strong facial hair, theatre nights out

T’is the season of Glühwein and and kissing when your nose is dripping

Christmas markets open up!

When: Daily until December 26, 2017
Where: Various locations
Entry: Free!

Tis’ the season again and as winter in Vienna has it, it is the favourite season of many locals simply thanks to those charming Christmas markets! A wonderful vibe spreads around town as markets open all over Vienna, and the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine, and sweet desserts fills the air. Be sure to get your first Heisse Liebe Punsch in soon and get in the spirit.  And it just so happens that we’ve put together a list of our favourite markets, here.

Recommended if you like: the smell of gingerbread cookies, waking up with gifts waiting for you, being jolly, celebrating christmukkah, overcoming the cold by drinking hard spirits hidden in tea, Glühwein, meeting friends at Christmas markets

Yoga in a gallery

Yoga in der Albertina

When: SAT, November 18, 8:30am–9:45am
Where: The MUMOK… duh. (its the Albertina we are messin’)
Entry: 20€ (bring in cash) register here

Yoga is a majestic art that calls on those who practise it to search for peace within themselves, an inner peace not many of us can achieve. In an effort to help you achieve this inner peace, tranquil surroundings help. This Saturday, retreat behind palace walls and getting your yoga breathing on within the majesty that is the Albertina gallery.

Recommended if you like:  making the most out of life, yoga, trying kinky sex positions, brunching on a Sunday, feeling as flexible as a 14 year old again, doing weird things in majestic places, getting sweaty in a palace

1 beer please! Hold up, make that 8! Ok, make it a whole week!

Vienna Beer Week 2017

When: SAT–SAT, November 18–25
Where: Various locations
Entry: TBA

A week dedicated to beer – how awesome does that sound!? The week of beer will see events popping up all around town that celebrate our all time best friend…(yep, you guessed it) the beer. You’ll be in for exclusive tastings, food pairings and tap Takeovers, so wear your favourite sweat pants and make way for that beer belly.

Plus: find more event details on

Recommended if you like: admiring your tummy as it grows, the refreshing sound of opening a beer, following beer blogs, believing that nothing fun makes sense when it isn’t paired with beer

Hatha yoga and vegan breakfast

Yoga & Frühstück im November

When: SAT, November 18, 9:30am–12pm
Where: Saint Charles Complementary
Entry: 34€, unless you book 8 days in advance in which case it is 28€, sign up here

On Saturday morning, if you’re to turn up at this event being held by the unique pharmacy at Saint Charles, you’re to focus on your body and soul. The morning will start off with a 9am hatha yoga session (an energetic yoga class ending with a lead relaxation) and lead on into a 11am breakfast, consisting of a hearty vegan breakfast.

Recommended if you like: omming, taking some time off, yoga as an answer to all problems, being zen, hating people who wear fur, finding your inner peace on the weekends

Soviet era movie jazz and Brazilian Carnival Jazz takes to the stage  

Soviet Jazz vs. Brazilian Jazz

When: SAT, November 18, 7:30pm–9:30pm
Where: Fania Live
Entry: Pay as you wish

While this sounds like some weird sequel to that Cowboys vs Aliens film, it is actually a very friendly battle between two nations on DJ decks. Drawing on the best of Soviet Cinema Jazz, and pitting it against the best of Fanta Brazilian Jazz is a weird combo, but we like the sound of it. Sounds like it will be a laugh if anything! With Russians and vodka, there is always a party, and when you add Brazilians to the mix… well, it could be madness…

Recommended if you like: jazz, experiencing something different to the typical techno parties, when different music genres clash in one organised, beautiful mess, mother Russia, putting on your Russian accent for a night, putting on your Indian accent for the night and telling everybody how you thought they should have included Indian jazz in the mix, carnival vibes, weird combos, philadelphia with mustard or marmite, Brazilians (both the wax job and the people)

Melodic, Austrian indie rocker outfit release their second album

GRANT Album Release Show im FLEX (w/ Pauls Jets)

When: SAT, November 18, 8pm–12am
Where: Flex
Entry: 16.50€ (get ’em here)

With their first release, this Austrian quintet drew praise from German media for their melodic, yet rough around the edges Sound. This left many eagerly anticipating their next album. This Saturday, the wait is over, and the early reviews are saying that this latest offering is just as good as the last. With new Management, they have developed, and in spite of the short turn around, have lost none of their vibe.

