Your guide to August in Vienna: 15 tips

July 3, 2017

Your guide to
August in Vienna:
15 tips

July 3, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

We are having the best time of our lives this summer and are grinning so much, we’re starting to freak people out. This summer has everything we wished for: sun, festivals, long nights, sexy tanned people – it’s simply perfect. AND: there is a whole new month full of adventures just waiting around the corner.

Here are 15 tips on how to make the most out of August in Vienna.

A street art and graffiti festival

Calle Libre – Festival for Urban Aesthetics #4 

When: WED–SAT, August 9–12
various locations

This street art festival looks to encourage the transformation of the great spots in this city, into works of art, filling our public spaces with colour.  Happening in several locations across the city, this 3-day celebration of international artists will include live paintings in random locations, talks by artists, a film screening, workshops (including with the likes of Peter Phobia) exhibitions inside and outside of galleries, a tour and a closing party at which Tanz Durch den Tag will be providing the sounds. Check out the program, here.

Check out the new charismatic coffeehouse/art space in town

The bold and beautiful new Rien

When: Sometime in August (opening date TBA on their Facebook page)

What happens when an old Viennese coffeehouse is put into the hands of a highly creative bunch of people with the words – ‘here, do what you want with it.’ Well, Vienna, you’re about to find out. We’re very excited about the opening (which is supposed to be happening this month) of Rien – it’s one of those projects where gastronomy, contemporary culture, inventive new ideas come into contact, and things get redefined and recreated. To find out what exactly Rien will be, check out their manifesto here, however, to describe it in brief: The creative boutique agency, , specialise in creating things in unoccupied spaces in the city, and they’re current project has them recreating a old Viennese coffeehouse on the horse-manure-scented square of Michaelerplatz. And oh, the plans they have for this beautiful space. Stay tuned for more details on opening dates and stuff on their Facebook page. 

Teaser:  To give you a taste of what this place is going to be, painter and animator, Revkin, has painted a big-ass whale on the roof.

(c) Photo is courtesy of

Mama Africa is calling from the Donauinsel 

Afrika Tage Wien 2017

When: August 18 – September 5
Where: Donauinsel

Africa is just around the corner – on the Donauinsel, to be exact! The Afrika Tage is a great opportunity to dream yourself away from the city, dance to open air concerts showcasing music from the continent this festival is dedicated to, pick up some jewellery, clothes, pottery and other handicrafts at market stands, hit the djembe until your hands are sore, learn how to belly dance, ride a camel … there is so much to do! And oh, you have to try the food – from Ethiopian enjera to Berber cuisine to fried fish, Mombassa style. Our mouths are starting to drool just thinking about it. Check out more Info and the program, here.

Tip: There is free entry on Mondays. The prices on the other days vary, so check out their website.

Eat your way around the world at Rathausplatz 

When: June 30 – September 3
Where: Rathausplatz

Ah, the joys of living in Vienna. There is something quite unique going on every summer in this city’s heart, right at the Rathausplatz. From the 4th of July to the 6th of September a great variety of concerts ranging from classic Ballett, Operas and Jazz to Pop and dance will be shown on a huge screen in front of the Rathaus. For free, we might add. And as part of this so-called Film Festival, there are a bunch of food stands set up in the square serving up all kinds of international cuisine.

Take your tastebuds a little spin between the diverse and manifold food-stands. We feel like you can find nearly anything from every corner of this world there – snails, crepes, pat thai, tajine, pastel de nata, burgers (we even once discovered kangooroo meat) and much more. It’s a culinary heaven! Catch it every night of the week.

FM4 Pop-Up cinema in the park

FM F4IR Movie Tour: Siebzehn

When: SAT, August 5
Where: Sigmund Freud Park

Films and ice cream for free! A’ WHAAAAAAAT???!! We’re there! This summer season will see another little pop up cinema event which will be hosted on the island green park next to the city’s main university, Sigmund Freud Park. The FM4 are on board, and the film is a beauty (which will be screened at 9pm):

Meanwhile, the American ice cream giants, Ben and Jerrys will make sure there’s ice cream to sweeten your smile even more. And guess what – it’s all for free! woot! woot!

Bike ride or skate around the city on Friday night!

Friday Nightskating 2017

When: June 12 – September 29, every week on Friday
Where: Starts at Heldenplatz. The route changes every week
Entry: free!

Ever been surprised by a horde of skaters and cyclists passing you by in the middle of the night? Rest assured, this wasn’t your mind playing crazy tricks on you – but the crowd of Friday Nightskating. Rollerblade and bicycle enthusiasts meet every Friday at 9pm on Heldenplatz to follow their passion in cruising through the streets of Vienna.

Plus: All the routes are different every time, so you might discover some places you’ve never been to before. See all routes here.

A night of partying along the city’s Gürtel

Gürtel Nightwalk XX

When: SAT, August 26
Where: Various locations along the Gürtel. Check out the list, here.

We’ve all had those messy nights below the neon lights of the bars located along the Gürtel, and there’s a festival that will encourage more of that close to the end of this month – the Gürtel Nightwalk. If you haven’t done this before, than just imagine hopping from bar to bar, stage to open air stage, with a drink in hand, and plenty of music being pumped into your ears – it’s good wholesome fun. This year, 18 clubs and bars will be participating and there will be 4 open air stages with rockin’ live performances singing into the streets of Vienna. If you’re home before 4am without a horrible pain in your stomach from that Käsekrainer you downed just before calling it a night, you haven’t done the night justice. Check out the program, here.

