Your ultimate guide to this weekend in Vienna: 36 event tips

September 17, 2017

Your ultimate guide
to this weekend
in Vienna: 36 event tips

September 17, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 36 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


Last summer open air dance on the hills of Cobenzl

Der letzte Sommertanz – Tanz durch den Tag – Open Air am Cobenzl

When: FRI, September 22, 3pm–6am
Where: Café & Schloss Cobenzl
 6€ < 6pm > 12€

This is your last chance! We repeat, your last chance to dance through the day outdoors at Café & Schloss Cobenzl, the place perched on top of Vienna’s hills. Starting  in the afternoon, the party will continue late into the night and into the early morning, with a crazy cool DJ lineup to keep you going organised by the cray crowd from Tanz durch den Tag. 3 floors (including the garden) will be featuring different DJs that will have you dance through the day and night. So if you’re looking to party with a bunch of open-minded, good looking people this weekend where the vibe is different to your everyday affair, head to the funky Cafe at Cobenzl this Friday.

Recommended if you like: dancing all night and all day, open-minded people, finally having a party that’s different in Vienna, techno, music that will send you into a trance, having your nipples nibbled on, Vienna’s mountain view

Something for the lovers of all-things-ceramic

Keramik & Porzellan im Augarten

When: FRI–SUN, September 22–24, 10am–6pm
Where: Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten
Entry: Adults: €6, students: €4, children up to 12 years: free!

This weekend, Vienna’s oldest baroque park, the Augarten, is hosting an event for lovers and collectors of contemporary ceramic art. You can turn up to check out what the big deal is (ceramic isn’t just those dog salt and pepper shakers your grandparents had – it is a biiiig deal!), buy a piece or 2, or learn more about the production and history of porcelain by the experts of the Viennese Porcelain Manufactory Augarten.

Recommended if you like: ceramics, porcelain, collecting porcelain dolls, things delicate, traveling to different countries and insisting on buying porcelain souvenirs in all of them, discovering new hobbies, drinking your coffee out of art

A talk on what it means to be a mother today

Motherboard X Karriere Unter Umständen

When: FRI, September 22, 10am–12:30pm
Where: CREAU
Entry: Free! Sign up here

The crowd from Sorrority strikes again: this time, the girl’s club is organising a talk on what it means to be a mother today – socially, politically, and in terms of work and career. The goal of the laid-back discussion is to create connections, exchange stories and raise awareness about what today’s moms are going through. This will all be happening in the very funky setting of Creau.

Recommended if you like: being a mum, being around people that just get it, discussing women’s rights, discussing men’s rights, owning a vagina

Vienna’s modest answer to the Oktoberfest

Wiener Wiesen Fest

When: THU–SUN, September 21 – October 8
Where: Prater park (Kaiserwiese), 1020

For the last few years, Vienna’s had a beer-swilling festival with lederhosen and traditional brass band music heard in upper Austria and Bavaria striving to be like the mother of all beer festivals, the Oktoberfest, which is happening at the end of this month a couple of hundred kilometres away in Munich, Germany. While we wouldn’t suggest this is a must this month, we’d recommend it for anybody who’s from upper Austria, wants a taste of the country-side beer festivals, enjoys drinking over-priced beer with a pretzel, or wanting to get a taste of the Oktoberfest without leaving Vienna. Check out more details, here. 

Vienna’s scary and fantasy film festival is back for the next 2 weeks!

8. /slash Filmfestival

When: THU–SUN, September 21 – October 1
Where: Gartenbaukino and Filmcasino

Starting this Thursday, Filmcasino and Gartenbaukino will be the site of the city’s scary and fantasy film festival, screening film after film that are made to twist your mind like a pretzel or scare the crap out of you. It’s the 8th time the Filmcasino will be hosting this kind of festival: 11 days of movies, plenty of blood (on the screen we mean), and plenty of mindf**** films await you. Check out the program, here.

Recommended if you like: films, thinking the music of your phone is the soundtrack to your movie, fantastic worlds and plots, movies upon movies, being a film fanatic, being freaked out, making your partner wear a scary clown costume when your making love

40 years of the Falter and they’re going to party!

