These 10 events will make your May magnificent in Vienna

April 28, 2018

These 10 events
will make your
May magnificent
in Vienna

April 28, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Spring-a-ding-ding! – that’s the sound May would make…if it could. Ya’ know, if it was some kind of living being that could make sounds and stuff. Anyway, spring has officially landed in Vienna! Woohoo! And there’s plenty to do!

Here are our 10 tips on how to make the most out of May in Vienna, and life:


An inventors and makers fair

Maker Faire Vienna 2018

When: SAT–SUN, May 5–6, 10am–6pm
Where: METAStadt
Entry: 6€–33€ (check the prices here)

Austrias largest Do–It–Yourself festival is back again with another 900 or so makers coming to town to share their skills, their creations and inventions, and host talks.This is a festival for all those cobblers, tinkerers, makers, and pretty much all creative. Jam-packed with exhibitions on things like virtual reality to upcycling and sustainable living hacks, to the newest in IT fashionables and wearables, robots, drones and the list goes on. Just think – if you’re the kind of person who likes to create and invent, this is a fair that will fill you with inspiration.

Recommended if you like:  doing stuff with your hands, igniting the kids imagination with inventions, inventing shit, making stuff out of stuff you found floating in the canal, crate furniture, using crates for everything, thinking outside the box… the box being the one you made yourself

Celebrating the sounds of Austria with a big ass party in the park

Red Bull Music Festival Wien

When: WED, May 9, 6pm–3am (next day is a holiday)
Where: Riesenradplatz
Entry: 19€, get your tickets here

The area surrounding Vienna’s famous big ol’ wheel, the Riesenrad in the Prater, will be the stage for this year’s Red Bull Music Festival early this month. More than 30 Austrian acts, from all kinds of music genres, will be doing their thing for (we we can assume) will be an enthusiastic audience from 6pm to 3am (important note: the next day is a holiday!). You can get more info on the line-up, here.

Our personal highlights of the festival: 

Recommended if you like: music festivals, open air stage concerts, the Prater and the Riesenrad, being in the midst of huge crowds, moshing it with your shirt off…or on, doing like they do it in the discovery channels in a bush, partying on a Wednesday night

A mini Wine Festival in Stammersdorf to start the season

Mailüfterl in Stammersdorf 2018

When: SAT–SUN, May 5–6, 2pm–10pm
Where: Stammersdorfer Kellergasse
Entry: Free

Cometh hour cometh the man, or in this case, Cometh the Sun, Cometh the wine. This weekend will see the first of Stammersdorf’s three little summer wine festivals happening. With stalls lined up on ye’ old Kellergasse, selling everything from wine to honey, it’s the perfect setting for a lovely afternoon if the sun cooperates. If you’re like us and you just love Stammersdorf, and love a good old Austrian wine festival, you’ll love this day out!

Recommended if you like: wine, slow food, home grown products, shopping locally, visiting a different district to your normal stomping ground, festivals and markets, food glorious food, being outside, day drinking, a wine festival– Austrian-style

A festival to be enjoyed by all the senses

GenussFestival im Wiener Stadtpark 2018

When: FRI–SUN, May 12–14, 11am–7pm
Entry: free!

This has to be one of the city’s most beloved spring events of the year. Taking advantage of the lovely Stadtpark’s atmosphere and colour at this time of year, the Genussfestival will see hundreds of artisanal food makers from Austria’s regions occupy the park with stands selling their tasty wares.  This one is for the ‘Feinschmecker’ in the bunch and those that like the idea of lazing in the grass of a park with a glass (or bottles of good Austrian wine) and some friends.

Recommended if you like: trying something yummy, eating and chilling in the sun, being a food snob, bare feet in the grass, the smell of freshly cut grass, the Viennese way of life, Austrian wine

Sink your toes into the sand at a beach bar

Longer days and warmer temperatures have us yearning for some fun and sun in the sand. Vienna might not be blessed with natural beaches, but don’t let that stop you from slipping into your swimmers and sinking your toes into the sand at these a beach bar. If all goes according to plan weather-wise in August, we recommend you spend a few of your evenings seeing the sun set in one of the city’s bars with sand. We’ve made a list of our 7 favourite for you that you can check out, here.