Recommended if you like: grungy locations, bearded men, wearing t-shirts that you could use a sail if you had to, messing about down by the river, checking out local indie talent, beer and cigarettes, one day of stubble

Art exhbibtion opening with the artist joining the party

Opening: Florian Hecker. Halluzination, Perspektive, Synthese

When: THU, November 16, 7pm–10pm
Where: Kunsthalle Wien
Entry: free!

At the gallery, Kunsthalle Wien, the exhibition Hallucinations, Perspective, Synthesis by Florian Hecker will be kicking off this Thursday. With 3 installations, Hecker will transform the Kunsthalle into a stage for auditory art. That’s right this artists does some crazy cool things with acoustuc-electro beats. See for yourself. You’ll even see the artist himself.

Recommended if you like: telling the artist your honest opinion, going to a museum on a cold November day, mingling among artsy people, showing others that you are indeed interested in art

Burlesque and cabaret night in a classy setting

Cirque Rouge *The Big Speakeasy*

When: SAT, November 18, 10pm–4am
Where: Rote Bar
Entry: 15€ early bird, 20€ pre-sale, 25€ on the door (get ’em here)

The parties at the Rote Bar are often few and far between, however when they do eventually come, we like to see them as Gatsby-esque. This Saturday, the Party happening there will have a dress code spanning 20s through to 60s, and boy, do people dress up. Maybe its the rarity of the parties, or the grandness of the red velvet curtains, but every party here hits the party G-Spot. The DJs and burlesque dancers will get everybody moving.

Recommended if you like: dancing swing until you are sweating, the drop of sweat reaching your bum crack, swanky venues, burlesque, getting dressed up, gatsby parties, the feel of red velvet curtains on your drunk face

LOL-ling, even on the way home

Kathy Griffin – Live – Laugh Your Head Off

When: SAT, November 18, 8:30pm–11pm
Where: Gartenbaukino
Entry: 49.90–59.90€, tickets available here

A legend is in town, and it be none other than the LOL Kathy Griffin who will be performing at the Gartenbaukino, this Saturday. Bringing her brand of humour to the stage, expect a lot of piss taking on current pop-culture. After two Emmys, a Grammy and decades of starring in television Shows, you can finally breath the same air as Kathy Griffin!

Plus: Kathy Griffin is not just funny, she also won the Guinness World Record for the most televised comedy specials by any comedian.

Recommended if you like: Trevor Noah, John Oliver, laughing, hearing funny things, the feeling of understanding a joke when others don’t, stand up shows

A night of flamenco and passion!

Bailaoras II

When: SAT, November 18, 7:30pm–10pm
Where: Theater Akzent
Entry: 20€–28€, tickets available here

Travel to Spain this Saturday night with the flamenco dancers ‘Bailaoras’! Experience a night of pain, joy, suffering, and all kinds of other emotions, brought to you by the passionate flamenco dancers and musicians of this Spanish set up.

Recommended if you like: making a fool of yourself dancing, trying to be a passionate lover, watching people excel in things you’re not good at, traveling through music, making lover slow and tender like

A light and sound delight on the big screen

Eyes Wide Shut I : Infrarouge

When: SAT, November 18, 6:30pm–8pm
Where: Filmmuseum
Entry: 10.50€ (get ’em here)

As part of the Wien Modern Festival, a quartet from Berlin and an audiovisual duo from Paris will team up to bring to life your sensory receptacles. This Saturday, they will bring together light and sound in a contemporary event to stimulate your mind with video mapping, all on the big screen.

Recommended if you like: beards, smoking a pipe in hipster cafes, turning it sideways and cellooo double bass, electronic music, video mapping, stimulating your light receptacles

A poetry slam, with a view

Poetry Slam im OBEN!