Das 40 Jahre Falter Fest

When: FRI, September 22,  7pm–4am
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: 19/29€, get your tickets here

One of our favourite Austrian publications and go-to media for genuine news will be 40 this year. The Falter appeared first in 1977 and has been committed to doing great journalism ever since. That’s why we expect that their birthday party will be grand old soiree. They’ve invited headliners like Mavi Phoenix, Ankathie Koi and Der Nino aus Wien to the occasion, and will be spreading out the good times across the 2 floors of the Ottakringer Brauerei. And since they are the other great publication in Vienna who know how to give event tips for great parties (ahem!), we expect they also know how to throw them.

Recommended if you like: sinking into a bean bag, being a culture vulture, events in the Ottakringer Brauerei, having a subscription to the Falter, making out with journos’

A 2pac-centric hip hop night

6 Years HipHopJam 2Pac Special

When: FRI, September 22, 10pm–5:30am
Where: The Loft
Entry:  5€ < 12am > 10€ (3€ for September babies)

HiphopJam are celebrating their birthday and they are doing so by harking back to the golden age of hip hop and dedicating the night to the legend that is 2 Pac. Expect all the classics from that era this Friday, as well as all your other favs’.

Recommended if you like: 2–pac, the golden age of hip hop, celebrating any birthday that isn’t your own, the father of hip hop and rap, dancing your little backward facing bandana off

British Grime night, mate

Canyoudigit w/ Flohio (UK) + Melik LIVE

When: FRI, September 22, 11pm–6am
Where: Opera Club
Entry: TBA

Grime was born in the UK, and it is spreading. This Friday, get some full-on British grime, fresh from the scene in the form of the up-and-coming artist, Flohio – don’t let her youth fool you in the video below, she still spits out some savage lyrics.

Recommended if you like: getting down and dirty to some proper fresh grime, up-and-coming artist in tiny clubs, feeling like you are in the UK london scene

It’s a mini-October fest!

Das große Säulenhalle Oktoberfest 2017

When: FRI, September 22, 11pm–6am
Where: Säulenhalle
Entry: TBA

Whichever part about the Octoberfest you love, they will have it this Friday at the Säulenhalle. So dust off the Dirndl or old Leddy’ hosy’, and get ready to throw some ‘Maß’ive amount of beer down your sausage hole (Oh my…we just noticed the double meaning here but it’s too late! We’ve written it now!), while spilling half of it on the dance floor when the Schlager music kicks in.

Recommended if you like: how good you look in Tracht, how good you look covered in beer on a dance floor, white sausage, dancing to Schlager music while thinking of the ump pa pa song, slapping your thighs in time to the music, growing a moustache a la Franz Josef

All night silent disco party @ the Palmenhaus

Silent Fiesta | Palmenhaus Wien

When: FRI, September 22, 8pm–3am
Where: Palmenhaus Burggarten
Entry: Competition winners only! Get involved here.

A very special silent disco is happening this Friday, but you can only get in if you enter a competition in which you show off your fiesta moment. Do this, and win an opportunity to take part in an exclusive silent disco (normal set up of two DJs) under the palms of the Palmenhaus, which is a location that always reminds us of that film, Jumanji for some reason…

Recommended if you like: dancing under palms just like you did at that full moon party in Thailand way back in 07, silent discos, wailing along to a tune while not really hearing yourself, not wearing headphones at a silent disco and just people watching

Mini Jazz festival continues

Festival Tage #3–6: Bulbul / JSBL / Monophobe&Karma Art / uvm

When: WED—SAT, September 20–23, 11pm–3pm
Where: WUK Projectraum
Entry: 10€ for one session, 30€ festival pass

Unfortunately Bulbul has had to pull out, but they have found an equally talented replacement for this concert in Max Nagl. In these three days, you could find yourself traversing the city to lots of weird and wonderful locations that you would normally not find, and seeing jazz acts that you would also struggle to catch, so make the most out of this oppurtunity! For the full line up, check it out here.

