This weekend

July 17, 2017

This weekend

July 17, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 25 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


Sunday picnic with a view

Sonntagspicknick am Luftschloss Cobenzl 23/7

When: SUN, July 23, 12pm–8pm
Where: Cafe Cobenzl, Am Cobenzl 94, 1190

Some funky things are happening up on the mountain of Vienna, Cobenzl, and you better get your ass up there before others hear about it! The hip new cafe set in the Cobenzl palace, in cooperation with Zum Roten Bären, are serving up picnic to all willing to eat a bunch of yummy food in the surrounding grass areas around the cafe. There’s also a popup market happening and some background music coming from the trees. It’s an idyllic setting. Get more details here, people.

Recommended if you like: antipasto, Jause, bread and cheese and stuff, falling asleep under a tree, hairy legs

Yoga and breakfast at Heuer

Frühstücksyoga im Heuer am Karlsplatz

When: SAT, July 22, 9am
Where: Heuer am Karlsplatz

From 9–10am the little green island amidst the traffic of Karlsplatz where the funky cafe, Heuer am Karlsplatz, is located, will turn into a place of Zen. What we’re saying is that there will be a yoga session held there, at which you can greet your weekend with a Downward Dog, before heading onto the lovely terrace of Heuer am Karlsplatz for breakfast.

Recommended if you like: being as flexible as a 14-year-old boy, getting your legs behind your head, active Saturday mornings, wearing yoga pants, sex with the lights on

Like Donauinsel fest, but in the Prater park… and smaller

Prater Festival 2017 – Music Festival on 5 Stages

When: FRI–SUN, July 21–22, 6pm–1am
Where: Prater
Entry: Free!

Who could possible turn down an opportunity for a massive outdoor party. With some of Viennas’ best clubs organising the acts across five different stages and two nights with the promise of enough musical genres to make every night owl happy, the Prater Festival 2017 is something worth checking out this weekend. Oh, and there will be fireworks…big ones apparently. Check out the program, here. 

Recommended if you like: surprise line ups, options, options options, five stages, house, techno, goa, dancehall, pystrance, hippidi hop, rnb

Sundays just got Silly–er – afternoon party!

5 Uhr Tee w. Oliver Koletzki

When:  SUN, July 23, 2pm–2am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 12€ (get ’em here), 15€ on the door, 8€ after 9pm.

All we can say, even if we haven’t personally heard of him, is that he must be a big deal if Pratersauna are willing to throw open their doors on a Sunday when there is no bank holiday the next day… either that or they could not afford to book this veteran German dance and house producer/DJ on a Friday or Saturday. Noooo, we’re being silly. It’s time for 5 O’clock afternoon tea people – but replace the tea and scones with music with a loud bass and drinks by the pool. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like:  that Ibiza vibe, but actually malaga, pool parties, German DJs, day drinking, silly Sundays, dance, house

Summer festival in a garden of paradise?

Jardin des Gazelles Sommerfest

When: FRI, July 21, 8pm–4am
Where: Aux Gazelles
Entry: Free!

On the shady terrace of Aux Gazelles this Friday, you may forget that you are in the middle of the 6th district of Vienna. But embrace the experience, and let the oasis feel and Middle Eastern cuisine, with Moroccan highlights, drift you listlessly to a date palm-lined beach… until Home sweet Home starts blaring some 90s classics.

Recommended if you like: the shade, Lawrence of Arabia, 90s music, oasis, Wonder Wall, food, buffet, Moroccan food, terraces, summer festivals in gardens

A day for the ladies and football

Kick it!

When: SAT–SUN, July 22–23, 3pm–1am
Where: WUK, Währinger Straße 59, 1090
Entry: free!

In case you haven’t caught the drift, the UEFA Women’s football championship has started, and we better start giving it some more attention! This week, the event ‘Kick it!’ is doing a screening of the film ‘Football Under Cover’, a DJ workshop and micro soccer game tournaments, as well as Hip Hop acts, all performed and hosted by ladies.

Plus: see a more detailed schedule of the day, here

Recommended if you like: women, soccer, women playing soccer, playing soccer yourself, women being empowered, having men realise that they aren’t the only world power

Do you rock at lindy hop?