This month’s all about dance

ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

When: July 13 – August 13
Where: various locations in Vienna
Info & Tickets: get them here

If your feet are tired from all that party-hopping, we suggest enjoying someone else’s dance performance. The ImpulsTanz Festival is definitely one of our cultural highlights every year: At different locations, you can visit edgy performances and workshops (!) from some of the best dancers from all over the world. Let yourself be drawn into the magical world of dance, and we are sure you won’t regret it.

Plus: don’t miss this: the after parties at the Burgtheater or Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz have reached legendary status – they are free and you get to rub shoulders and booties with the artists of the shows on the dancefloor.
Stay informed with our weekend what to do guides, here; also, be sure not to miss the opening party on July 13. Get details here.

We also recommend… checking out the workshops offered throughout the festival – they’re affordable, incredibly diverse and inviting for beginners to advanced dancers. Check out the details, here.

Culture, music and a party by the waterside

Kunst am Kanal

When: SAT–SUN, August 12–13 (check out the program, here)
Where: Das Werk

Along the graffiti-riddled space of the Donaukanal (up near Das Werk and Grelle Forelle) there will be quite the event happening this month. A ton of bands will be playing their tunes, readings will be happening, a poetry slam will go down, a fun kids program will be underway and the ateliers of the artists based at Das Werk (yep, it’s not just a club) will be open to the public. It’s going to be quite the cultural soiree. We also expect this family-friendly fun will turn into hedonistic, messy partying as the day’s become nights. Check out all the other cool stuff that will be happening as part of this 2-day festival, here. 

A festival all about sneakers and streetwear

Laced Up Sneaker & Modemesse Vienna

When: SUN, August 13, 12–8pm
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: early bird ticket costs 5€

LACE UP M****F***AS! A fair dedicated to the mighty sneaker hailing all the way from Munich will be happening in Vienna this month. The sneaker has to be the most common form of footwear amongst the cool kids today, and is as popular as the flat-brimmed baseball caps amongst the hip-stars amongst us. Browse and buy a sneaker (or two) and soak in the atmosphere with music, drinks and food that will be happening in the indoors and outdoors of the Pratersauna. You can have a preview of what the event is all about in the video below, here. 

Beer and bites at the brewery

Ottakringer Braukultur-Wochen

When: June 29 – August 30
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei

It’s that time again when the beloved city’s beer brewery, Ottakringer Brauerei, comes to live for summer with their Bruakultur-Wochen. And they’ve got a packed program planned for this year, including all sorts of beer games (like beer quiz and beer bingo), live music acts, and tours of the brewery. And yes, there will be lots of beer flowing – 100s of different kinds of craft beer from all over the world, to be exact. There will also plenty of food trucks and stands rolling up to take care of feeding you. This brewing culture weeks just keep getting more and more popular every year. To check out what will be happening, see the program, here.

Sink your toes into the sand at a beach bar

Longer days and warmer temperatures have us yearning for some fun and sun in the sand. Vienna might not be blessed with natural beaches, but don’t let that stop you from slipping into your swimmers and sinking your toes into the sand at these a beach bar. If all goes according to plan weather-wise in August, we recommend you spend a few of your evenings seeing the sun set in one of the city’s bars with sand. We’ve made a list of our 7 favourite for you that you can check out, here.

Show your face, shake your bum at this funky popup bar!

WestBar. Die Pop-Up Bar beim WestLicht. August 2017

When: THU, August 3/10, 4pm–10pm
Where: WestLicht
Entry: free!

This pretty little thing only rears its head on certain days throughout summer so be sure to catch it when it’s there. In the courtyard of the photography gallery, Westlicht, this pop up bar is one of our favourite urban spots for summer drinks. Combined with this opportunity to sip at tasty drinks (original cocktail recipes being served up this year) in a unique location, you can join in on one of the free tours of the gallery before the drinking begins.

A festival dedicated to the mighty burger

The Burger Festival

When: FRI–SUN, August 18–20, 12pm–9pm
Where: Traktorfabrik

In a city already filled with burger places claiming to be the best, the next logical step was, obviously, to hold a festival where all these beautiful burger places get together!

All burger fans will be awaited at the Traktorfabrik (A tractor factory turned new event location – one of the shabby-chic looking renovated factory type) on the weekend of August the 18th, to choose between medium, rare, well done, pulled pork, vegan and other worldly creations that fit between two brioche (or otherwise) buns. Entry is free, but the burgers will obviously cost you. We’re looking forward to checking this exciting new location out!

Wine wandering in Stammersdorf

Weintage 2017

When: SAT–SUN, August 26–27
Where: Stammersdorfer Straße

When a street fills with people filling up on wine and local artisan foods, you’ll find us in amongst the crowd, and we recommend you get on it too. The Heurige hotspot and the fringe suburb of Vienna, Stammersdorf, will be throwing their wine festival at the end of this month. Set in the middle of fields of vineyards, Stammersdorf is the shy, laidback alternative to Grinzing. Escaping out to this spot north of the Danube requires a tram trip to the strange setting and a short walk through a few back streets. Soon enough you’ll see a sign directing you to the street where you’ll find houses lining the cobblestone street that look like they’ve shrunk in the rain.

In between these houses are Heuriger, and what are known as Buschenschank (the same thing as a Heuriger, minus the warm meals). Start your way from the top, taste yourself through the endless varieties of wines and snacks and finally stumble back into the city in the overpacked trams… that’s life, winelovers! Prost!