Recommended if you like: finding sand 2 days later in places you never knew existed on your body, starting summer early, star fishing in the sun, summer days in Vienna

Did somebody say beer festival?!

A weekend of craft @ the Craft Bier Fest Wien

When: FRISAT, May 11–12
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: day pass = 8€, weekend pass = 14€

Yes, there’s a weekend in the month of May dedicated to that beautiful amber (now coming in a multitude of colours thanks to the craft beer trend) drink we know as beer. From tastings by large and small breweries, to brewing workshops, and expert talks – they’ll have it all in the massive space of the cattle shed turned event venue, Marx Halle. If you’re a craft beer fan, this weekend is something you won’t want to miss!

How it works? you buy tokens at a counter which is like magic beer money – you give the person behind a beer stand some tokens, and they give you a beer.

Recommended if you like: beer tastings, talking about beer like wine lovers do about wine, a good ol’ fashioned stout, a amber or pale ale, all things beer, being passionate about your beer, googling things about booze

Eat your way around the world at this garden festival

International Food Festival – Der Garten | Freier Eintritt

When: SAT–SUN, May 18–20, 12pm–9pm
Where: Der Garten
Entry: free!

In the green and lush looking place known as Der Garten, a festival for all those that love food and traveling and traveling for food, or traveling through food (you get the point) will be taking place – the international food festival. While most food truck festivals in Vienna have turned out to be a let down in the past, we hope this one lives up to its promise of offering a raft of different food trucks from all over the world. Whatever happens, the location is a gorgeous spot to spend an afternoon eating and drink, anyways.

Recommended if you like:  taking your tastebuds out for a walk, going to any free festival on offer, lying in a hammock, having your toes sucked, pretending you’re from some far away exotic place even though you aren’t

A festival all about living organically and sustainably 

Biorama Fair Fair 2018

When: FRI—SUN, May 25—27 | FRI: 2pm–9pm, SAT: 12pm–9pm, SUN: 12pm–2pm
Where: CREAU
Entry: 3€

This festival is a great opportunity to truly look at your current lifestyle and discover ways how to make it more environmentally friendly and healthier. At the Biorama Fair, it’s all about living organically! From organic food for the environmental foodies, to organic products that will having you reduce your waste, to eco-friendly fashion that can set future trends by using more environmentally (and socially) responsible production methods – all of this and more you can discover at this annual festival. Plus, this time around it will be hosted in the funky horse stables turned event venue, Creau!

Recommended if you like: saving the world one soy bean at a time, saving water by showering with your partner, products that are free of gluten, sugar, always learning, living with principles

Big-ass festival on the Donaukanal

Donaukanaltreiben 2018

When: THU—SUN, May 31–June 3
Where: Various locations along the Donaukanal (check out the program, here)
Entry: free!

It’s that time again – the Donaukanaltreiben is back and it’s bringing with it all of the live music performances, markets, food trucks it always delivers. It seems to grow every year, and so does its popularity. You often hear people on the Donaukanaltreiben weekend asking – ‘have you been down to the canal? you can’t move! there’s so many people!’ This is one of the greatest free music festivals this city serves up. Check out their website, so you can start planning what acts you’ll camp by the stage for.

Tip: bring your own drinks as the queues at most of the venues along the canal are enough to make you jump into the water!

Recommended if you like:  drinking in the sun, free concerts, following the smell of weed, dangling your legs over the edge of the canal, being part of the crowd

Beautiful Music in a stunning garden

Sommernachtskonzert 2018

When: THU, May 31, 8:30pm—10pm
Where: Schloss Schönbrunn
Entry: free!

What better thing to do in spring than gettin’ piggy with it in the park, in front of a fancy-schmancy castle to some fancy-schmancy music? Yep, we be talking the famous annual Sommernachtskonzert performed by the badass performers and breakdancers (this last bit may not be true) The Vienna Philharmonic with the Schönbrunn palace as a background. This unique experience is FREE and inspires WOWs everytime.

Recommended if you like: thinking Mozart was a badass, thinking Beethoven was a stud, classical music as your drug and Vivaldi as your main dealer