Wednesday: JSBL

Thursday: Das Kammerer OrKöster

Friday: Max Nagl

Wien Diesel:

Saturday: Monophobe and Karma Art

Recommended if you like: jazz in all its forms, live and freestyle jazz, holding a brandy and wearing a cravat with a smoking jacket being sophisticated, electronic jazz, talented musicians letting loose on stage

A creative and activist festival of ideas that will inspire you to think differently

Wienwoche 2017

When: FRI–SAT, September 22 – October 1
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: Vary to each event

From 22 September to October 1, WIENWOCHE 2017 will be spread the message – ‘sweetness of doing nothing’ – throughout the city. Not as a privilege of the rich, but as an aspiration to delink work and working time from nation, state, and capital. This Viennese festival is an interesting creature – creative practices and activism in different scales and formats and from different sides of art and social movements.

Wienwoche 2017 was inspired by a repeatedly appearing graffiti in Vienna’s urban landscape that reflects the plea of social movements: ‘Morgen mach ich blau / Tomorrow I won’t work’. This is not a simple demand not to work the following day – it is a political demand for a different society in which work does not mean coercion and separation.

Check out the interesting things happening throughout the festival, here.

Recommended if you like: a different kind of festival, being a creative activist, learning through art, heated discussions about important topics, hating on Trump and other world douche bags

Open gallery and studio day in the 3rd

Atelier- und Galerienrundgang

When: FRI–SAT, September 22–23, 2pm–8pm
Where: various locations in Wien 1030
Entry: Free!

For two whole days, all of the galleries and ateliers of the 3rd District are opening their doors for free for you to take a look see. Friday and Saturday will be your chance to see every form of creative making of stuff on display in the district, from painters to graphic designers, fashion to schmuck – all over the 3rd.

Recommended if you like:  free stuff, spending days at galleries, taking it all in, the third district, seeing all types of art in one day, hanging out in the third district all day, being inspired

A fair for the art lovers amongst us

Art Fair viennacontemporary

When: THU–SUN, September 21–24
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: 9–35€, get your tickets here

Under the vast roof of the cattle shed turned event venue, the Marx Halle, contemporary art from all over Eastern and central Europe will flood the space. This fair – which has 100 galleries from over 26 countries participating – prides itself for not only being a market place for art aficionados to browse, yet also a fair that showcases young artists. The 4 day event will also see cinema screenings, guided tours and talks. Check out the program on the viennacontemporary website.

Recommended if you like: the epiphany of discovery, being an artist, contemporary art, moody ambient music, wearing odd socks

One of the coolest art festivals in the city

Parallel Vienna 2017

When: TUE–SUN, September 19–24
Where: Alte Sigmund Freud Universität
Entry: 5€

Few things can inspire the creative mind as much as Parallel Vienna does each year. For the 5th time in a row, this art fair transforms abandoned buildings in Vienna into an exhibition center for both young and established art.  The framework welcomes art initiatives of any kind, from galleries to project spaces, curated spaces and individual artists each gathered under one roof. It is as much showcasing of local talents and trends as it is networking and establishing of new collaborations and professional platforms around art.
So if you ever feel you are missing out on the overwhelming number of galleries and project spaces in this artsy city, get your dose of contemporary art and a generous overview on local creatives at this funky fair. Get all your info, here.
Recommended if you like: quirky minds, creative stuff, a unique art festival, contemporary art, checking out the up-and-coming artists, when art goes mainstream

A chocolate street party!

2. Schoko Herbstfest der Linzer Straße

When: SAT, September 23, 12pm–9pm
Where: Linzer Straße
Entry: free!

Sturzgasse in the 14th district will be closed for traffic between Linzer Straße and Fenzlgasse this Saturday, to make room for the tables, chairs and market stands that will fill it, alongwith some lovely musical acts. There will be grilled specialties, Indian food, a pottery workshop, lots of pumpkin, a fun program for the kids, live music and the presentation of Linzer Straße’s official chocolate. 

Recommended if you like: street parties, car-free zones, markets and special sales, chocolate, eating and trying new things, chocolate beards, the colours of autumn, community events

A day of sports in the park

Tag des Sports 2017

When: SAT, September 23, 10am–6pm
Where: various locations in Prater, check here for details
Entry: free!

Austria’s biggest open-air sport event is going down in the Prater all day on Saturday. Throughout the park (mainly along the Prater Hauptallee) there will be all different kinds of different sport stations where you can check out pros doing their thing, or you can jump in and play some sports yourself! This is a big event and a great day out for the kids. Find more info and a detailed program, here.

