Your Ultimate Guide to this Weekend in Vienna: the 26 best things to do

October 15, 2017

Your Ultimate Guide
to this Weekend
in Vienna: the
26 best things to do

October 15, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 26 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


American electronic artist with some dark beats

Black Marble ∞ Rosa Nebel ∞ Fauna ∞

When: FRI, October 20, 10pm–6am
Where: celeste
Entry: TBA

After a false start or two, Black Marble is finally actually playing his European tour. This American’s sound could not have found a more fitting location than celeste, with its intimate size and grungy atmosphere. It is perfect for the electronic, dark beats Black Marble is producing. We suspect it may be sold out, but as at all of these events, there’ll probably be people out front selling their tickets.

Recommended if you like: electro’ music that will make you dance, gin and tonic, grungy locations, third wave coffee, getting sweaty in a club, being able to get right under the performer’s nostrils

A legendary party in a new location

FM4 Unlimited in the Wiener Prater

When: FRI, October 20
Where: Pratersauna & VIE i PEE
Entry: Early bird tickets starting at €10

Do you remember the FM4 Unlimited parties that were happening in the Rathaus over the last 8 years? This year, the fun and good vibes remain, but the location changes to the Wiener Prater. The 6 stages will be shared between the Pratersauna and the VIE i PEE club, all accessible with one ticket. The party starts with some warm-up breakdance sessions and a Red Bull motor racing on Friday afternoon, and will continue with DJ gigs ‘til the early hours of the next morning. The music is, as always, very eclectic, brought to your ears by some quirky live acts, along with international radio hosts and local DJ crews such as Heimlich or Tanz durch den Tag. Read more about the line-up, the schedule and tickets here!

Recommended if you like: the gang at FM4, big-ass party where you can choose your room by music, frisky business in the bushes of the park, gin and tonic, pretty headbands

1000things blog is celebrating four years of existence, in style

1000things 4 Jahresfest

When: FRI, October 20, 11pm–6am
Where: The Loft
Entry: 10/8€ (with student card), the first 44 pay only 4€

Four years is no small feat, and to celebrate that this Friday, the what to do website for Vienna, 1000things, are getting together a mega line-up of randomness for one big bash. When a DJ line-up includes a ‘satirical’ set from Vienna’s favourite satire digital magazine, Die Tagespresse, you know you are in for something different. They will also have 1000 balloons, and someone will most probably play 99Luftballons at some point.

Recommended if you like: sweating on the dancefloor, unique locations, gin and tonic, grungy locations, third wave coffee, getting sweaty in a club

Another 90ies party!

Tutti Frutti – Best of 90’s & 00’s – Season Opening

When: FRI, October 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Chaya Fuera Club
Entry: 8€ Students, 12€ for us muggles

90ies are back whether we like it or not, especially the music and the fashion. And this has seen a bunch of 90ies parties popping up around town – Tutti Frutti at Chaya Fuera being one of them. The season opening is happening this Friday night so be sure to drag those Pumps and neon singlet out of the closet (if you don’t have one, shame on you!) and get on some MC Hammer.

Plus: there is a special surprise for 90s babies, like us, we are 90s babies, definitely not from the early 80s…

Recommended if you like: fluorescent singlets, Mariah Carey, doing the U-turn, doing like they do it on the discovery channel, Nirvana, being masochistic with your music taste, doing the superman, Shaggy, Backstreet Boys

Nomadic house DJ makes it to Vienna from the US of A

Manifest w/ Jacques Renault (Let’s Play House/ NYC)

When: FRI, October 20, 11pm–6am
Where: SASS Music Club
Entry: TBA

The Nomadic House DJ will be coming to Vienna this Friday. Jacques Renault has been taking his party, ‘Let’s Play House’ on the road for a number of years now, gathering a horde of followers behind him along the way. And now he’s going to be turning up in Vienna to gather some more. Unsurprisingly, they play house but throw some techno and disco into the mix for the fun of it. The talented House DJ collective, Manifest, will be in support.