Summer Jam – Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz/Charleston Workshop

When: SAT–SUN, July 22–23, 11:30am–10pm
Where: Kolpinghaus, Liechtensteinstraße 100, 1090
Entry: various prices, see entry costs here

If you have a little obsession with Lindy hop (or just have the need to learn a dance and impress your friends with your moves) then this ones for you: dance, show off your moves, compete, or simply just practice your lindy hop with four international professionals this weekend! In this workshop, you’ll have the chance to learn from them.

Plus: find more details on the extensive workshop, here

Recommended if you like: dancing in public, lindy hop, spending your free time watching youtube dance clips, having your friends stare at you in awe of your dance moves

A light show on the river

Lichterfest an der alten Donau 2017

When: SAT, July 22, 7pm–10pm
Where: Alte Donau
Entry: Free

The Alte Donau will come alive with light this Saturday, as the annual Lichterfest kicks off. The key to coming to this event is finding a good spot to watch the spectacle, and getting there early enough to set up picnic and camp, so you can watch the boats cruise by, all covered in their pretty lights and watch the huge firework display once the sun is down, Spritzer in hand – 1, 2, 3: Awwwwwww

Recommended if you like: pretty lights, fireworks, picnics, night swims, skinny dipping, radlers, spritzers, boats, pirates, romantic pirates

Get naughty in the noughties at this party

2000s Club: MiniSummerSpecial

When: SAT, July 22, 10pm–5am
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: Free!

About as self-explanatory as they come, this party will provide all your favourite 00’s tunes under one roof. So this Saturday is either a chance to relive your youth by drinking alcoh–pops until the sugar gets you high, and dry humping who ever steps within lunging distance on the dance floor, or visit a time far back in the past, the 2000’s. Good times.

Recommended if you like:  dry humping, disco, noughties indie, noughties pop, free entry, daft punk, playing at my house, mini parties, summer specials, clubs to cool for capital letters, Britney Spears


I want to break free…well, you can at Aux Gazelles this weekend

Summer Breakout by queer:beat

When: SAT, July 22, 10pm–5am
Where: Aux Gazelles
Entry: Free??

The big summer breakout (where we are breaking out from?) when we throw of the shackles of conformityis happening this Saturday (we’re not sure we’re ready for this). This Saturday, Vienna’s pop club collective, queer:beat, are hosting a party in Aux Gazelles, with three different DJs, welcome shots, and an oriental chill lounge… pretty sure that doesn’t mean happy endings though… but who knows. Oh, and yes, this is primarily a gay party but all are welcome to go nuts!

Recommended if you like: queer:beat, welcome shots, breaking out, break free, oriental chill lounge, potential happy endings, prison break, singing ‘I want to break free’ while vacuuming your apartment

Add some some SASS and House to your summer

Manifest & Strom.Club pres Hunee

When: FRI, July 21, 11pm–6am
Where: SASS Music Club
Entry: TBA

As far as we can remember, it is rare to find a soundcloud track for our weekend guides that has been played over 50,000 times, so if we tell you that the DJ Hunee, has a couple over 100,000, it should tell you enough about him. This Friday, he will be hitting the SASS with his House and give you some music to dance to, with all sorts of worldly and out of this worldy curve balls included. The crazy cool DJs from the House DJ collective, Manifest will be in support.

Recommended if you like: surprises, dancing, big deals, being sassy, rush hour, intimate clubbing experiences, underground clubbing, getting sweaty with it, world music, House music


Get on your Lederhosen and Dirndl – this annual crazy Austrian party is back

Neustifter Kirtag | Official Pre- Party

When: SAT, July 22, 7pm–4am
Where: Eischer’s Kronenstüberl
Entry: 10€

Vivivienne Westwood once said ‘if everyone wore dirndls, it would end ugliness’. She may be right (but she probably never saw our editor Jake in one). Anyway, this Saturday, a whole bunch of lovely ladies will be wearing them at this pre-party to one of the most beloved and crazy Austrian parties on the edge of town, the Nestifter Kirtag. There’s going to be good food, tom foolery, thirsts being quenched by Spritzers and banging tunes…and ‘hut music…’

Recommended if you like: Austro–pop, the parties after a day of skiing in the Austrian Alps, how boobs look in dirndls and men’s bums look in short leather shorts, if its tight its right, hüttengaudi, house, spritzers, fairs, lederhosen,


It’s finally time…to dance

ImPulsTanz festival Lounge

When: THUR–SUN (and daily after that), July 13–August 13
Where: Burgtheater
Entry: free!