Recommended if you like: the perfect autumn day out with the kids, shooting hoops, sports, being active, watching other people be active, martial arts

A Viennese coffeehouse fleamarket

9.Wiener Kaffeehausflohmarkt

When: SAT, September 23, 10am–4pm
Where: Julius Meinl
Entry: Free!

The annual Viennese coffeehouse flea market is on this Saturday, taking place at none other than the one place we want to eat everything but can’t afford anything: Julius Meinl. The legendary Austrian coffee roaster, Julius Meinl, is hosting the event, inviting other coffee roasters and gastronomers to sell some of their coffee, and bits and pieces and furniture from their coffeehouse, flea market-style.

Recommended if you like: coffee, the feeling of coffee beans in between your fingers, drinking 7 espresso shots a day and wanting more, discovering new coffee variations, going to supermarkets to look at food you can’t afford

A Vinyl collectors wet dream…a record fair

Vinyl und CD-Börse

When: SAT–SUN, September 23–24, 10am–5pm
Where: Moses-Records
Entry: 5€

With 1,200m2 of space, and 60 different sellers, if you need a specific vinyl, you should be able to find it here at the annual Vinyl and CD fair. It may take you the whole weekend, but it is probably going to be there, from weird b-sides to favs’ like Miles Davis, to secret recordings – if you have the patience to flick through the boxes of records, you’ll find it. They should definitely do a count of how many vinyls come in and out.

Recommended if you like: the search for rare records, collecting weird and wonderful b-sides, spending hours delving into stacks and stacks of records, using records as house decorations in your (wo)man cave, living for the music

A fair all about – Love thy glasses

Brillenliebe Wien 2017

When: SAT–SUN, September 23–24, 11am–4pm
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: Free!

A fair with a different kind of focus this weekend is happening at the brewery, as they gather all sorts of different opticians and eyewear designers from all over Austria to shove them into their funky industrial space and have them display their products. From Schick-mickey to practical, if you need a pair of glasses, or even if you don’t and just want to look hip, this is a fair for you.

Recommended if you like: glasses in all shapes and sizes, going to these things just to try on loads of different styles before heading to the market and buying the cheap equivalent, wearing glasses even when you don’t need them, events in the brewery

A flashmob staring contest: “Look into my eyes…”

The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017

When: SAT, September 23, 11am–2pm
Where: MQ
Entry: A willlingness to have someone look into your soul

This is beyond something a little different, and well, towards ‘something a little kooky’. It also reminds us of that time a friend tried to convince us that ‘Speed eye contact dating’ (as in speed dating but no talking just looking into the other person’s eyes seductively) was a thing. In reality, you need not make your eyes look saucy and seductive, but instead join this global project aimed at getting a whole bunch of humans in the one place and  connecting with each other through eye contact. You should hold it for an entire minute!

Recommended if you like: getting comfortable with strangers, looking into people’s eyes, Uri Geller’s BBQ, going into a staring contest, taking part in global events, team humans!

German EDM duo at the Sauna

LUFT & LIEBE mit MANDY (get physical / berlin)

When: SAT, September 23, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: TBA

MANDY are a German duo with questionable meaning behind their name (lost love or favourite drug, aside) they will be bringing their EDM beats this Saturday for you to get real physical too, and being German, it is sure to be adequately laced with some techno.

Recommended if you like: considering the club your actual gym, saving all your missed work-outs for the dance floor, doing yoga on the dancefloor and calling it interpretative dance, sweating to some mandy

Soulful lyricist with heavy beats

Lulu James at Flex

When: SAT, September 23, 10pm–11pm
Where: Flex
Entry: 28.50€ (but you get Roots Manuva too we assume)

They are not massively clear in their event description, but it would appear that Lulu James is either supporting, or coming on after Roots. Whichever order, it makes that Roots ticket a bargain, if you also get to see this soulful young singer wail out over some heavy beats, as well.]

Recommended if you like: two for one deals, soulful dub, bass that resets your heartbeat, reclaiming the flex back from the 14-year-olds, intimate and sweaty gigs

A new gay club night out

TABOO Back to the roots

When: SAT, September 23, 11pm–6am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: TBA

Camera Club really is catching up for lost time that went by during summer, and this Saturday will be no different as they offer up a ‘new gay night’ to get down on the d–floor to. With two floors, two DJs and a collection of dance, house and techno music, you’ll be hard pressed to not get grooving if you ain’t flirting.