Recommended if you like: random high five, techno, bass that leaves your ears ringing for days, house, disco, partying in grungy settings, not getting out of bed for the entire Saturday, illegal substances, beer and cigarettes, making out with several people in a night

Two days of some mad guitar skills from some mother pluckers

Vienna Fingerstyle Festival 2017

When: FRI–SAT, October 20–21, 8pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: 27€ seats, 24€ standing, 48€ for both days, available here

Six people, ridiculously good with their fingers (and no this isn’t a porno’) will be showcasing their immense plucking skills on guitars for this unique festival. Over the course of Friday and Saturday night, they will be performing, and we can only hope that they have a camera zoomed up real close on their fingers so we can see how magic their fingers are. Check this lad’ below, unreal (kind of excuses the creepy long finger nails):

…and the Friday headliner:

Recommended if you like: mad skills bruv’, people who are good with their fingers, magic fingers, acoustic guitars, blues, locations that are a little bit grand, mother pluckers

Banging vocals, lush lyrics and some savage guitar skills @ Rien

Musiksalon rien | Fox and Bones

When: FRI, October 20, 8pm–9:30pm
Where: RIEN
Entry: TBA

We feel like there is a lot to talk about after watching the videos below, we are aware that it should be the amazing sound, the vocals that could make anyone weak at the knees, the lyrics that could make the most manliest of men weep, but what we really want to talk about is that hat in the first one. It’s amazing, we are in love with them simply because of that, we even have a similar one to wear to the concert on Friday. Secondly, can we all take a moment to really enjoy the loveliness of how they look at each other in the second video. Beautiful. These talents will be performing in the hipster coffeehouse, RIEN, on Friday night.

Recommended if you like: closing your eyes and letting the music wash over you, foxes, foxy ladies, checking out new locations, the vocals above, that look, furry hats, crying at concerts, snogging

Travel East without even leaving the city

Go on a travel with… Salam Orient Music and Art Festival 

When: October 17-30
Where: Various locations around Vienna. Check their website for the full program.

This festival is about faraway cultures and oriental music. Experience the sounds of the Orient, from Southern Spain, accross to Maghreb, East Africa and the Middle East…and you won’t even have to leave Vienna. It will all come together under the same roof in the form of a high brow music festival, hosted by the music venues, Porgy & Bess, Sargfabrik and the Wiener Konzerthaus. Bands from countries such as Algeria, Pakistan and Iran will be on stage, along with local bands who dedicate their tunes to oriental beats. Find all the information about tickets, locations and shows here.

Recommended if you like: oriental music, guitar strings, discovering new instruments, being open to new cultures through music, jazzy bars, unique festivals that make you look edgy

Ideas worth spreading on the big screen at the start-up hub

TEDxVienna Satellite Livestream at sektor5

When: SAT, October 21, 9am–9pm
Where: sektor5
Entry: Free!

If you didn’t get tickets to the TEDxVienna Satellite event this Saturday, here is the next best thing: watch the live stream of the event at the start-up hub Sektor5 with a innovative, fun and opinionated start up crowd. Sektor5 will be streaming all talks from the 20 international speakers that have come to talk about on stage the latest advances and new ideas in science and technology to the deepest insights into psychology, creativity and wisdom.

Recommended if you like: learning about the world, being the first one to know things, opinionated people and being opinionated, dreaming of giving a TED talk one day

Inspiring lectures by opinion leaders

TEDxVienna 2017 On The Edge

When: SAT, October 21, 9am–9pm
Where: Volkstheater
Enry: 29–149€, get tickets here

At the upcoming TEDxVienna, ideas on cutting edge technology and science will be put in a spotlight on stage. “On The Edge” is a sign of the times: while we have been experiencing exponential growth in ideas, society has simultaneously seemingly been driven to the edge, with divisions rapidly spreading across the world. Come and listen to inspiring lectures that have the power to change your perspective on the world, and inspire new ideas.