As one of the largest festivals for contemporary dance and performance worldwide, the ImPulsTanz festival also organises one of the most legendary parties in the city. When all the dancing ends, and the sun goes down, the festival lounge located in the unique location of the Burgtheater opens its doors and start pumping out some of the most danceable tracks there are. On top of this, ImPulsTanz social will be hosting two festival parties which are not to be missed. Cody ChesnuTT, Violetta Parisini & the band, DJ Kormac, DJ DSL, Sofa Surfers & The Bandaloop are few of the artists listed for this year. Don’t miss the chance to get to know a few new dancing steps straight from the pro dancers (who you’ll often be sharing the dance floor with throughout the festival.

Recommended if you like: partying in unique locations, Impulstanz parties, quality free parties, summer parties, getting to know some new dance steps while a little tipsy

Coz’ I’m all about the bass…

Beat It invites DOH with TURNO UK & SERUM UK

When: SAT, July 22, 11pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 15€ (all night long, all night, all night!)

All about the bass – to celebrate 10 years of the collective DOH, the team are putting together a number of parties. This Saturday will see part one come to fruition with two heavy weight, and much sort after, British drum and bass DJs. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: drum and bass, bass, British DJs, beating it, messing about by the river, Flex, sweat boxes, bass to make your heart skip a beat

A techno take–over

Pieces Of Four / Meuterei Resident Takeover

When: SAT, July 22, 11pm–2am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 4€ before 12:40am, after 10€

It’s that techno take–over time of the month again and this Saturday, Meuterei will be presenting a number of up-and-coming Vienna-based techno DJs on the decks, in their party series – Pieces of Four part deux. For those that didn’t know – pieces of four was the currency roughly half the value of a piece of 8, and only used by pirates who hadn’t upgraded from rivers to seafaring, the less commonly know Donau Rirates. Pretty cool name, huh?!

Recommended if you like: pieces of 8, weird percentages, the Grelle Forelle, cardboard boxes, topcat, techno, Austrian pirates, pirates of the Donau


Catch the city’s biggest guerrilla open air cinema

Kino am Naschmarkt 2017

When: FRI, July 21, 8pm–11:30pm
Where: Rechte Wienzeile 2A, 1060 (in the Naschmarkt carpark)

For one time a year only, Kino am Naschmarkt fills the car park where the Naschmarkt fleamarket usually sets up. With a huge screen projected onto a neighbouring building, hundreds of people set up their sofas, deck chairs and picnic blankets and spread themselves out, while all wearing the headphones provided by the organisers.

The film to be screened is always a surprise right up until the night itself and the film starts rolling.

The legend and sound of Gomera on stage

Silent Music: Gomera Streetband | Altes/Neues, charmant gemischt

When: SUN, July 23, 6pm–8pm
Where: Bunkerei Augarten
Entry: tba

Legend has it, a group of gallant explorers landed on the island of La Gomera in the 17th century, and on hearing the sounds of the mountain, they traversed across it with their musical instruments and met other musicians who had also landed and heard the sound of the mountain. They have been touring ever since, collecting all sorts of world music along the way, and Sunday is your chance to see them.

Recommended if you like: big bands, gypsy twists, Balkan jazz, canary islands, international sound, world music, gypsy swing, swing classics, beach music


I, robot, you, human – Vienna Biennale

Hello Robot. Design zwischen Mensch und Maschine / Artificial Tears. Singularität & Menschsein – Eine Spekulation

When: THU, July 6, 4pm–5:30pm
Where: MAK
Entry: MAK admission plus 5€

Now, we must confess, while we imagined a lot of things about robots and A.I., their tears is something we’ve never thought of. In this exhibition, and in a special guided tour, expect to come across many other re–imaginings of robots, from the perspective of not just tech-heads but also artists. We wouldn’t recommended watching Ex Machine before going to this exhibition, which is part of this year’s Vienna Biennale.

Recommended if you like: private tours, robots, A.I., sully, big boys don’t cry, artist interpretations, futuristic exhibits, the border between real and fake, fake news, robots in pop culture, Vienna Biennale

Get to know Robots

Vienna Biennale 2017

When: June 21 – October 1
Where: MAK

You keep saying your going to check out what’s on at this diverse festival of thought, and you should be sure to act on it this summer. Grab yourself a program for the Vienna Biennale 2017 as soon as you can and start planning in the many talks, exhibitions and other cool stuff this 4 month festival has to offer. The theme this year is ‘Roboter. Arbeit. Unsere Zukunft.’ Find the program, here.