Recommended if you like: pounding pounding techno music, LGBTQ nights, breaking all the taboos around, the newly resurgent camera club, big gay discos, being proudly gender neutral

Actually witness the fitness (of Roots Manuva)

Roots Manuva (UK) • Wien

When: SAT, September 23, 7pm–11pm
Where: Flex
Entry: 28.50€ (get ’em here)

There probably aren’t many of them young British grime and rappers who won’t look up to this guy. He is a master lyricist as well as one of the biggest names out of the UK, and he is playing in Vienna this Saturday with his new album Bleeds, which should sound savage on the Flex sound system. Witness.

Recommended if you like: jiving out to some hip hop dub, British grime Godfather, witnessing the fitness, taking in as much of the canal before autumn truly sets in

Saturday Jazz session @ the Filmbar

The Will To Survive

When: SAT, September 23, 10pm–2am
Where: Filmbar
Entry: Free!

Saturday Jazz does exactly what it says on the packet – offer up a night of everything jazz-related, from hard bop to soul jazz, depending on the deejays whims. This Saturday, in the funky location of the Filmbar, there will be a DJ spinning jazzy beats, and also the filmmaker, Katja Schröckenstein, will be making a special appearance behind the decks.

Recommended if you like: jazz, jiving your way into Sunday, surviving, dancing like you are on the soul train, nights that cost you nought but offer huge reward

A much awaited album release

URBS Album Release Party

When: SAT, September 23, 10pm–4am
Where: Philiale im Gartenbaukinofoyer
Entry: 7€

After a ten year hiatus, the Austrian musician, URBS, is back. To celebrate this return, they are launching their new album this Saturday and as you would expect from someone so long on the scene, the DJ list is long enough to be a guest list. Party on.

Recommended if you like: hanging out with DJs of all shapes and sizes, planning a chilled evening then letting it get a little out of control, desperately looking for the after party, DJs with a jazzy cut to their mixes

Meet and greet with the female artists behind an interesting exhibit


When: SAT, September 23, 6pm–9pm
Entry: Free!

This Saturday, as part of the ongoing past present future exhibition happening at the indie gallery, they are holding a special evening for which they’re gathering all the artists involved in the exhibition together under one roof to meet with you, and discuss their stuff, whether it be graphic design or photography. Check out the hard deets’ of the exhibition, here.

Recommended if you like: getting the lowdown behind a piece of art, asking artists completely off topic questions, actually getting answers about where the inspiration came from, art, wearing spectacles even if you don’t have to

Explore Austria’s feminine side and its monuments

Tag des Denkmals 2017

When: SUN, September 24
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: free!

Every year, on the last Sunday in September Austria celebrates their national heritage day, celebrating the countries’ most beautiful monuments and cultural heritage. This year’s motto, in celebration of Maria Theresia’s 300th birthday, will be “Heimat großer Töchter” (home of the great daughters). You’ll have the chance to take a peek at the feminine side of Vienna’s monuments and get inspired by the stories behind them. 

The celebrations take place all over Austria, but find a detailed program for Vienna, here.

Recommended if you like: getting to know your city better, monuments and awesome buildings, free tours through buildings that you wouldn’t normally get to see, celebrating great women in history, girl power

A party to celebrate the end of a summer of swimming in the river


When: SUN, September 24, 1pm–6pm
Where: Himmel & Wasser
Entry: free!

Himmel & Wasser, the bar/terrace at Steinspornbrücke on the Donauinsel, is getting ready to close down for autumn, and, if the weather plays along, they’ll be celebrating the last chance to enjoy a day full of nothingness at the Danube banks. You can sip on some drinks on their terrace, or lie in the green grass, and maybe even revel in a spot of skinny-dipping in the Danube! 

Recommended if you like: open-air hangouts, hanging out at the Donau, sun terraces, taking up every last chance to swim in the river, drinks in the afternoon, living life to the fullest, handsome people enjoying the last rays of sunshine, skinny dipping

An autumn market from some lovely ladies from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Herbstbasar im Brick-5

When: SUN, September 24, 11am–5pm
Where: Brick-5
Entry: free

We here at Vienna Würstelstand love all things international, and so we’re particularly excited about this little autumn market happening within the red brick walls of Brick-5 this Sunday. What is usually known as an exhibition space, will transform into a bazar where lovely ladies from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be selling art, wine, coffee, cake and other stuff they’ve made.