Recommended if you like: watching whatever has to offer, being the person that has always ‘read a study,’ reading the Economist magazine, worrying about the world

Second hand market in a club

Secondhandmärktchen meets Firlefanz X Fest

When: SAT–SUN, October 21–22, 1pm–8pm
Where: AU
Enry: Free!

Ready for two days of flea market fashion shopping, eating and fun? The second-hand flea market at the club, AU, this weekend is all about fulfilling the needs of the hipster lifestyle: buying second-hand, vegan food, and old records. There’ll also be live performances and workshops throughout the day. See a list of events on their Facebook page here.

Recommended if you like: being cool, doing things that seem interesting, spending Sundays scrolling through the marketplace on Willhaben, not eating honey so as to save the bees

Partying for a good cause, with proceeds going towards water quality projects in Malawi

Artists 4 WATER

When: SAT, October 21, 7:30pm–5am
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: TBA (but it goes to charity so be generous whatever it is)

A mini festival is a banging thing, and a mini festival for a good cause is super, super geil. You get all the joys of a festival, with a line-up of bands to entertain you throughout the evening followed by some cracking DJ sets, and after you get to go home instead of to a tent. Joyous, means you might actually get some as you aren’t from a field. This annual mini festival is from the crowd at Viva con aqua, who are a international non-profit who works at improving people’s access to drinking water in developing countries. A worthy cause indeed.


Recommended if you like:  the idea of checking out the local music scene,  mini festivals, getting that festival vibe without having to go without showering or carefully timing your poo to happen when the toilets are cleaned, partying for good causes

Daytime dancing at the castle

Techno Castle am Cobenzl

When: SAT, October 21
Where: Am Cobenzl
Entry: Starting at €16,56

The super nice and popular castle that is Cobenzl will be filled with techno beats for this 9-hour day-time party, featuring DJs and good vibes.
The fun will start in the early afternoon and ends around 10pm, so be prepared for a laid-back, yet dance-worthy atmoshpere this autumn weekend. Get your tickets here!

Recommended if you like: techno music, wearing sunglasses indoors, daytime parties, DJs nodding their head up and down for hours on end, hip people, partying in special locations

German Indie band promoting their latest sounds

Kasalla (DE) • Wien

When: SAT, October 21, 8pm–11pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 25.50€ (available here)

Coming to Vienna pushing their latest and fourth studio album ‘Mer Sin Sins’ this Saturday is Kasalla. Now Chelsea may be a far cry from the sell out crowd they hosted in the LANXESS Arena in Köln, but this makes it better, in our not-so-humble opinion. More intimate, and probably a lot more fun for us. With a sound that supposedly spans from Chanson and Folk to Electro-Funk, these guys and gals sound a little more teenage dirty bag punk.

Recommended if you like: German teenage punk rockers, grungy locations, sweating on the dancefloor, punk folk, indie rock emo, beer and cigarettes, telling your friends that you were out in Chelsea last night to sound like a high flyer

Old School disco with a electro/dub twist

Shabazz Palaces (US)

When: SAT, October 21, 7pm–11pm
Where: Arena Wien
Entry: 20.50€ (get ’em here)

These guys look like they would bring energy to anywhere they were performing – put them in a nursing home and in 10 minutes it will look like a scene from the Oktoberfest. This Saturday, however, they will blasting their unique blend of old school Hip Hop, Electro with world sound New York Dub, all for your personal ear holes and with visuals that look like a Hipster Voodoo Shaman dancing to trip hop, it is sure to be an orgasm for the eyes, too:

Recommended if you like: tripping out to youtube videos, American talent, old school hip hop, old school electro, a dash of voodoo in your music, New York dub club

Ska and reggae punk night at DasBACH

DoTheSka – Superskank, Early Tones

When: SAT, October 21, 8pm–4am
Where: DasBACH
Entry: 8€

You do not hear too often of a ska night outside of London, but here we have it. This Saturday, put on your baggy trousers and come round to our house for a pre-drink, for we are going to dasBACH for some two tone ska, hosted by two bands – The Superskank from Germany and The Early Tones from Vienna. Both will be bringing their best Reggae and Ska to dance till you drop to.