What we really recommend… you should definitely catch the exhibitions running throughout the festival, Hello Robot / Artificial Tears.

Recommended if you like: art biennales, the Viennese art scene, live concerts at the museum, party evenings with artsy people, electro-rock

When 4 visual artists come together

Ϟ ϟ 4 Mataos ϟ ϟ Vernissage

When: FRI, July 21, 7pm–10pm
Where: Brick-5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150
Entry: free!

Born in Barcelona, the concept of ‘4 Mataos’ is now travelling internationally. 4 visual artists: Jakob Kolb, Raul Paez, Kaspar Dejong and Jose Manuel P. Ferrandez, are bringing their collaborative show to Vienna, showing a surprising visual exhibition that is made largely from scraps and garbage found on the streets.

Recommended if you like: visual mind fuck, art, collaborations, seeing what happens when artists get together, gallery hopping, up cycling, looking at a painting with a intelligent expression on your face

An exhibition from a legend behind the lens

Bruce Davidson

When: ongoing, 2pm–7pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 2–7€

Bruce Davidson is one of, if not the, leading figure in sub-culture photography. In this first retrospective exhibition in Austria of his life and works, you will be taken on a journey into the margins of society from the 50s right up until his latest works in the noughties.

recommended if you like: photograph, humanist photography, sub-cultures, the margins of society, magnum photos, legends in their fields, Brooklyn, gang life

Exhibition in the MUMOK

Fischerspooner. Sir

When: June 30 – October 29
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 11€

The electroclash US performance duo, Fisherspooner, is featured in MUMOK’s current indie films exhibition, with their spacial installation and reproduction of Spooner’s New York apartment that is challenging the discourse about private and public spaces.

Recommended if you like: emblematic art, retrospectives, provocative art, indie and experimental film

Water in photos

Edward Burtynsky – Wasser

When: March 23 – August 27
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 9€

Check out Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky’s work at Kunst Haus Wien and dive into the world of large format pictures of landscapes that show critical areas of the our ecosystem’s current status.

Recommended if you like: photography and art exhibitions, Kunst Haus Wien, Hundertwasser’s creativity, inspirational places, wonky floors, looking after the environment

Catch a few snack-sized films

dotdotdot short film festival

When: July 4 – September 1 (every THU & FRI, even if the weather turns bad, check out the program, here.)
Where: Volkskundemuseum
Entry: pay as much as you can

This is the one and only short film festival happening under the starry sky in Vienna, and boy is it a good one. There’s not only around 200 short films on their program, but they certainly live up to their name as a festival. Meaning, there are also lots of side events happening through the festival, including workshops and talks on the short form of cinema. This year’s focus is all about breaking down barriers and inclusiveness. This is the open air cinema you should be attending if you’re looking to broaden your experiences when it comes to film. And trust us, many of the films on the program will leave you thinking ‘…’

To make things short, check out the program, here

An exhibit dedicated to the lady trail-blazers 

Woman @ MUMOK

When: until September 2017
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 11/8.50/7.50€

This explores the momentous moment in the 70s when female artists began to collectively search out their own voice in a world dominated by men. The exhibition is showing 300 works from different pioneering artists of the 70s across various mediums.

Recommended if you like: art, breaking moulds, kicking stereotypes, trail blazers, blazing saddles, expression, variety in mediums, strong women, equality, being a feminist

This month’s all about dance

ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

When: July 13 – August 13
Where: various locations in Vienna
Info & Tickets: get them here

If your feet are tired from all that party-hopping, we suggest enjoying someone else’s dance performance. The ImpulsTanz Festival is definitely one of our cultural highlights every year: At different locations, you can visit edgy performances and workshops (!) from some of the best dancers from all over the world. Let yourself be drawn into the magical world of dance, and we are sure you won’t regret it.

Plus: don’t miss this: the after parties at the Burgtheater or Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz have reached legendary status – they are free and you get to rub shoulders and booties with the artists of the shows on the dancefloor.
Stay informed with our weekend what to do guides, here; also, be sure not to miss the opening party on July 13. Get details here.

We also recommend… checking out the workshop offered throughout the festival – they’re affordable, incredibly diverse and inviting for beginners to advanced dancers. Check out the details, here.