Recommended if you like: events happening in Brick-5, discovering cultures, supporting the ladies of our species, Bosnia and Herzegovina, buying things on a Sunday, artsy things, different kinds of markets

A clothes and cake market

Kleider & Kuchen #2

When: SUN, September 24, 11am–4pm
Where: Nordbahnhalle
Entry: buy a piece of cake and the money will go to a worthy charity.

At Nordbahnhalle this Sunday, there will be a special kind of flea market happening, which involves two things we know you’re quite fond of – cake and clothes! The entrance fee is a piece of cake, the price of which will be donated to a girl’s orphanage in Peru. Check out more details about the orphanage, here. In the meantime, if you’d like to set up a stand there, be sure to register here:

Recommended if you like: cake, sweet things, baking, eating, eating sweets and feeling so bad you shop to make yourself feel better, supporting worthy charities, fleamarkets, cake for breakfast

Open air cinema in the car park

Park trifft Kino am Naschmarkt! – Vier mal sonntags Film

When: SAT, September 9/SUN, September 17/24, 8:30pm-100:30pm
Where: Kino am Naschmarkt
Entry: free!

Introducing PARK: an initiative which is seeing random structures built in public spaces around the city, which aim to inspire us to use our city more as a community. Now PARK is responsible for the beautiful rectangle and square looking shelter structures that have gone up in the Naschmarkt car park in recent weeks and they’ve had the great idea to organise a open air cinema night with the team from Kino am Naschmarkt. The two organisations will be setting up the pop up cionema for four Sundays in September, and they’ll be showing films that relate to the theme: the new work space and new ways of how we can live together. This will be a neat little event if the weather plays along.

Recommended if you like: the idea of not knowing what you’re going to see until the film starts at the cinema, open air cinema, summer nights, checking out funky new projects happening around the city, community events

Charlie Chaplin screening accompanied by a live piano performance

Filmkonzert mit Gerhard Gruber live am Klavier zu 3 Kurzfilmen

When: SUN, September 24, 6:30pm–8pm
Where: Breitenseer Lichtspiele
Entry: TBA

As far as old school goes, this is about as old school as you can get in the cinema. This Sunday, watch three old school shorts (two Chaplins), accompanied not with soundtracks from the film, but with one man and his piano – live. Just like in the dawn of the cinema age.

Recommended if you like: old school comedies, being more old school than everyone at work, the dawn of cinema, Charlie Chaplin, your heart melts as soon as someone steps in front of a grand piano, getting out the house on Sundays, appreciating modern technology by stepping back in time

An exhibition exploring the place where humanity meets the wilderness

Iris Andraschek “Sekundäre Wildnis”, Kunst Haus Wien

When: Ongoing– until October 18, 10am–6pm
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 9–12€

In the Secondary Wilderness series on display at the Kunsthaus Wien gallery, artist and photographer Iris Andraschek explores the relationship and rituals of communities living on the periphery, their alternative lifestyles, and how rural life and nature meet. With an archive of images that have been steadily growing since the 90s, the path of development in her work will be interestingly on display.

Recommended if you like: wilderness, humanity in the wilderness, peripheral communities, nature at its boundaries with humanity, austrian artists, supporting local, the kunst haus, being a culture vulture

I, robot, you, human – Vienna Biennale

Hello Robot. Design zwischen Mensch und Maschine / Artificial Tears. Singularität & Menschsein – Eine Spekulation

When: THU, July 6, 4pm–5:30pm
Where: MAK
Entry: MAK admission plus 5€

Now, we must confess, while we imagined a lot of things about robots and A.I., their tears is something we’ve never thought of. In this exhibition, and in a special guided tour, expect to come across many other re–imaginings of robots, from the perspective of not just tech-heads but also artists. We wouldn’t recommended watching Ex Machine before going to this exhibition, which is part of this year’s Vienna Biennale.

Recommended if you like: private tours, robots, A.I., sully, big boys don’t cry, artist interpretations, futuristic exhibits, the border between real and fake, fake news, robots in pop culture, Vienna Biennale