Recommended if you like: ska, reggae, two tone, skanking out till you are out of breath, dancing with your knees as high as you can get them, your ska a bit more punky, your parties a little different, getting away from the normal discotheques

Old school flutes, acoustic guitar and an interesting interpretation of… stuff

Go.ETe _ Flute Festival _ Otto-Wagner-Kirche

When: SAT, October 21, 7pm–8:30pm
Where: Kirche am Steinhof
Entry: TBA

This Saturday sees another instalment in the on–going Flute Festival, with this performance being put on by Bernadette Zeilinger and Diego Mune. Now, this is not your normal, standard flutes they are playing, or a just standard way of playing a guitar; these are far out weird shaped instruments, and if we are honest, this is a little bit of a scary interpretation of music, but they look like they are really enjoying making it… too much one might say, doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Check it out:

Recommended if you like: far out music, flutes in all shapes and sizes, rubbing your guitar, getting an unwanted glance at someone’s orgasm face, slightly different interpretations of music, something more than a little different

The Grand Finale: a search for Vienna’s best Improv performers 

Das Wiener Derby: Finale!

When: SUN, October 22, 7pm–10pm
Where: TAG
Entry:  12€ (get ’em here), 14€ on the night

Everyone loves a grand final, no? Well, this Sunday is your chance to be part of the X–Factor-like audience for the Improv theater Grand Final happening at the theater, TAG. What we can expect is to receive a master–class in Improv from the three finalists as they battle it out to be crown Improv Master of Vienna. These nights tend to be laugh-out-loud funny.

Recommended if you like: getting out of the house on Sundays, doing something a little different, people making you laugh so much a little pee escapes, quick thinkers, the theatre, improv

A Brass band big enough to be a football team performing Hip Hop, Crossover and Jazz

Youngblood Brass Band – presented by The Nova Jazz & Blues Night

When: SUN, October 22, 7pm–11pm
Where: WUK
Entry: 28€ (get ’em here)

There’s something about a brass band that always gets our hearts racing a bit. Maybe its squeezing so much talent onto one stage, maybe its just because they are awesome. This Sunday, The Youngblood Brass band are gracing the stage at WUK, with some big tunes, Jazz, Crossover Jazz and Experimental Hip Hop.

Recommended if you like: the grungy, industrial setting of the WUK, the sound of a big band, brass bands, people who excel at blowing, horns in your music, being down the trumpets

The year’s best Photo journalism in one exhibition – powerful stuff!

World Press Photo Exhibition 2017: Vienna, Austria

When: FRI–THUR, September 15–28, 11am–7pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 7/5€

This exhibit is even in the calendars of those that hardly ever step foot in a gallery. With around 100 exhibitions around the world annually, the World Press Photo exhibition is the most popular traveling photo event in the world. And the poignant, moving images that are always guaranteed at this display of photojournalism’s greatest shots of the year, can be seen until the middle of October in Vienna’s Westlicht gallery. Don’t be surprised if you leave with tears in your eyes, or inspired.

Recommended if you like: pictures that say more than words, a picture speaks a thousand words, photo journalism, playing caption competitions with your exhibition buddy, being moved and inspired

Natural history at the Mumok

Natural history at the Mumok

Naturgeschichten. Spuren des Politischen / Natural Histories. Traces of the Political

When: ongoing until January 14, 2018
Where: Mumok
Entry: 11€ (students 7.50€)

In this exhibition at the MUMOK, the interrelation between nature and history will be looked at, showing how nature takes back everything, regardless of the situation. Starting from the 1960s to the present, traditions of colonialism and society have shaped our contemporary environments of today. This fascinating exhibition looks at how this has happened and the influencing factors on how our environments came to be, and it doesn’t shy away from including issues like genocide and military conflict.