When: SAT, November 18, 8pm–11pm
Where: Oben
Entry: 4€

Once again, you can be the judges and jury at a poetry slam! But what makes this Saturday Slam Special is not only the location, which will offer a cracking view, but also the participants, all of whom are well established and regulars on the slam circuit of Vienna. Oozing experience and waxing lyrically over the many possibilities of the title ‘Poetry eats me right’.

Recommended if you like: slams in all shapes and sizes, events with a view, letting words wash over you like a warm embrace, people who are smart enough to make poetry, believing words have power

A bit of Soviet cinema, anyone?

Utopie und Korrektur

When: FRI, October 13 – THU, November 30
Where: Filmmuseum
Entry: 10.50€ per movie (students 9.50€)

This year’s retrospective of the Austrian Film Museum together with the Viennale will put Soviet cinema in focus. Movies from the 1920s, 1930s and the time during and after the cultural “Thaw” following Stalin’s death will be screened in October and November. Check out the calendar of the museum for the “Utopia and Correction” programme to find out what movies will be shown on what day.

Recommended if you like: films, films and more films, the romance of the big screen, indie films, memorising all the actors and actresses names, popcorn, movies with subtitles, foreign languages

Getting your dose of contemporary culture with Thomas Bayrle’s exhibit

Thomas Bayrle. Wenn etwas zu lang ist – mach es länger / If it’s too long, make it longer

When: WED, October 25, 2017 – MON, April 2, 2018
Where: MAK
Entry: 9.90€, students 7.50€, free entry every Tuesday 6pm–10pm

Berlin-born artist, Thomas Bayrle, will be featured at MAK this autumn with his solo exhibition, ‘If it’s too long, make it longer,’ that showcases a combination of his multi-medial works, along with his computer-generated art. Art, handicraft and industrial production are explored through dyeing, weaving and programming processes, creating a kaleidoscopic of forms and ornaments.

Recommended if you like: strolling through museums on a cold autumn day, mingling among artsy people, showing others that you are interested in art

An exhibition about the 100-year-anniversary of the Volkskundemuseum

Heimat : Machen

When: ongoing, October 17 – December 30
Where: Volkskundemuseum
Entry: 8€ (students 4€)

In light of the 100-year-anniversary of the Volkskundemuseum, the exhibition ‘Heimat : Machen’ will look at the development of the museum and will reflect upon Austria’s national traditions, folk life, and the influence of politics on home life and traditions. The museum is inviting for an open dialogue on its history. The exhibition will open this Tuesday, and will continue until December 30.

Recommended if you like: Vienna, traditions, folk life, historical events, spending a gloomy autumn day in a museum

Exhibition at the Albertina: 16th Century Dutch artists reflection on the world around him

Pieter Bruegel der Ältere

When: Ongoing until December 3, 10am–6pm (WED 10am–9pm)
Where: Albertina 
Entry: 12.90€ (reductions available– check here)

Bruegel the Elder as he was known, was a 16th century Dutch artist, who arrived at a time of much socio–political and economic change. His drawings reflect this change on normal day to day society in an almost cheeky and humorous way, while also highlighting the hardship of social conditions in a dark comedic, almost tragic, way.

Recommended if you like: staring at a drawing for hours trying to work out why the curator thinks its funny, putting that museum gaze you’ve been practicing to good use, playing where’s wally/waldo with details, sounding cultured while out on the pull, eating culture at any time of day, people who get cool names like ‘the elder’, wishing you had a cool add on to your name

Natural history at the Mumok

Naturgeschichten. Spuren des Politischen / Natural Histories. Traces of the Political

When: ongoing until January 14, 2018
Where: Mumok
Entry: 11€ (students 7.50€)

In this exhibition at the MUMOK, the interrelation between nature and history will be looked at, showing how nature takes back everything, regardless of the situation. Starting from the 1960s to the present, traditions of colonialism and society have shaped our contemporary environments of today. This fascinating exhibition looks at how this has happened and the influencing factors on how our environments came to be, and it doesn’t shy away from including issues like genocide and military conflict.

Recommended if you like: Mother Nature, contemporary art, strolling through a museum on a cold and rainy autumn day, being enlightened, reading rather large books, snorting knowledge up until you’re high on it, pancakes on Saturdays, wearing striped socks during sex