Recommended if you like: Mother Nature, contemporary art, strolling through a museum on a cold and rainy autumn day, being enlightened, reading rather large books, snorting knowledge up until you’re high on it, pancakes on Saturdays, wearing striped socks during sex

Gloomy America in the focus of an exhibition at the Secession

Nicole Eisenman “Dark Light”

When: ongoing until November 5
Where: Secession
Entry: 9.50€ (students 6€)

Nicole Eisenman’s work shows her unique signature style in which she blends classical techniques and compositional forms with influences from underground and pop culture. At the Secession, paintings and preparatory drawings of the French-born NYC-based artist will be showcased in an exhibition. Her latest art pieces are a direct response to the U.S. presidential elections of last year, in which she paints a rather gloomy panorama of the States under Trump. You can visit the exhibition until November 5.

Recommended if you like: apocalyptic scenes, everything US-related, beautiful architecture, strolling through a museum on a cold rainy autumn day, hating on Trump

An exhibition about the 100-year-anniversary of the Volkskundemuseum

Heimat : Machen

When: ongoing, October 17 – December 30
Where: Volkskundemuseum
Entry: 8€ (students 4€)

In light of the 100-year-anniversary of the Volkskundemuseum, the exhibition ‘Heimat : Machen’ will look at the development of the museum and will reflect upon Austria’s national traditions, folk life, and the influence of politics on home life and traditions. The museum is inviting for an open dialogue on its history. The exhibition will open this Tuesday, and will continue until December 30.

Recommended if you like: Vienna, traditions, folk life, historical events, spending a gloomy autumn day in a museum

Exhibition at the Albertina: 16th Century Dutch artists reflection on the world around him

Pieter Bruegel der Ältere

When: Ongoing until December 3, 10am–6pm (WED 10am–9pm)
Where: Albertina 
Entry: 12.90€ (reductions available– check here)

Bruegel the Elder as he was known, was a 16th century Dutch artist, who arrived at a time of much socio–political and economic change. His drawings reflect this change on normal day to day society in an almost cheeky and humorous way, while also highlighting the hardship of social conditions in a dark comedic, almost tragic, way.

Recommended if you like: staring at a drawing for hours trying to work out why the curator thinks its funny, putting that museum gaze you’ve been practicing to good use, playing where’s wally/waldo with details, sounding cultured while out on the pull, eating culture at any time of day, people who get cool names like ‘the elder’, wishing you had a cool add on to your name

Where fine arts, photography and music meet – pretty record covers on show

33 1/3 – Cover Art

When: Ongoing. MON–FRI 11am–7pm, SAT 11am–5pm
Where: Kunstraum Nestroyhof
Entry: tba

The Record sleeve is more than just something to carry a vinyl/CD in. It can be a artistic masterpiece sometimes! (We mean, has anybody seen those covers from the old Julio Iglesias records?!) It can be where art, photography, design, fashion and music all meet and make sweet sweet love to create iconic images that look great up on the wall. This has been recognised at this ongoing exhibition where 350 or so iconic album covers will be exhibited.

Recommended if you like: a big old creative orgy, seeing what happens when art photography fashion design and music meet, using your vinyl collection as decorations, having band posters (framed) all over your walls like a teen, Julio Iglesias

Coming soon to a cinema near you: The Viennale Film Festival

Viennale Film Festival 2017

When: October 19 – November 2 (see the program, here)
Where: Various locations. See the program, here.

On the big screens of Vienna’s most charming cinemas, the Viennale film festival will kick-off on October 19th. This international film festival is always made up of a good range of local, European and international films. And half of the fun is the buzz within the foyer before the films begin. This is the one time of year our eyes go slightly rectangular and our diet becomes mainly popcorn. The full official program won’t be released until October 9, but you can get a sneak peek of what’s in store on the Viennale website. 

Recommended if you like:  films, films and more films, movie marathons before lunch, the romance of the big screen, indie films, memorising all the actors and actresses names, popcorn